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The Next Bear Market Is Coming – Are You Ready For It?

By: Jared George

The experts agree – the stock market may be heading towards a massive correction.

Think back to a day in 2008, when in a measly six and a half hours, $1.2 trillion disappeared from the US stock market. It was the worst single-day drop in nearly three decades, and it’s left many investors with permanent scars.

That crash might be a breeze compared to the storm that’s coming, according to veteran investor Jim Rogers. He says that we’re going to have another bear market, and “it will be the worst in our lifetime”.

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio agrees and thinks that if there’s even a 1 percent rise in bond yields then we might have “the largest bear market in bonds” since the 80s.

Activist investor and billionaire Carl Icahn says that the recent market drop is merely the rumbling before an earthquake.

Neil Woodford is yet another billionaire investor who believes that global stock markets are at risk of a “bigger and more dangerous” crash than ever before.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to trust what some of the most successful investors of our generation have to say!

I’m not telling you these facts to scare you, I’m sharing them to PREPARE you.

Since we know that a stock market crash may be coming soon, what can we do? Do we pull out all of our money from the market in fear?

History shows us that would be a big mistake!

In 2008, investors took $104 billion out of the stock market while trying to minimize some of their losses, but they also likely missed out on one of the best bull markets in the history of the stock market!6

Just take a look at Amazon as an example…

If you would have taken your money out of Amazon before the crash, yes, you may have dodged a 57% drop that certainly scared some folks…

But unless you jumped back in at the exact right time, you would have missed a 74% increase in the next year, and what has now become a 4,000% monster GAIN over the last 10 years!

That means a $10,000 investment would have turned into nearly $180,000 over the last decade!

With the potential for short-term losses on the one hand and life-changing gains on the other, what’s the Motley Fool’s secret to actually investing through a bear market?

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