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Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner shows you exactly what stocks to buy in a downturn…with $1 million on the line!

When you become a member of Moneymakers today...

You’ll gain access to the complete portfolio of stocks Tom Gardner and his team believe are the exact ones to buy to prepare yourself for significant future upside

(PLUS even more top stock picks...keep reading for all the details!)

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Dear Fellow Fool,

The Motley Fool has guided investors like you toward hundreds of market-beating stocks during the 10-year bull market of the 2010s.

More specifically, we've led investors to:

370 different U.S. investment recommendations that have more than doubled…

153 U.S. recommendations that have allowed investors to 5x their money…

And an incredible 82 U.S. investment opportunities that have yielded more than 10x their initial investment for dedicated investors!

And while not every stock we've recommended has been a winner, we don't know of any single competitor in the financial publishing industry in the U.S., Canada or elsewhere, that has been able to match our market-beating performance.

But here’s the thing…

… for the first time in 10+ years, we’re not in a bull market anymore.

The last year has rocked the stock market and the entire North American economy.

Parts of the U.S. start looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, a unique set of converging factors has sent the U.S. market into a tailspin. With the “market trifecta” of:

An easing of the pandemic restrictions

The beginning of an economic reopening

Pent-up demand from eager consumers and travelers

… many experts are predicting a U.S. market rotation out of tech stocks, and into reopening stocks.

But we think the “market trifecta” is only a small part of the recent volatility… and there may be something much more important at play.

Over the last few months, we’ve fielded thousands of questions here at The Motley Fool from our members, requesting information on how to navigate this uncertain new playing field.

And it’s at the heart of our job to provide Motley Fool members with analysis throughout these turbulent times with thoughtful input on protecting — and hopefully growing — your wealth.

But when the market enters choppy waters, many investors just… freeze!

And those who freeze may end up missing out on some of the best opportunities for building long-term wealth.

But here’s the catch.

We firmly believe there are right and very wrong ways to position your portfolio for the opportunity in front of us.

Many investors see companies at all-time lows and are beginning to make what can become risky buys with a limited upside.

We don’t want a single Motley Fool Canada member to fall into that trap.

But there is a certain type of U.S. stock that history has shown has the potential not only to bounce back from a difficult market — but maybe even to go on to have 10x, 20x, 50x, or even larger gains!

We’re going to show you the strategy we use to identify that type of stock opportunities that our research indicates have the traits to weather this market, and come out of this crisis (whenever that may be) with significant upside in the coming years.

And while this strategy is the one Tom Gardner turns to during turbulent markets…

… it’s also the strategy that has led to some of The Motley Fool’s most lucrative U.S. investment recommendations.

And while we know plenty of competitors, rival investment managers, and any number of onlookers were surely scribbling down notes during our special market briefing this morning (aiming to understand why we believe in this strategy), Tom is actually quite happy to "give away" details of this moneymaking approach.

The truth is, Tom isn’t the only famous CEO to go on record endorsing this investment strategy…

In fact, the three-pronged strategy Tom revealed in today’s briefing was first publicly espoused by Warren Buffett as the “single most important decision” when he evaluates a company.

In just a moment, we will walk you through our breakthrough (yet easy-to-follow) strategy and explain why Tom believes that right now is the ideal time to begin using it in your own portfolio.

But first, we’re pleased to announce Motley Fool Moneymakers 2021: research designed to help investors – and even potentially profit from – this turbulent market.

We’re convinced it unlocks the secret behind aiming to build a fortune through UP, DOWN, and SIDEWAYS markets.

Moneymakers centers on a strategy Tom believes can help pinpoint those rare moneymaking stocks, with the goal of soaring during bull markets and weathering bear market downturns.

In fact, Tom has such confidence in the Moneymakers strategy that he’s staked US$1,000,000 of The Motley Fool LLC’s own investment capital across all the recommendations in the Moneymakers universe!

We’d say that is pretty compelling evidence of how much Tom believes in the power of building wealth this way. More importantly, he’s confident it answers the need a lot of individual investors may have for a more responsive investing game plan… instead of the simplistic “buy low, sell high” approach that we’re often sold.

