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Lock down membership to “Master Pass” and get instant access to our entire suite of small-cap services at a DISCOUNT!

Four premium-tier services…

150+ + stock picks…

and $5,696 in total value, all for a fraction of the cost you’d otherwise pay…

(You might qualify for membership credits, so your final price could be even lower – details are straight ahead!)

Fair Warning:

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Dear fellow investor,

I’m going to be frank, when Motley Fool Canada CIO Iain Butler told me he wanted to bundle every single one of our four independent small cap services into a single, premium-tier experience, I was skeptical.

And to say my eyebrows were raised when he told me he wanted to call that overarching bundle “Master Pass” would be an understatement.

But when he explained it to me, it all made perfect sense.

Iain told me that he wanted Master Pass: Small Caps to be not only the ultimate, one-stop-shop for all our Motley Fool Canada small-cap research…

… But also the ultimate premium membership for investors like you, so that you can take complete control over your investing life, in 2023 and beyond...

With a small cap investing toolkit previously unimaginable.

Effectively allowing you to “become your own master.” Well, of your financial future, at least.

But then… he told me the price he wanted to offer it to you for, a smile spread across my face.

(More on that later.)

The price allowed for such a generous discount that, when he first mentioned it to me, I actually had to run the numbers just to see if it made sense financially.

And Iain went on to explain that right now everyday investors are in absolute turmoil over burning questions like…

WHERE are the biggest opportunities in this bear market?

WHICH stocks look set to deliver profits amidst the pullback?

WHY are select small-cap (and even microcap) stocks poised to soar in 2023 — and beyond?

Those are all completely valid questions.

And to be honest, it’s hard to imagine a period in market history more complex or confounding than the one we currently find ourselves in.

We hear all these stories about inflation, soaring interest rates, and the looming possibility of a recession… and yet many blue-chip Canadian stocks have barely budged.

So, if you’re an investor hoping to scoop up quality companies on the cheap? Well, you’re NOT likely to find them among the big banks, the usual suspects or the household names…

The days of multi-bagger returns from those market behemoths are likely long gone.

Small cap and microcaps stocks are fundamentally different. They’re much, much earlier in their growth cycles… and during periods of market pullbacks like this one, they can get seriously cheap as most investors flee to “safety.”

Which makes today’s market a very interesting place for investors seeking outsize long-term profits…

And it’s also precisely why Iain wants you right alongside side him as he makes Master Pass: Small Caps available as part of this special offer.

And while you’d think something like that may make him nervous, Iain told me that this is the “most excited” he’s been about an offer in his 10 years at Motley Fool Canada.

Considering everything you get access to, it’s easy to see why.

Speaking of which, you may be wondering what initially led Iain down this journey.

It all started back in spring 2017, when Iain launched his inaugural small-cap investing service Discovery Canada


{a $1,199 value — included in Master Pass}

Founded: June 2017

Biggest TSX winner: +139.1%

TSX/S&P Composite Index: +34%

Back in spring 2017, Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner quietly commissioned a study to confirm his long-held theory about what tied together some of the truly legendary stock recommendations that litter The Motley Fool’s U.S. “Hall of Fame” — companies like Marvel (before it was later acquired by Disney (+4,991%), Booking Holdings (+8,801%), and, yes, even mighty Netflix (+16,586%)…

And, far more important, how we could stack the odds in our favor to find the next in those line of stocks, on behalf of loyal members like you.

We call the data that came back from this painstaking research study “Discovery.”

Amazingly, that data showed that 95.6% of Motley Fool U.S. recs that had gone up 10X (or more) started as small caps at the time we first recommended them.

Of course, our own Motley Fool Canada CIO Iain Butler and his team had suspected something along these lines for years now…

And suspected that the same principle would prove true in Canada, too.

And this was all he needed to drop everything and create a brand-new style of Motley Fool Canada service…

One that, instead of giving you a stock pick or two every month or slowly building out a portfolio over the years, would simply give you an entire portfolio of stocks directly up front — all also backed by real Motley Fool Canada capital.

And, in the case of Discovery, would be a portfolio full of small-cap stocks that Iain believes have the best shot to double, triple and quadruple your money… or more. Including:

30 high-potential U.S. and Canadian small-cap stocks with accompanying write-ups, all of which Iain and team believe can 1X, 2X or even 10X over the coming years.

Full allocation advice, so you can easily implement strategies from the Discovery Canada portfolio in your own brokerage account.

