Welcome to our Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada Charter Launch Headquarters!

Welcome to our Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada Launch Headquarters! This is where you’ll be able to discover everything you need to know about this brand-new Motley Fool Canada exclusive investing solution – our first-ever small-cap focused service.

Over the course of the next week or so, we’ll be releasing a slew of small-cap & growth-oriented content right here on this site, all of which you’ll have FREE access to. We’ll also be revealing four powerful investing trends – two Canadian and two U.S. – that we think will take center stage in 2018. Along with our top four small-cap stocks for each trend, for a total of “16 Top Small-Cap Stocks to Kick Off 2018.”

Here’s how we suggest you get started!

  1. Watch the Welcome Video – For a quick overview of Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada, please take a few minutes to watch the welcome video at the top of this page, featuring Hidden Gems Canada analyst David Kretzmann.
  2. Explore Our 2018 Hidden Gems Launch Bracket – There can only be four! Which companies will emerge victorious from each of our four investing trends for 2018 – and cement themselves as official “Starter Stock” recommendations within Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada itself? Click here to visit our 2018 Hidden Gems Launch Bracket to find out!
  3. Check Out Our First “Emerging Investment Trend for 2018” – We’ve already revealed our first trend primed to alter the investing landscape for the year ahead. To discover more about “Behind-the-Scenes Innovators” and our top four small-cap stocks to play it, just click here!
  4. Visit Our Multimedia Page – To truly get a pulse on the top investing trends coming in 2018, we sent Hidden Gems Canada analysts David Kretzmann and Taylor Muckerman to CES – the foremost tech and trend conference in North America – to interview some of the biggest players in technology, business, and innovation. For all of their exclusive interviews, just visit our Multimedia page by clicking here.

Or if you have a question about Hidden Gems Canada, simply visit our helpful FAQ section or send us an email to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you shortly!