Simply put, Moneymakers is designed to provide its members with the specific, actionable trades our members need to stay on track and avoid missing opportunities in this volatile time.

And as you’ll learn by reading through the complete details below, as a Moneymakers 2021 member, you no longer have to choose to be “in” or “out” of the market; a team of The Motley Fool’s most talented and trusted investors will be with you every step of the way with cash management, allocation, and shorting recommendations and guidance.

Now, before we show you the full details behind Moneymakers 2021 and Tom’s US$1,000,000 bet in a moment, let’s get one thing straight…

Moneymakers is The Motley Fool’s only portfolio suite designed around what Warren Buffett has declared is his #1 investment factor

The strategy Tom Gardner has used to create Motley Fool Moneymakers is one that the greatest investor of all time and one of the richest humans in modern history, Warren Buffett, has made a staple of his entire career.

You may be familiar with Buffett’s now-famous New York Times op-ed that he penned in October 2008 as the financial system was crumbling. While other investors were panicking and heading for the exits, Buffett boldly wrote:

“I’ve been buying American stocks. This is my personal account I’m talking about, in which I previously owned nothing but United States government bonds.”

— Warren Buffett

His statements that day are now the stuff of legend — including “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” — a proclamation that could be inscribed on the headstone of any investor.

So, let’s get down to it…

Warren Buffett says he judges businesses and investments on one thing…

It’s not the CEO...

It’s not the share price...

It’s not their price-to-earnings ratio...

It’s their ability to raise prices and control the market.

Here’s Buffett in his own words:

“The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power. If you've got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor, you've got a very good business…”

— Warren Buffett

And if you’ve got a good business, one with pricing power…

… well, you’re almost certainly well placed to withstand a volatile market like the one we see today — and likely even to see profits grow substantially and reliably in the long term.

Just look at one of Buffett’s longest-held companies, Coca-Cola.

When Buffett bought US$1 billion worth of Coke stock in 1988, people thought he was downright crazy.

After all, Coca-Cola was coming off eight years of averaging almost 20% returns per year.

Despite this performance, Buffett recognized the brand power held by Coca-Cola and pointed out the many reasons why he felt so bullish on Coke.

Coca-Cola shares many of the same characteristics that make Buffett love Apple (the first tech stock that made it to #1 holding in Buffett’s portfolio): brand power and loyalty, efficiency, global distribution and penetration, and most importantly... pricing power.

To say that Buffett was right is an understatement.

Since 1988, that US$1 billion investment has turned into more than US$16 billion! In fact, the US$560 million in Coca-Cola dividends Buffett received in 2017 alone was over half of what he paid initially!


Chart refers to U.S. market.

Let’s look at how powerful the pricing power of Coca-Cola is.

I’m sure some of us can remember when it cost just a U.S. nickel to get a bottle of Coke!

That's because for over 70 years, Coca-Cola famously kept their price at 5¢! During two world wars, throughout Prohibition, and all through the Great Depression, through 13 U.S. presidencies… Coke prices remained the same.

Although some backlash ensued in the ’50s when Coca-Cola tried to raise prices (they even appealed to President Eisenhower to mint a 7.5¢ coin!), the brand was so strong that the company was able to raise prices and grow profits.

Today, a bottle of Coke will cost you US$1.99 or more — nearly a 4,000% price increase.

These steady price increases helped Coca-Cola report over US$36 billion in revenue last year. And at last check, a US$40 investment in Coca-Cola in 1919 would be worth nearly half a million US today!

But Coke is certainly NOT the only fortune-making stock Buffett discovered using this “pricing power” strategy.

Apple — another Buffett favorite — also shows how important this powerful factor is.

Because while many investors focus on Apple’s superior technology and hardware, when Warren Buffett looks at Apple, he doesn’t see the massive tech company that most people see….

He sees a consumer products company with the ability to continuously raise prices without losing customers.

People who buy Apple products tend to continue buying Apple products. No matter what.

That’s why, even with a slight decline in units sold, Apple is STILL making more money than ever!

