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Motley Fool CEO Just Alerted Investors To His Recent “Buy” Alert on CNBC Asia

Photo: CNBC “Squakbox” July 27th

In July 2016, Motley Fool co-founder and CEO, Tom Gardner, recommended a small-cap tech company to exclusive members of his U.S. newsletter service, Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Today, that stock is up over 485%, and members that invested on his recommendation have more than quintupled their money.

You see, Tom found out about this e-commerce company while on a trip to Toronto, as he visited our Canadian investing team.

The digital platform, the scalability, and the extraordinary leadership of the company – run by the original founder and CEO – all blew Tom away… to the point that he came back to the states and immediately recommended it to his paying members.

And just a few months before that, Motley Fool Canada’s Chief Investment Advisor, Iain Butler, had done the exact same thing… recommending this company to dedicated members of Stock Advisor Canada.

The gains on that recommendation are already 620% — if you had invested just $10,000 when Iain first recommended this stock, you’d already have more than $72,000.

Just last year, Tom was on a business trip in Hong Kong, and when the news anchor asked him which stock he loved right now… Tom couldn’t help himself.

He gave up the ticker symbol and name – right there on live CNBC Asia TV.

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