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A Motley Fool Investigation

Discover why a secretive project code-named T288 could produce technology's next "Holy Grail" device... so powerful it could replace the iPhone itself!

And could create a new golden age of technology 5X as valuable as the birth of the Internet!

Past break throughs have produced returns of 600%, 2,000%, even 3,000% or more...!

Read on to discover why a massive “leak” points to T288 being THE story of our time!

Dear investor,

Over the course of several years, Motley Fool Canada has been closely tracking the development of a project inside Apple now operating under the code name T288.

The goal of Project T288 is nothing short of discovering technology's "Holy Grail"...

It's to create a never-before-seen device so powerful and forward-looking in its design that it could surpass the impact of history's most revolutionary technologies – like the birth of the Internet or the launch of the iPhone...

And change the way you live your everyday life...

Instantly making today's most cutting-edge electronics like smartphones and computers feel dated and obsolete.

In June 2019, for the first time EVER, Motley Fool Canada went public with its investigation into Project T288, revealing in stunning detail how deeply Apple had invested in game-changing technology named Augmented Reality (AR)...

Our investigation detailed everything from...

Apple CEO Tim Cook declaring that AR "will change the way we use technology forever." And continuing, “I’m so excited about it, I just want to yell out and scream!"

To independent analysts who’ve reviewed Apple’s breakthrough patents, calling their recent designs "the invention of the decade."

And Apple’s construction of a massive, unmarked manufacturing plant smack-dab in the middle of Silicon Valley, reportedly "growing" a cutting-edge breakthrough for this radical new invention...

While sending hundreds of its best and brightest employees to work inside Project T288's top-secret labs...

We here at Motley Fool Canada have long been confident Project T288 has become not only THE make-or-break project inside Apple...

But it’s also a project that could usher in a new age across all of technology. So we were proud to issue this full investigation so Motley Fool investors could prepare for this potentially game-changing technology.

But make no mistake, releasing our full investigation last summer was a bold decision.

At the time, the media — if they were paying attention at all — was simply missing the big picture! Most headlines focused on rumors and speculation Apple had even cancelled the project!

DigiTimes said Apple has “terminated” development of Project T288, while website Gigazine declared the development team was reportedly “disbanded.”

At Motley Fool Canada, we don’t mind bucking conventional wisdom, because we know that’s when the serious money can be made investing...

And sure enough, in the months since we first released our investigation to the world… Something absolutely massive has caused the media to do a 180.

Deep inside the computer code of Apple’s iPhone (its iOS 13 software) sits a leak that could become the “smoking gun” that reveals Project T288 to the world!

“The first implicit confirmation of Apple’s AR headset.”

-The Verge

“iOS 13 code confirms Apple AR Glasses.”

-Upload VR

“iOS 13 code spills the beans on Apple’s new AR Headset.”


And of course, with Apple “spilling the beans” and releasing what appears to be actual evidence of Project T288 to the world...

We didn’t want to waste any time getting all Motley Fool Canada investors a FULLY UPDATED special investigation.

Whether you’ve never heard of Project T288 or need a refresher on our research, we have the FULL details below… A multiyear investigation that includes stunning details that are still coming to light...

I will warn you... There is an element of timeliness involved in all of this.

Because investors who were prepared with a game plan to profit from technology's last generational windfall have already seen returns in excess of 500%, 1,000%, 2,000%... even 10,000% or more.

So if you've ever wished you could turn back the clock and invest before the iPhone... or before the rise of the Internet...

I urge you to read on to get the FULL story.

Because in a moment, I'll explain how this "next iPhone" opportunity could create TWICE as much wealth as any past technology.

But first, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Eric Bleeker – a technology analyst at The Motley Fool.

And in just a moment, I'll present a detailed look at what Apple has planned for Project T288 – including the schematics of what's being hailed as "the invention of the decade."

But before I do, I want to quickly give you the context for precisely why this is so important.

The Motley Fool is one of the largest independent financial news sites in the entire world...

And as you can probably imagine, in more than a decade at the company, I've had a front-row seat to some of the most notable market events ever.

Trade wars, the rise and fall of technologies, the financial crisis, and history's longest bull market... The list goes on and on.

But it might surprise you to learn that in all my years of experience, there was just a single make-or-break moment I'm convinced separated the haves of the investing world from the have nots...

While generating more wealth than any other market event I've ever witnessed!

The moment occurred on January 9, 2007...

