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Forget Apple! Buy This TSX Stock Instead…

By: Jared George
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There’s something crucial you need to know about Apple’s stock today, especially if you already own it, know someone who does, or have even thought about buying it:

1. Apple is secretly working on its next big product, codenamed “Project Titan”… something so extraordinary — so CRAZY — that the speculation surrounding it has investors drooling with anticipation.
2. The one stock that our analysts believe is poised to benefit the most from Apple’s next game-changer is NOT Apple.

This revolutionary new technology involved in “Project Titan” should make any investor’s ears perk up.

Heck, Apple already filed a patent related to it, and tech giants like Google and Intel are scrambling to claim their own piece of the action.

What’s more, investment bank Morgan Stanley says this market could be worth $2.6 trillion in the next 13 years…

But I have never seen so many people get so excited about a single apple while completely missing the entire tree.

That’s because Apple’s stake in this coming tech tidal wave is expected to be relatively small, no matter how successful they are.

Instead… why not invest in a TSX-traded company that’s poised to have a drastically larger role in this new tech, and yet is less than 1% the size of Apple?

Just think about how much more room it has to grow!

That’s because this modest Canadian company is sitting on a gold mine of proprietary technology that’s absolutely critical in this new field.

Nearly every other company in this new industry will have to pay to use their tech – and many already are!

So while Apple is exciting to us as consumers, it’s this other dark horse company that’s even more exciting to us as investors

Because just like the world’s most successful investors, we’re on the hunt for our next +1,000%….+2,000%… or even +5,000% winner.

That’s why I hope you’ll take a few minutes to review the full research a team of our highly trained stock analysts at Motley Fool Canada just put together on this developing story and discover why we could be about to hit a turning point.

This is the Next Big Apple “Secret” – That’s NOT Apple…

And the most profitable investors of all-time know that major returns in the stock market come from identifying generational trends like this one – and the under-the-radar companies poised to profit – before everyone else catches on.

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