Remember when Apple announced the iPhone X would cost US$1,000? Some critics thought they were crazy — and yet consumers still camped out overnight to obtain it.

Think about that… even if Apple charges US$2,000 for its products, don’t you think these people are still going to camp out? Buffett thinks so…

So, let’s get down to it…

The data and research are overwhelming…

By focusing on companies that display unmistakable “pricing power,” Buffett has built an investment fortune that’s grown rapidly in value regardless of recessions, downturns, or market volatility.

But before you run out to buy shares of Apple and Coca-Cola…

… there’s one problem.

Apple is now worth about US$2.36 trillion.

And Coca-Cola’s best days are likely behind it.

That's why we’re on the hunt for the next “moneymaker” U.S. stocks.

The companies Buffett might be buying nowadays, if he had to start over.

Which is why it’s easy to understand why we built Motley Fool Moneymakers — to provide a complete investing solution dedicated to finding companies with this powerful trait.

The Motley Fool has built a world-class track record of locating “Moneymaker” stocks in UP, DOWN, and SIDEWAYS markets

If you’ve been following The Motley Fool for a while, our research has been helping individual investors achieve moneymaking and market-beating returns for over 28 years.

And over those 28 years, no one has championed Buffett’s #1 strategy more than Tom Gardner.

Just look at a list of The Motley Fool’s most lucrative U.S. investment recommendations, and you’ll find that pricing power is abundantly evident. In fact, we argue that pricing power has been the key factor that has led investors like you to U.S. stocks like:

Netflix, up 31,386%

Amazon, up 21,559%

Starbucks, up 665%

Costco, up 1,423%

And as you learned during today's broadcast, these stellar recommendations are anything but luck. By identifying companies with undeniable pricing power, The Motley Fool's analysts have been able to consistently identify companies that have the traits to make investors money.

In many cases, A LOT of money.

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 Key Factors of a Moneymaker, starting with perhaps the most incredible investing story over the past 20 years: Netflix.

1st Key Factor of a Moneymaker: Pricing Power

Investors who invested after reading The Motley Fool’s initial U.S. Netflix recommendation and got in early in 2004 have since seen 31,386% returns!


Chart refers to U.S. market.

As you know, Netflix has also been quick to adapt to market demands — destroying rivals like Blockbuster in the process. But the company also knows exactly how to price its product and create enormous value for its customers.

Predicting the role the internet would play in toppling the cable industry, Netflix moved rapidly into streaming services. The company knew that by offering its service at a fraction of the price of cable, it could expand and gain a sizable market share and implement a pricing structure that was favorable.

Just look at the facts: Up until 2014, Netflix charged US$7.99 per month for membership. Then, in 2014, it continued the US$7.99 “basic” membership but added two premium options: a US$9.99 HD package and an US$11.99 4K package.

From 2014 to 2017, despite raising prices further, Netflix more than doubled its membership base from 50 million to over 100 million!

When another pricing increase came around in 2017, its membership base was already over 130 million worldwide!


Chart refers to U.S. market.

Just like Apple and Coca-Cola, Netflix faces competition from other companies like Hulu, but it’s also established itself as the dominant player in the market. In this way, Netflix is similar to Buffett’s biggest bets: a well-loved, established brand that offers a unique experience, different from competitors’, with the power to dictate prices without losing its base.

In fact, Netflix’s offerings are so unmatched — even by a widening field of competitors — that it was able to raise subscription prices in the middle of a global pandemic.

That’s pricing power at its finest.

2nd Key Factor of a Moneymaker: Irresistible Demand

Much like Netflix, Amazon is another Motley Fool recommendation that has succeeded by establishing a powerhouse brand with the ability to dictate its impact on the market.

Much of Amazon’s dominance really began to take hold when the company introduced its Amazon Prime service in 2004 – a comprehensive membership program that offered special privileges to its most valuable customers.

And just like with Netflix, these membership benefits were met with price increases at strategic points. And at each step along the way, the Amazon brand and product have proven so valuable that these price increases haven’t slowed down membership growth one bit!


Chart refers to U.S. market.