You may remember it as the day Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone.

The iPhone was much more than just a single device – it was the beginning of a new golden age of technology in which mobile phones and apps not only took technology to new heights but also generated a wave of profits and wealth that few investors properly appreciate to this day.

You see, while the 1990s dot-com boom was believed to be a once-in-a-lifetime moment across technology – creating more than a trillion dollars in newfound wealth...

To date, the smartphone age has actually produced nearly 3X more wealth than the dot-com boom.

(Very few people are aware of this fact, by the way...)

Wealth Credited chart

And the growth of Apple's stock was just the beginning of the mind-boggling fortunes created in this new technological golden age...

In fact, forward-looking investors who bought a select group of stocks that rode the iPhone's coattails actually saw profits of several multiples beyond the incredible returns Apple itself has seen in the decade-plus since the iPhone's launch.

The kinds of returns that have turned every $10,000 invested into nearly $1.1 million...

And this all matters for one simple yet incredibly powerful reason.

Recent bombshell announcements from Apple and leaks from its supply chain overwhelmingly point to Apple being on the cusp of finishing a next-generation T288 device that not only is capable of replacing the iPhone as technology's most important device...

But is powerful enough to actually usher in a new technology golden age that could be SUBSTANTIALLY more profitable than anything experienced since the iPhone was initially released.

As you can imagine, these "passing of the torch" moments in technology are extremely rare. But when they do happen, they inevitably distribute incredible windfalls to the select group of companies positioned to dominate the next era of technology.

And don't take my word for it – recent independent market research predicts Apple's newest game-changing device could lead to a market more than TWICE as large as the iPhone...

Wealth Credited chart2

A market that could reach $7 trillion by 2027 alone.

Which means that once again, all signs point to Apple engineering something so thoroughly game-changing that being prepared as an investor for what's coming could once again separate the haves who are ready to cash in on the next decade's generational investing opportunities...

From the have-nots, who will have missed technology's next big thing yet again.

And with the coming years predicted to see more than DOUBLE the gains experienced in technology's last golden age...

The 10X... 15X... and yes, even 50X gains experienced by a select group of stocks after the iPhone's debut could be just the beginning.

Which is the very reason we at Motley Fool Canada are releasing today’s investigation on such short notice.

But by now, I'm sure you're wondering...

Just what exactly is Apple planning inside its secretive Project T288? And how could it possibly replace the iPhone?

Investors who know the right places to look could discover a PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE "step-by-step guide" on how Apple plans to usher in this new era of technology!

In the section below, you'll discover a series of patents that could soon prove to be the most valuable intellectual property in human history...

Each one details a technology breakthrough that our research links to Apple's Project T288. Together, the patents provide a shockingly in-depth look at Apple's ambitious next-generation technology.

And believe it or not, this "paper trail" of patent filings could be your best shot at getting the full story before Apple officially announces Project T288 to the world.

You see, after the iPhone's release, Steve Jobs became obsessed with companies like Google "stealing" the iPhone's design and flooding the market with copycat Android phones.

In fact, in his biography, Jobs even publicly lashed out:

"I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank to right this wrong. I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go to thermonuclear war on this."

So if you want to make sure your next game changer can't be "stolen"...

There's only one surefire defense to protect your intellectual property the next time you're onto something big: patent every little breakthrough... every possible detail about how it'll work.

Knowing this history, for years, The Motley Fool has been closely studying Apple patent filings detailing new technology that goes far beyond anything inside Apple products today...

(It may not surprise you to learn that Motley Fool’ US HQ is located literally just a few feet from the United States Patent Trade Office.)

Below, you'll see Patent Application #20180089900...

Patent Application #20180089900

Boring name? Sure.

But Patent Application #20180089900 has been hailed by Patently Apple – an organization with the sole focus of providing analysis on Apple patent filings – as the "invention of the decade."

#20180089900 details a technology that would allow Apple users to experience nothing short of a new reality – absolutely seamlessly.

Imagine feeling the presence of a family member from thousands of miles away in an immersive experience hundreds of times more real than today's greatest communicative technologies like FaceTime can provide.

Or I could talk about Patent Application #20190116252, which lays out 20 specific claims that discuss precisely how Apple plans to build this device.

Patent Application #20190116252

The patent outlines a future where there's no more phone in your hand, no more typing – no staring at a screen of any kind.

Which might sound dramatic, I know...