One Discovery Canada portfolio stock has climbed 139.1% already, while another has zoomed 131.3%... even accounting for the market pullback!

And to show you we’ve got our own skin in the game, Discovery Canada is now backed by more than $250,000 in real Motley Fool Canada cash.


{A $499 value — included in Master Pass}

Founded: January 2018

Biggest TSX Winner: +261.8%

Biggest U.S. winner: +710.9%

S&P/TSX Composite Index: +19.1%

Instead of resting on his laurels after launching Discovery Canada, Iain and his team did the exact opposite. They dug even deeper.

You see, The Motley Fool’s proprietary research — commissioned by Tom Gardner and drawing on our company’s 20+ year history recommending U.S. stocks — uncovered another trend that’s every bit as extraordinary, as you can see in the chart directly below.

Not only did 95.6% of Motley Fool U.S. recs that had gone up 10X (or more) start as small caps at the time we first recommended them…

We also discovered that, the smaller the recommendation, the larger the return!


*Study effective 4/21/2020. Calculated from 2,254 recommendations across U.S. Motley Fool ideas services. Refers to USD.

Consider that, through this data harvested in 2020, of all 2,254 past Motley Fool U.S. recommendations, large-cap recs over US$5 billion averaged just a 69% return.

Now, that’s nothing to sneer at. Most investors would like to have 69% more money, of course.

But as we looked below the US$1 billion threshold, things started to take a much more exciting turn... In fact, the average return shot all the way up to 189%! That’s nearly a triple in value every time The Motley Fool recommended a stock below US$1 billion in market cap.

So not only did smaller stock recommendations lead to more than 95% of our 10X winners, but as the initial recommendation size got smaller and smaller, our average return got larger and larger.

Let me spell that out one more time:


Which is why, in 2018, Iain doubled down even more on small stocks by opening Hidden Gems Canada, an easy-to-use and affordably priced service suitable for Canadian members at every stage of their investing life…

And one that specifically focuses on small-cap Canadian and U.S. stocks.

What’s more, he tapped top analyst (and noted value-hound) Jim Gillies to lead Hidden Gems Canada, drawing on Jim’s deep experience in accounting and financial analysis to zero in on the best small-cap values.

Here’s what Hidden Gems includes:

88 top small-cap stocks across the U.S. and Canada.

A special focus on cheap, unloved, unknown, and misunderstood companies. Think “under-the-radar” value plays!

And the proof is in the pudding. In less than 5 years, Jim Gillies has uncovered mega-winners like Trisura Group (up 261%), International Petroleum (up 143%) and even ShockWave Medical (up a stunning 491%).

And let’s not forget Jim’s September 2020 recommendation of GameStop, which he advised that members sell just 6 months later — at a massive 710% profit! Talk about a pick for the history books.

With access to Hidden Gems Canada, you’ll also receive ongoing recommendations and “Best Buys Now.”


{A $1,999 value — included in Master Pass}

Founded: October 2021

Biggest TSX winner: +70.2%

TSX/S&P Composite Index -2%

As you’ve just seen, the success of Discovery Canada and Hidden Gems Canada in the short years since their respective launches is a sight to behold. And while that’s obviously amazing — perhaps even life-altering — for current members, it does have just one unfortunate downside…

Because so many of the stocks in those services started so small when we first recommended them… and because so many of them have clearly performed so well over the past few years…

Many of those companies aren’t nearly as teeny-tiny for NEW members who want to get in on the most promising, fastest growing opportunities.

Simply put – our small cap recommendations move fast. Fortunately, it’s a problem Iain and his team were ready to tackle.

To solve it on behalf of members who want to go ‘all-in’ on only the tiniest, fastest-growing Canadian companies, in the fall of last year Iain launched an entirely new MICROCAP portfolio called Microcap Mission, which includes…

+37 top Canadian MICROCAP stocks, including comprehensive write-ups on all +37 companies.

Easy-to-follow allocation guidance, so you can directly follow along with the portfolio in your own brokerage account.

A stream of new recommendations over the months and years to come.

In all, a full microcap portfolio backed by $50,000 of Motley Fool Canada investment capital… managed in full view of members.


{A $1,999 value — included in Master Pass}

Founded: November 2022

Biggest winner: n/a (it’s brand-new!)

As you may have heard, our dogged Motley Fool Co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner recently launched his latest U.S.-focused small and microcap service, Firecrackers

Offering membership to Canadian investors for the very first time in November 2022…

And all for one very good (not to mention time-sensitive) reason.

