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5 TSX Stocks That Could Soar in 2019

By: Iain Butler

2018 has been a very profitable year for a select group of Canadian investors…

Because inside our flagship stock picking service, Stock Advisor Canada, my team of analysts and I have tipped off nearly 30,000 Canadians to some of the most rewarding stocks of the year.

Over the course of 2018 alone, our recommendations have collectively outperformed the market by 8 TIMES

But even that figure doesn’t do justice to some of the truly incredible winners we’ve found this year.

For example, take the disruptive database company we recommended to Stock Advisor Canada members on April 25, 2018 that has already returned a whopping 204%

Or the convenience-store kingpin we “doubled down” on May 9, 2018… not only has it climbed 91% since our first recommendation in 2014, but it’s already gone up another 37% since we recommended it a second time just last year.

Of course, you’re probably less interested in the returns other investors have already seen and more interested in the sort of returns YOU could see in the future.

So with 2018 behind us, we’re laser-focused on how we can help set investors just like you up for even BIGGER wins in 2019.

Which leads me to my very exciting announcement…

After pouring countless hours into researching and analyzing literally hundreds of companies, my team and I have identified five stocks that we believe are particularly well-positioned to generate absolutely monster returns for investors in 2019…

And we’ve put together an extensive report on these five stocks that we project have the potential to do BIG things in 2019 – it’s called “5 Stocks to Soar in 2019.”

Here’s a sneak preview of three of the dark horse companies detailed in this report…

The Canadian King of Assets” – we officially recommended this company a second time because it’s already earned investors more than DOUBLE the market average since our first recommendation…

Amazon of Canada” – this e-commerce powerhouse has already shot up 598% since our first recommendation and is our official Top Stock for 2019 and Beyond

Canadian Tech Titan” – NO ONE is talking about this under-the-radar stock… but our team believes it’s undervalued and could be ready to skyrocket in 2019…

Did you notice the one thing all of these companies have in common? They’re all Canadian.

Which means you can easily invest in these companies on the TSX and avoid worrying about pesky conversion rates or delays in exchanging funds.

And here’s where this news gets especially exciting for YOU today:

Because our mission is to help the world invest better… we’re going to give you one of these 2019 stock picks for FREE today.

That’s right – while our “5 Stocks to Soar in 2019” report is technically for Stock Advisor Canada members only, you can get a sneak peak of that report NOW.

In fact, we’ll immediately “rip out” a page of this report and send it to you – and that page will have detailed analysis of one of the five stocks that we think could soar in 2019.

But you’ll want to hurry, because 2019 is nearly here and we expect that the prices of these stocks could climb at any moment.

If you want to make 2019 your most profitable investing year yet, I think you’ll want to see this exclusive report for yourself – before it’s too late.

Simply enter your email address below and I’ll send you that exclusive sneak preview right away… along with the name of one TSX stock you can invest in TODAY.

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