But make no mistake, it's a revolutionary technology – the kind that will likely sound like science fiction right up until the moment it suddenly appears in tens of millions of homes across America...

So allow me to explain why Project T288 has seen Apple bet its future on a technology called "augmented reality" – or AR.

Catching the next massive wave in technology has long meant going smaller. From PCs to laptops to smartphones and, today, even down to watches...

Every generation of technology gets smaller, more powerful, and more mobile and blends better into your everyday life.

Now, with augmented reality, technology is ready to move beyond the smartphone into its next form.

Which probably has you asking... "Precisely what is augmented reality capable of?"

Well, imagine relaxing at a leisurely lunch with nothing but a newspaper and Apple's newest AR device.

You receive an urgent email that a dream home you've recently put an offer on has an extremely time-sensitive counterproposal.

Nowadays, you'd need to hop in your car, pray traffic is light, and race across town to your real estate agent's office as fast as you can.

In the future, situations like this won't be stressful at all.

Instead, thanks to Apple's newest AR device, you'll simply hold a quick meeting with your real estate agent sitting directly across the table from you...

From the comfort of the café you were ALREADY sitting at!

It doesn't matter that your agent is physically located 30 miles away in their office... The image of the person sitting across the table from you is so vivid and lifelike, you're able to hammer out a counterproposal in no time.

Within minutes, the final sales agreement arrives in your inbox. You pull up a pristinely vivid virtual 30" screen that sits two feet in front of you and casually review the paperwork.

After making some light edits, you sign off on the final agreement. Shortly, a notification arrives in front of you – your offer has been accepted, and the dream home is yours!

Bear in mind – all this happens with no phone and no computer. Within the span of a few minutes, your attention returns to your lunch, where a celebratory dessert is now in order.

That's not a fantasy.

In fact, thanks to Patent Application #20180081519, Apple has outlined and patented how AR can make this very moment not just a reality but an everyday occurrence.

Patent Application #20180081519

Of course, if that 30" screen were too small for you, augmented reality could also project a 100" TV screen onto any surface – with a resolution far beyond that of any TV in the world today.

And it can do so much more...

Imagine a classroom full of children staring in wonder as their teacher projects the solar system stretching from wall to wall, with every planet revolving around the sun in stunning high definition.

Looking to remodel your home?

Instead of spending your entire weekend driving to one furniture showroom after another, picture standing in your living room... and with a snap of your fingers, seeing dozens of new pieces of furniture projected so vividly into your home that you'd swear they're actually there.

Or daydream for a moment of a retirement vacation through France's Burgundy region, sampling the world's best wines. Cruising through the countryside, you seamlessly receive alerts whenever a winery's selection matches your taste profile.

There's no pulling out a phone. No searching through apps. All the information that used to be at the discretion of a well-executed Google search now just effortlessly appears in front of you.

Now, you've probably heard of technologies like "virtual reality" that have always been hyped but – so far at least – have never amounted to much...

Which is why Apple has instead focused on augmented reality – or AR.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on record stating that AR will be powerful enough to "change the way we use technology forever."

And Cook doesn't shy away from comparing AR today to the creation of the iPhone itself, stating it's a "big idea like the smartphone."

He goes on to say, "When I think about big things, I think about AR."

And he's confident we will all soon "have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you."

The key reason augmented reality is such a breakthrough and makes Tim Cook "want to yell out and scream" is that unlike virtual reality, which has never taken off because it relies on bulky headsets no one would actually wear out in public...

Augmented reality overlays information directly on the real world from a device so simple and inconspicuous it could look identical to designer eyewear.

And if this comparison makes you think of Google's failed "Google Glass" product – I'll go ahead and stop you in your tracks.

Because the breakthroughs I'm about to show you – including never-before-revealed pictures taken by our analysts of a secret Apple facility that's reportedly "growing" a brand-new technology that could be a quantum leap forward for AR devices...

Will make clear why comparing Google Glass to what Apple has planned is as night-and-day different as comparing the iPhone to the rudimentary flip phones that came before it...

And now that you know about the mountain of patents from Apple, the incredible ways AR is poised to change our everyday lives, and how Apple CEO Tim Cook can barely refrain from jumping for joy when discussing AR's future...

Well, it should be obvious why we're choosing to reveal our full research behind Apple's Project T288.

As you can probably guess, the clock is already ticking...

