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Microsoft Founder Bets $650 Million on One Little-Known 5G Stock

By: Jared George

Bill Gates $650 million bet

Bill Gates is quietly betting $650 million of his personal fortune on one little-known 5G stock…

Which means investors like you and I should be paying very close attention.

Because besides being the co-founder of Microsoft, Gates is also one of the richest men in the world with a $103 BILLION net worth…

And when he puts this much money behind one stock, you can bet he sees immeasurable profits ahead.

Gates isn’t alone in seeing a potentially enormous opportunity here…

SoftBank is investing $1.8 billion into this technology
• Trump just announced the US government’s plan to invest $20 billion into it
• Apple CEO Tim Cook says this technology “is on everybody’s roadmap

So what is it about 5G technology that has billionaires, giant tech companies, and even the U.S. government pouring fortunes into it?

They are convinced it could be the key to an estimated $12.3 TRILLION industry – making this potentially the most profitable tech revolution since the internet.

There’s just one problem.

5G is already starting to be rolled out across North America as we speak…

Which means everyday investors like you need to move fast if you want a piece of the pie before this exciting trend takes off for good.

What’s more, we believe one stock poised to profit the most from this ground-breaking technology is NOT Microsoft, Apple, or any of the companies you’d expect…

But is actually the exact same company Bill Gates himself is personally investing a fortune into.

Because this little-known company already owns an arsenal of assets that will be absolutely essential to bring 5G to the greater market, positioning them (and their shareholders) to make a fortune from the coming 5G revolution.

And even though its stock has already earned investors over 850% returns over the past decade…

You probably don’t even know this company’s name.

But the good news is that it’s not too late – yet.

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And why one under-the-radar stock could be your best bet to build your own fortune on the back of this unprecedented tech revolution.

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