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Stock Advisor Canada

Money-back guarantee: A 1-year Stock Advisor Canada membership is backed by a 30-Day membership fee-back guarantee.


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Join over 30,000 investors, who like you, are on their investment journey with us. Once you sign up, you'll have access to our library of expert stock recommendations, and so much more!

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Helps Take the Guesswork
out of Investing

We believe proper investing should be easy. That’s why Stock Advisor Canada helps take the guesswork out of stock picks by keeping our members informed and educated.

As a member, you’ll receive the ongoing expert guidance you need, so you can spend less time researching the market and more time enjoying it.

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▲ up 2,427%

The Trade Desk

▲ up 943%


▲ up 1,520%

Returns as of 22 June 2024.


The Returns From Some Of Our TSX and US Recommendations Inside Stock Advisor Canada Have Been Nothing Short of Phenomenal

The Stock Advisor Canada team has historically outperformed the market benchmark by rigorously combing every corner of every industry for overlooked companies we believe could be poised to shatter the market – often when these businesses are flying under many investors’ radar.


Stock Advisor Canada is Fast and Easy

As a member, you’ll receive the ongoing expert advice you need, so you can spend less time researching the market and more time enjoying it.


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Discover our easy-to-use website and receive 2 new stock picks every month. Our recommendations have historically proven to produce incredible returns.

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Best Buys Now

Stock Advisor Canada takes the guesswork out of stock picks. Our Best Buys Now will give you our favorite investment opportunities.

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Stock Reports

With Stock Advisor Canada, you’ll receive access to dozens of stock reports written by the experts and explained to help improve your portfolio.

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Investment Articles

Explore our extensive library filled with expert advice and gain access to all our published content, including full articles, videos, and eBooks.

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Online Community

Join a community of individuals who share the same goals as you. Our members are loyal and have experienced it all.

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Money Back Guarantee

If Stock Advisor Canada isn’t for you, cancel within 30 days and you’ll receive every penny of your membership fee-back. No questions asked.


Over 30,000 Members


Canadians need independent investment advice from a trusted source, and Motley Fool is just the channel.

– Marc V., Canuck living abroad

The best move I made: signing up for Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor Canada. I have learned to make some difficult sells, and I have made some great buys. I’m lovin’ being a Fool!

– Anton M., Ontario, CA

This has been such a valuable experience and the ROI has been amazing. For a first time investor, the experience has been incredible...

– Mark, Ontario, CA


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