And investors who take no action on this information risk missing out not only on technology's next meteoric leap...

But on what could truly be THE biggest wealth-building moment of a generation. An event that history shows could propel a select group of companies to gains of 600%... 2,000%... 3,000%...
... even up to 100X or more.

So I want to take just a moment to discuss The Motley Fool's past track record...

Because time and time again, when Apple was preparing to release its newest iGadget, The Motley Fool had already called the under-the-radar company that was actually poised to strike it rich by profiting off of Apple's latest gizmo.


Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner's first recommendation on the stock came mere months before it was announced that Apple was releasing a brand-new laptop known as the MacBook Pro. Not long after, NVIDIA began supplying its powerful graphics processors to Apple for MacBook Pros.

Fast-forward to today – NVIDIA has catapulted from that success, and Stock Advisor US investors who followed David on that original call are now up an incredible 7,550%.

Or take Cognex (NASDAQ:CGNX).

The Motley Fool US first issued a "buy" alert on this little-known company back in 2011, but its anonymity wouldn't last long.

That's because Cognex struck a major deal to equip Apple's factories with its cutting-edge automation products, and its shares took off.

Today, that first call on Cognex has led early investors to 1,104% gains.

And The Motley Fool even called the most important supplier for Apple's hotly anticipated iPhone X, which came out in 2017.

Years ago, David Gardner issued a buy alert to his U.S. Rule Breaker members on Universal Display (NASDAQ:OLED) – a company with ironclad patents on a screen technology known as "organic light-emitting diodes" – or OLED (hence the ticker symbol).

When it came time for Apple to unveil its iPhone X, the centerpiece feature was a beautiful edge-to-edge OLED screen.

Today, Universal Display gets a cut for every OLED iPhone sold, and its shares have soared 2,434% since David first pounded the table to buy them in 2005.

Now, you can imagine that if investing in front of a new type of Apple laptop or the 10th version of the iPhone propelled investing returns that exceed 32X and 20X, respectively...

Investing in front of a device that could replace the iPhone and begin an entire new era of technology could produce winners that far exceed anything listed above!

But could the time frame to invest BEFORE this new age be running out?

A key augmented reality technology we've been tracking is "3D sensing" – which might sound like sci-fi – but in a nutshell, it's the technology that allows AR devices to map the world around them.

We're confident this technology is essential to the rise of augmented reality, so we've been tracking the key suppliers that can provide 3D sensing solutions to breakthrough AR devices.

Now, you can imagine our surprise when a tiny supplier that's about 1/500th the size of Apple announced in a recent quarter that its 3D sensing business was suddenly seeing sales skyrocket by an outrageous 200% year over year!

Proof that you've already missed the boat on investing before Project T288 hits the production lines?


We believe this sudden rise in sales is attributable to augmented reality technology simply being built in a limited way into smartphones – NOT to Project T288 going into production.

So, while your opportunity still hasn't passed to invest BEFORE Apple's game changer creates what could be a massive spike in demand for key AR technologies...

The clock is ticking...

Because a series of critical technology breakthroughs has our analysts convinced Apple has all the necessary pieces in place to finally reveal a true successor to the iPhone.

Up untill now, I've shown you multiple patents, which are the best source for seeing where a company is going.

But if you're looking to invest in technology's "next big thing"... you also need to know precisely WHEN it could finally see the light of day. And timing is a whole different matter...

You see, the last time Apple had a truly groundbreaking product – the iPhone – Steve Jobs had been dreaming about it for years.

In fact, it may shock you to learn that Apple built the very first prototype of what would become the iPhone five years before Jobs took the stage and unveiled it to the world – changing the course of history in the process.

But up until that time... a massive hurdle stood in the way of Jobs's radical vision...

Unfortunately, at that time, Apple still needed a series of technological breakthroughs to occur before the iPhone could even be considered a viable everyday device.

Challenges like new display technology, the need for a totally new operating system, and new processors that could provide all-day use on batteries a fraction the size of laptops held back the release of the iPhone for years...

And it's only because these breakthroughs finally occurred that the golden age of the iPhone was able to follow.

So while our analysts have long been closely tracking the rise of augmented reality...

For years, our excitement had been held in check. Our analysis showed a series of technology breakthroughs was still needed before an AR device capable of surpassing the iPhone could see the light of day.

