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Richest Man Alive Invests in This

By: Jared George


The richest man in the world has just launched a $100 million investment fund and investors who don’t take note could miss out on a massive opportunity.

Jeff Bezos, the genius founder of Amazon, recently surpassed the wealth of the former richest man alive!

And it isn’t by sheer luck.

He did it by looking to the future and investing in the big ideas of tomorrow.

You see, Bezos has been busy the last few years pouring hundreds of MILLIONS into a poorly understood technology.

A technology that has the potential to change the world.

And it’s probably no coincidence that it seems like the more he invests of Amazon’s money into this burgeoning tech, the fatter his wallet becomes.

Now Amazon is using that technology better than almost any other company in the world… and along the way making Jeff Bezos the richest person alive.

Recently he has gone on the record to state that “it’s hard to overstate the impact” of this tech…

And his $111 BILLION net worth just might prove that to be correct.

And Bezos isn’t alone. Top business leaders are beginning to wake up.

Former Sun Microsystems CTO Greg Papadopoulos is calling it “a real revolution,” and even superinvestor Warren Buffett says that it will have a “hugely beneficial social effect.”

When so many successful people are all saying the same thing, it usually pays to listen.

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But if you want to get in on this opportunity, I encourage you to act quickly.

Because this technology could hit the mainstream any time.

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