Today, Amazon covers almost half of the U.S. e-commerce market share. Most importantly, an estimated 62% of Americans use Amazon Prime services – causing the stock price to reach meteoric levels.


Chart refers to U.S. market.

3rd Key Factor of a Moneymaker: Expandable Relationships

And if you’re looking for other companies like Amazon that have integrated themselves into everyday life across the world, then look no further than to one of Tom Gardner’s earliest recommendations: Starbucks.

When Tom first appeared on national TV in 1998 and recommended shares of Starbucks, few would have predicted the impact this small coffee shop would have on the world.

But now, millions of North Americans walk into Starbucks every day and happily pay whatever price Starbucks is charging – for a simple cup of coffee.

In fact, we’ll bet you probably don’t even think twice about paying US$2.75 for a cup of coffee these days.

But if you think about that, that’s a 267% increase from a cup of coffee in 1990, when Starbucks was beginning its massive expansion!

With insatiable demand for the company's products at nearly any price, it’s easy to see why shares of Starbucks are up a staggering 665% since The Motley Fool told investors to buy shares.


Chart refers to U.S. market.

The data is clear. Time and time again, investors who can consistently identify “moneymaker” stocks with unmatched pricing power, irresistible demand, and expandable relationships stand to be rewarded with market-crushing returns.

Tom believes embracing this style of investing can improve your returns, no matter what the current market conditions are.

The reason he's so confident?

Because he’s done it before.

Just three years ago, Tom Gardner launched an ambitious portfolio, designed around Warren Buffett’s pricing power tenets.

The name of this portfolio was Moneymakers. It was only available in the U.S.

And it was the very first Motley Fool portfolio that was explicitly made to help members both fight volatility during bumpy markets AND rake in the gains during the good times.

And as you’d expect, the small group of U.S. investors who accepted Tom’s invitation to the original Moneymakers portfolio have already seen spectacular results.

In fact, those who followed along trade for trade have more than doubled their money!


Chart refers to U.S. market.

Now, I’m not telling you this to brag about Tom’s returns—and I certainly don’t want you to feel bad about missing out on the returns from last time.

In fact, Tom actually believes there is a small group of U.S. stocks in the market RIGHT NOW that represent the next round of “moneymaker” companies with the potential to produce big profits, regardless of where the market goes next!

Not only does he want to make sure Canadian investors like you don't miss your chance to invest in these promising companies... he wants to make sure you can get invested in them TODAY.

Which is exactly why he's created a brand-new U.S. portfolio — from the "ground floor" — that will allow new members like you to follow along with every trade as his team and he aim to crush the market once again…

And in the process, we’re making Moneymakers available in Canada!

Tom is calling this portfolio Moneymakers 2021. And upon joining, you will receive instant access to the first 32 U.S. trade recommendations Tom and his team believe have the potential to make money in the coming years…

By both positioning you to both weather the downturn and enjoy significant rebound growth!

We’re convinced that Moneymakers 2021 is the solution for any investor looking to navigate today's volatile market while still hunting for huge upside potential.

And if you agree, then I'd love to quickly tell you why becoming a member of Moneymakers 2021 could be the single most important decision you make for your investment portfolio all year.

Because finding these high-conviction U.S. stocks that have huge moneymaking potential was not an easy task.

To start with, 90% of companies Tom reviews almost immediately go in the trash bin.

And as he just explained, this process isn't some "screen" run by a computer spitting out a series of numbers and companies — it's real human analysis Tom and his team have spent their entire careers compiling and perfecting.

It’s also worth noting… while the purpose of Moneymakers is to exclusively target U.S. stocks that Tom and his team have extremely high conviction can potentially build wealth over the next three to five years, none of these recommendations are sleepy, blue chip stocks with limited upside!

Because with the Moneymakers investing strategy, our analysts aim to neutralize some of the volatility in your portfolio — without sacrificing accuracy or upside.