In fact, when asked about a new augmented reality device, Tim Cook was direct about what's holding Apple back:

"I can tell you the technology itself doesn't exist to do that in a quality way. The display technology required... it's not there yet. We don't care about being first – we want to be the best, and give people a great experience. But now anything you would see on the market anytime soon would not be something any of us would be satisfied with. Nor do I think the vast majority of people would be satisfied. Most technology challenges can be solved. It's a matter of how long."

- Apple CEO Tim Cook

Jony Ive, the world-renowned designer of the iPhone and Steve Jobs's most trusted lieutenant, piled on, saying, "There are certain ideas we have, and we are waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea."

Specifically, he called out two primary areas:

The need for a radically new "brain" – meaning a processor far beyond technology's limits today, and...

New displays that could project images with detail far beyond anything on the market today.

And of course, like the iPhone itself, any brand-new AR device would also require a breakthrough operating system built from the ground up to control a gadget with no keypad or touchscreen.

Knowing these bottlenecks, Motley Fool analysts have long been watching for the breakthroughs necessary to allow Project T288 to finally come close to completion.

Then in March of 2019, the first bombshell dropped.

That's when Bloomberg revealed that a nondescript 62,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Silicon Valley was hiding what could be technology's biggest secret.

We've visited the area surrounding this facility, which you can see in the photo below:

AR Apple Facility

Inside the facility, 300 of Apple's most talented engineers are reportedly producing a brand-new technology of intricate screens that had recently reached an "advanced stage" in the development process.

Known as MicroLED, the technology could give Apple's newest device so-called tiny 8K displays – a higher resolution than even today's most advanced televisions can boast.

Since Bloomberg first reported the existence of this facility, new patents have been revealed that could allow Apple's MicroLED displays to be used in a brand-new augmented reality device.

Breakthrough in display technology... check!

But the REAL shocker came a little over 2 years ago, and that's why I'll never forget where I was on September 12, 2018 – the day Apple broadcast a live event into the homes of millions of Americans to reveal the latest series of iPhones.

Everything was going according to plan until exactly 48 minutes and 13 seconds into Apple's presentation...

What happened then lasted just 15 seconds, but it could very well be the precise moment the next golden age of technology was revealed.

That's when Apple unveiled a stunning new "brain" known as the neural engine... nearly 10X more powerful than anything ever before seen in the iPhone.

Now, it's my job to study new phones, new gadgets, new technology of all kinds... and to be totally honest with you, I've never seen anything like it.

This neural engine is capable of handling 5 trillion operations per second, which might not mean much to you until I tell you this processor's power could soon surpass the processing power of self-driving cars in development today!

This breakthrough is critically important, because the experiences that make augmented reality feel "magical" – like the notifications at the discretion of a fine-tuned Google search...

Or the ability to overlay incredibly detailed 3D objects on the physical space in front of you...

All rely on this breakthrough in computing power!

Breakthrough in processing power far beyond today's technology... check!

And finally, we've been carefully watching Apple's hiring to monitor its investment in augmented reality software.

In fact, as I write this, Apple has 94 different job listings that focus on augmented reality!

The pace of this hiring is critical, because building a next-generation operating system that can control Project T288 requires vast resources.

So when Bloomberg reported that Apple was deep into work on a brand-new operating system known as rOS – or the Reality Operating System...

The remaining piece of the puzzle of how Apple could finally bring Project T288 to the world and usher in a brand-new era of technology fell into place at last.

Given these breakthroughs – it's no surprise that technology insiders now believe Project T288 could make “2021 the Year of AR”!

With our research showing Apple has driven major breakthroughs in the areas holding Project T288 back from completion... it's no surprise that many of technology's most connected insiders now believe the device is nearing the finish line, with many believing it could revolutionize technology in the year ahead.

The major leak we cited at the beginning of this presentation detailed not only specific software for outputting information from an iPhone into an augmented reality device...

But also appeared to reveal multiple AR devices that Apple has been developing deep inside Project T288.

The bottom line is that from EVERYTHING you see in the investigation above… the patent trail, quotes from Tim Cook, Apple's series of breakthroughs in areas they've specifically said are the keys to creating a game-changing AR device...

It should be quite obvious – without a leak! — where Apple is focusing its attention!

But Apple is a famously secretive company, and a leak of this magnitude is just more evidence that Project T288 is getting so big and close to completion that Apple is having a hard time "keeping the secret" any longer...

