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Cannabis 2.0 Will Hit Canada On October 17

By: Jared George
Cannabis 2.0
The second wave of cannabis legalization is about to hit Canada.

As we speak, lawmakers are preparing to legalize cannabis infused foods and beverages across the country on October 17th…

Which means you could start to see edibles on your local store’s shelves in a matter of months.

Frankly, I don’t care much about edibles… but I do care about massive opportunities for forward-thinking investors… and that’s EXACTLY what I see here.

Because industry experts like Deloitte expect this unprecedented development to be a springboard for absolutely enormous growth in the cannabis industry – to the tune of a new $2.7 BILLION market in Canada alone

And here’s why this is critical news for everyday investors like you and I.

You see, when the first wave of marijuana legalization hit Canada just last year, it minted fortunes for some savvy investors.

It even turned one Alberta man’s retirement savings of $37,000 into a cool million dollars in just 18 months.

Here at Motley Fool Canada, we’ve seen with our own eyes the sort of life-changing returns that have been created for Canadians on the back of the marijuana boom.

In fact, the one stock we recommended to our members in advance of legalization last year has already skyrocketed by 1,465%.

Which means the investors who listened to us have made tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single stock.

That’s why our team of analysts is so excited about the opportunity in front of us today.

Because we’ve found a tiny dark horse company with a market cap of just $450 million that could profit massively as cannabis overtakes Canada even further on October 17th.

Despite being less than 1/20th the size of a blue-chip cannabis stock like Canopy Growth, we think this little company is uniquely positioned to not only take advantage of the estimated $7 billion cannabis market in Canada…

But also the estimated $80 billion opportunity in the United States!

Even Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner went on the record comparing this company to the exact same slam dunk 1,465% stock that we recommended to Canadian investors for cannabis legalization last year.

So while this company’s size may be what’s keeping it largely unknown to many of the talking heads on Bay Street, I don’t think it’ll stay under-the-radar for much longer…

Especially after more than TRIPLING its sales in the past year alone.

And when word finally gets out about this small-cap stock, I’m convinced that…

It could quickly become our next +1,000% winner in the cannabis space.

More importantly, this could be your last chance at snagging a piece of the marijuana millions that will likely be made during Cannabis 2.0.

You may have sat on the sidelines during the first wave of legalization and missed out on our last 10X stock pick, but you can take full advantage of this next wave.

All I ask is that you act quickly – before the second wave of cannabis legalization hits and this stock potentially skyrockets.

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