If you're still not quite ready to access what we believe could be truly beneficial analysis in these turbulent times…

Here are the exact details on what you'll find within Moneymakers and why it could be the right service for anyone looking to protect their wealth in the coming months and years:

ALL U.S. stocks passed Tom's rigorous “moneymaker” investing system for evaluating pricing power and a company's ability to thrive in up, down, and sideways-moving markets.

ALL U.S. stocks are ones Tom and his team have identified as having extremely high moneymaking and market-beating potential over the next few years.

You’ll have immediate access to a rich toolbox of ways to combat volatility and make sure your money is working for you:

Cash management guidance: deploy your money strategically in response to market conditions

Shorting: learn how to use shorting to limit volatility in your portfolio (and potentially boost your gains!)

Bitcoin: hedge against inflation with carefully considered Bitcoin strategies

Market indicators: Tom and team will make tools like the Capital Efficiency Ratio and Potential Growth Indicator available to you to decide when to buy aggressively… and when to hold onto your hard-earned money.

Specific allocation guidance: you’ll find exact allocation guidance on every U.S. stock in Moneymakers 2021 and will receive regular allocation guidance as long as you’re a member.

Monthly stock rankings: Any time you’re ready to add more capital to your portfolio, you’ll know you have our most up-to-date conviction rankings.

I truly think all those tools make Moneymakers 2021 one of the most well-rounded services we offer here at The Motley Fool.

However… that’s only the beginning.

Because when you respond to this invitation, you unlock not only instant access to these U.S. recommendations, but also…

The moment you join, you’ll have access to 3 additional full portfolios to help you navigate this volatile time — a total of 66 extra U.S. stock recommendations!

That’s right! When you join through this offer, you’ll receive access to THREE additional U.S. market-beating portfolios at no extra cost.

Moneymakers Dividends Portfolio

First, you’ll receive access to our Moneymakers: Dividends portfolio.

Moneymakers Dividends was launched in January 2020 and will deploy new capital into the Moneymakers team’s favorite dividend-paying U.S. stocks every quarter.

Ultimately, we believe this dividends strategy will generate enduring returns while helping to minimize downside…

While ALSO providing members who follow this strategy a steady stream of income in the form of dividends.

Moneymakers Long-Short Portfolio

In addition, you’ll also receive access to the Long-Short Portfolio.

The Long-Short portfolio offers complementary strategies to Moneymakers and deploys a “hedging” strategy to provide more detailed guidance on how to potentially limit the downside volatility of your portfolio.

Original Moneymakers Portfolio

And finally, when you become a Moneymakers 2021 member today, you’ll also receive full access to the portfolio that doubled the U.S. market last year: the original Moneymakers portfolio.


Chart refers to U.S. market.

U.S. investors who followed along with Moneymakers recommendations from the ground floor, following the service’s introduction in the U.S., have more than doubled their money.

And now, every single U.S. recommendation (and full write-up) will be available to you, at no extra cost.

And don’t worry… Even though every U.S. stock recommended in Moneymakers 2021 has specific allocation guidance for each holding available right now, we realize markets and businesses change.

That's why, over time, Tom and his team will be strategically investing additional cash across all four portfolios you’ll have access to inside the service — selectively doubling down on their favorites.

This information helps pinpoint exactly how much of each stock Tom and his team believe investors would be wise to own.

And speaking of owning these stocks…

Tom Gardner has committed more than US$1,000,000 of The Motley Fool LLC's own money to the stocks featured inside the Motley Fool Moneymakers portfolios.

In total, Tom has directed our CFO to deposit US$1,000,000 of The Motley Fool LLC's own money in a brokerage account, which will be invested alongside the high-conviction U.S. stocks pinpointed for Moneymakers members.

Tom believes this real-money investment shows how much he truly believes Moneymakers is a strategy to help limit risk AND increase exposure to companies with world-class pricing power.

As you're likely aware, many other investment services across the globe love doling out seemingly brilliant investment advice, tips, tricks, and strategies…

But when it comes to literally putting their money where their mouths are, they're nowhere to be found.

Which raises an unsettling question... If they don't have enough conviction in the released analysis to put their own cash behind it for the long haul, then why the heck should you?