And sure enough, with the media digging deep into Apple in the wake of this major leak, the evidence keeps building that Apple is on the cusp of finalizing its “next big thing.”

Bloomberg reported Apple is deep into work on a 3D camera system that could be a "prelude to an AR headset."

While BGR also reported in the wake of Apple’s leak that "An insider just released the timing for Apple’s AR glasses, and it’s sooner than we thought."

Meanwhile, The Information reports that Apple is now so emboldened (and T288 has become so large!) that in an internal October 2019 meeting, Apple filled an auditorium with its AR-focused employees to detail their progress on T288!

The bottom line is that all signs are pointing to the release of a breakthrough AR device from Apple much sooner than most investors are prepared for.

One that could surpass the iPhone and usher in an entirely new golden age of technology...

So if you've ever dreamed of going back in time and investing before the release of the iPhone or other major events that changed the face of technology and created generational levels of wealth...

The only question left is whether you have a complete investing game plan to capture the full upside of an event that could be worth US$7 trillion.

Introducing Extreme Opportunities: Augmented Reality and Beyond (AR)

AR Report

For investors who want to ensure their portfolio is positioned to capture what we think are the highest-upside augmented reality opportunities BEFORE Project T288 ever sees the light of day...

Motley Fool Canada is proud to announce a limited-time invitation to join a solution designed to capture our highest-conviction AR opportunities TODAY.

The solution is named Extreme Opportunities: Augmented Reality and Beyond (AR for short), and it was built from the ground up to be a convenient and powerful resource for serious growth investors who want to receive The Motley Fool's top augmented reality recommendations across all our newsletter services and research... in one central solution.

In total, we reviewed research on more than 900 companies Motley Fool analysts have placed ratings on – and narrowed it down to a list of our top 27 AR ideas TODAY.

And Extreme Opportunities: AR comes with exclusive reports on each company's augmented reality opportunity!

So you'll receive not only the names and ticker symbols of each one of these opportunities... but also custom research reports describing the exact opportunities we see in the augmented reality space each one of these incredible companies faces in the coming months and years.

What kind of opportunities will you discover the moment you accept today's invitation and join Extreme Opportunities: AR?

Inside, you'll find these...

Pick-and-shovel supplier plays

Earlier, we detailed how an AR supplier recently saw its "3D sensing" sales skyrocket by 200% in a single quarter!

This incredible company is just one of the "pick-and-shovel" plays inside Extreme Opportunities: AR. Each of our hand-picked suppliers has a grip on components and technologies we're confident will soon be essential to the rise of AR.

Early AR leaders

We've also selected companies whose products could see massive benefits from huge advancements in AR technology.

For example, think back to how AR technology could improve communication technologies like FaceTime exponentially. Now imagine the kinds of profits that could pour into a company that becomes the "operating system" for AR communications.

We have that company – and many other early leaders in key AR technologies – researched and recommended inside Extreme Opportunities: AR
for you the moment you join!

Transformative industries

The rise of the iPhone had far-reaching effects, generating enormous profits for industries like online streaming (Netflix), mobile shopping (Amazon), and social media (Facebook).

Having a game plan for the far-reaching effects of mobile's impacts on dozens of companies across industries was a key to maximizing profits during technology's last "Golden Age."

Likewise, AR could be transformative to industries ranging from consumer devices to healthcare to entertainment... And beyond.

And we've combed through the industries AR could transform and picked out our top plays. For example, Extreme Opportunities: AR comes with a healthcare company just 1/100th the size of Apple that's been an early innovator in the AR market.

Put it together and we think you have all the ingredients of an AR-supercharged portfolio that could be ready to dominate the coming years.

Not to mention you'll also receive information on stocks and exclusive reports that NO other member of a Motley Fool Canada service has access to!

By ordering Extreme Opportunities: AR, you'll be among the first in line to receive our most cutting-edge ideas, which could soon make their way into services like Stock Advisor Canada.

And Extreme Opportunities: AR is built to be your one-stop resource for this pivotal time!

While we've designed Extreme Opportunities: AR to give investors immediate access to our top AR plays today...

With the rise of AR projected to create $7 trillion in newfound investor wealth, history has shown these kinds of massive trends have provided brand-new investing opportunities for years to come.

That's why Extreme Opportunities: AR is also built with the goal of growing with the rise of augmented reality. In the coming months and years, we plan to continue adding new recommendations and building out a carefully designed portfolio of top augmented reality plays.

In addition, we realize that a collection of great stock picks doesn't always lead to a great wealth-building portfolio.

So Extreme Opportunities: AR is an incredible extra that could prove essential to building a portfolio that’s super-charged with our top AR recommendations at any given moment.

We know that building a complete portfolio can be difficult and that you likely don’t have all your money today just sitting around in cash.

Instead, portfolios are built over time across events where you sell existing shares or receive new income.

So with Extreme Opportunities: AR conducts a FULL portfolio ranking on a quarterly basis – ranking each stock in our portfolio from top to bottom – so you can continually receive our most up-to-date guidance whenever you’re ready to purchase new stocks and increase your portfolio’s exposure to our top AR plays!

Finally, in addition to our collection of 27 U.S. stocks, continuing recommendations, and portfolio ranking reports – we want to make sure you're ahead of all the major developments in augmented reality.

So you will also receive:

Continuing guidance and updates on ALL 27 U.S. recommendations included in Extreme Opportunities: AR.

Additional research on upcoming recommendations and analysis of how they fit into our existing portfolio.

Updates on all the most cutting-edge news from across the AR space.

Exclusive research and actionable insights from our cutting-edge research trips to the world's most advanced AR companies.

Simply put, we've built Extreme Opportunities: AR to be a powerful resource for investors who will be investing along with The Motley Fool in the coming years of incredible change...

If you found our research into T288 and other augmented reality advances informative and actionable today...

Then Extreme Opportunities: AR will be your next step for continuing to get the most up-to-date guidance and research from our team of analysts on the developments in this rapidly moving space!

Now, as you might expect, access to Extreme Opportunities isn't free. But it's a whole lot less than you might think...

Consider that the extensive research you've just witnessed on Project T288 and the advancements in augmented reality and the significant expense that requires...

All that doesn't even factor in the cost to pay our global research team that's actively researching more than 900 stocks – from which we've selected each opportunity in Extreme Opportunities: AR.

Or what we're paying our industry expert "concierge," who's dedicated to giving you continuing updates and guidance on all major industry events across 2021 and beyond...

Right now – you'll receive full access to Extreme Opportunities: AR, all future recommendations, continuing updates, and asset allocation guidance...

All for just $999!

Now, I must note that since Extreme Opportunities: AR is a unique solution designed to give you access to research developed across the past three years on a full portfolio of 27+ U.S. stocks the moment you join... we simply cannot offer refunds on this offer.

You see, we built Extreme Opportunities: AR for investors who are committed to building forward-looking portfolios with the right strategy.

So if a group of short-term traders was able to gain access to Extreme Opportunities: AR, they could quickly trade on its recommendations (such as the small-cap component supplier 1/500th the size of Apple) and then cancel without paying their fair share.

They could push up prices of the stocks and do a huge disservice to investors who are committed to this strategy for the long run.

However, all members joining through today's invitation are also covered by The Motley Fool Canadas exclusive satisfaction guarantee!

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with our Extreme Opportunities: AR portfolio, asset allocation guidance, and continuing recommendations in the next 30 days...

Then simply contact our helpful customer service team, and they'll happily work with you to provide a credit to one of our other portfolio services.

If you've ever looked back at recent years and wished you'd invested earlier in companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Apple...

Or wished there had been an easier way to position your portfolio ahead of potentially world-changing events...

We built this opportunity for investors like you... We've offered such uncommonly generous membership terms today because we're so confident in the game-changing potential of augmented reality AND because we're so confident in Motley Fool Canada ability to potentially deliver impressive returns during the years of massive technological progress we expect to see soon.

Today's invitation is built to help you take advantage of this potentially historic buying opportunity BEFORE a device with the potential to replace the iPhone hits store shelves...

So simply fill out the order form below to accept this invitation and begin investing confidently along with Motley Fool Canada as we position ourselves to capitalize on an event that could be the biggest in a generation!

Eric Bleeker
Technology Analyst
The Motley Fool


Returns as of January 4, 2021. Apple Jobs count as of September 24, 2020. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Suzanne Frey, an executive at Alphabet, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Fool contributor Eric Bleeker owns shares of Amazon, Apple, Cognex, NVIDIA, and Universal Display. David Gardner owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Amazon, Apple, and Netflix. Tom Gardner owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), and Netflix. The Motley Fool owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Amazon, Apple, Cognex, Netflix, NVIDIA, and Universal Display.

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