Fortunately, that's not a problem you'll ever encounter in Moneymakers. When you win with Moneymakers, The Motley Fool wins too! That's the way we believe an investing partnership should work.

However (although we’re excited to invest in all these companies alongside members), we do want to make sure we’re being fair in all this.

That’s why Motley Fool members will always have the opportunity to buy our recommendations before we do. We’re not trying to drive up the price to benefit ourselves — you’ve got first dibs, always.

And just to be clear...

As a member, you do NOT need $1 million to invest alongside the Moneymakers team.

Rather, Moneymakers 2021 is a do-it-yourself strategy designed with the goal of making money — regardless of which direction the market goes next.

You can easily buy all the stocks featured in Moneymakers 2021 with as little as $50,000 via most varieties of brokerage accounts.

Accepting today’s invitation gives you full access to our member-only pricing and perks.

Now that you understand more about how and why Tom built this unique solution, and now that you've gotten your "sneak peek" inside Moneymakers 2021

Let's talk about what happens when you act decisively and accept this invitation right now...

The first and most important thing you'll gain is immediate access to all U.S. stocks featured in Moneymakers 2021 — positioning yourself for possibly greater gains, along with securing the confidence that comes with being a member of one of the most forward-looking and dedicated investment solutions we've ever offered.

Tom Gardner often charges upward of US$5,000 for access to his most rigorous portfolio solutions.

However, because so many Motley Fool members can benefit from this breakthrough Moneymakers approach, Tom has decided to offer full access to Moneymakers at a much lower price.

In fact, you can unlock full access to Moneymakers 2021, The Long-Short Portfolio, Moneymakers: Dividends, and the original Moneymakers portfolio for just $1,999!

And I should note: This price ALSO comes with Tom's Ironclad “Satisfaction Guarantee.”

You see, since our invitation to Moneymakers 2021 offers up-front access to every stock in Moneymakers 2021 AND the exclusive perks you’ve heard about today — it should be noted that we are not able to offer cash refunds on this service.

Simply put, The Motley Fool spends significant amounts of money building portfolio solutions like Moneymakers 2021 — which features research not only directly from Tom Gardner but also from Chief Investment Officer Andy Cross and a larger team of tenured analysts and delivers an extraordinary amount of value up front.

Bearing that in mind, remember you’re protected…

end bodycontent

end wide_white_background

report image

Your purchase of Moneymakers 2021 is 100% protected by Tom Gardner's 30-Day Membership Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you purchase Moneymakers 2021 but feel ultimately that the strategy is not helping you build a stable, market-beating U.S. portfolio, simply contact our member services team within 30 days of the purchase, and they'll help you transfer your membership fee to another one of our portfolio services here at Motley Fool Canada.

No questions asked.

Now, this is an uncommonly generous proposal, seeing as Moneymakers 2021 includes FOUR portfolios up front.

We know how many investors are struggling to find the right strategy during this volatile market…

So we're confident that members will find market-beating research in our Moneymakers 2021 portfolio — and hope this will lead to continued membership within the service for years to come!

We are extremely proud of the work that's been done to make Moneymakers 2021 the ultimate solution for investors looking to bulletproof their portfolios in the years ahead.

And the four portfolios inside Moneymakers are built for exactly that. To make sure members can stick it out — and hopefully prosper — through anything the market throws at us.

I hope you’ll join us inside.

To stability and growth,

DH signature

David Hanson
Vice President of Membership
The Motley Fool


Returns as of 9/29/21 unless otherwise stated. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Andy Cross owns shares of Netflix and Starbucks. Bill Mann owns shares of Costco Wholesale and Starbucks. David Gardner owns shares of Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Starbucks. Tim Beyers owns shares of Amazon, Apple, and Netflix. Tom Gardner owns shares of Netflix and Starbucks. The Motley Fool owns shares of Amazon, Apple, Costco Wholesale, Netflix, and Starbucks. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

Moneymakers Canada includes U.S. stocks. All billing is in CAD. You will be billed according to your choice below and then $1,999 for each year thereafter.

This product is non-refundable.

Having trouble ordering or have any questions for us? Just send them to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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