A recent Bank of America analysis of stock valuations showed that, right now, U.S. small- and microcap stocks are “historically cheap.” As cheap as they’ve been since the dot-com bubble!

In fact, as of October 2022, U.S. microcap price-to-earnings multiples reached levels we haven’t seen for two decades… You can see the historically low level clearly on the chart, below.


Chart refers to U.S. market.

To put this another way, the data shows we may be facing a generational opportunity to pay historically low prices for some of the highest-quality U.S. microcaps…

What’s more, the fact these U.S. microcaps are so small and therefore often overlooked and
undervalued could be a unique advantage that everyday investors have over the big guys…

And you’d better believe that’s an opportunity that Tom Gardner is all over! That’s why Firecrackers contains…

Tom’s absolute top U.S. microcap stocks. He’s aiming for 6-fold returns over 10 years by finding the best-run, highest-potential tiny companies — NOT penny stock pipe dreams bound to crash and burn.

Including 18 U.S. stocks you won't find anywhere else in the entire Motley Fool universe!

Full allocation advice, so you can easily mimic the Firecrackers in your own brokerage account.

Roughly one new U.S. microcap recommendation every month.

A real-money portfolio backed by US$250,000 in real Motley Fool LLC cash.

Before now, you simply couldn’t get access to all this without purchasing each service separately. But with Iain Butler’s blessing, all that changes today… with a historic deal just for you!

We’re calling this new bundle solution...


Add it all up, and the second you lock down your membership to Master Pass: Small Caps, you’re looking at:

Full access to four distinct high-end services…

With a combined value of $5,696…

Which together include more than 150 stocks…

In all, our best U.S. and Canadian small-cap and microcap ideas.

The cumulative value here is simply incredible. But the truth is, it’s nothing compared to the potential.

Just consider, between these four services, you’ll find:

700%+ winners

400%+ winners

100%+ winners

And more brand-new, ultra-high-potential ideas than you can shake a stick at, including Tom Gardner’s best ideas, Iain Butler’s best ideas, and Jim Gillies’ best ideas

I mean, talk about a powerful and potentially highly profitable combo!

I expect there’s one other question may be bubbling around your head right about now that we should address…

“With more than 150 stocks across four different services, which ones should I buy now?”

It’s a fair question, and one that Iain Butler has been itching to answer for months.

To do so, he’s taking drastic action…

In fact, Iain has created a brand-new report comprising his favourite “Starter Stocks” across all four small- and microcap services!

After weeks of heatedly debating every single one of the 150+ companies in the Motley Fool Canada universe, Iain and the team have officially whittled them down to just 4 “cream of the crop” stocks that they’re convinced pose the highest potential returns for investors like you… right now.


And again, the only way to get Iain’s brand-new report is to become a member of Master Pass: Small Caps immediately.

You see, the goal of Master Pass: Small Caps is simple, and two-fold:

  1. To make it easy for our most-dedicated members to access ALL our small-cap and micro-cap picks and dedicated research…
  2. And to make that access AFFORDABLE.

As you saw from some of the frankly astounding returns that I showed you earlier, that’s no small ask. Because what could be more exciting? Or, more importantly, what could be more lucrative?

If you bought each service separately, you’d be paying nearly $6,000.

And while we do think that’s a fair price for so much high-potential research — especially since this research requires countless hours of work from an international team of seasoned, world-class analysts…

From Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner, to our own CIO Iain Butler, to longtime Fool Jim Gillies, the brain behind that 710%-in-6-months GameStop pick…

We still know that $6,000 sum might be a bit of a reach for many investors.

Which is why Iain arranged this very special deal, allowing you to get access to everything for just $4,999

And potentially even less than that!

It’s true. While we’ve set the price of Master Pass: Small Caps at $4,999

You may be entitled to an additional credit depending on your current membership… allowing you to pay EVEN LESS.

In a moment, you can scroll down to discover your special, personal offer, allowing you to deduct your current credits from your existing subscriptions from the membership price of Master Pass: Small Caps.

And to sweeten the deal even further, we’ve also decided to throw in a full suite of valuable bonus gifts and additional research …

end bodycontent

end wide_white_background

Bonus Gifts

Investors have been hit hard, and it’s time we equip ourselves to fight back in 2023 and beyond. That’s exactly why we built the Platinum Package — to give every day Canadian investors the hard data they need to make informed decisions and grow smarter, happier, and richer now and over the long-term.

We dedicated over 15,000 words of hard-hitting analysis towards shining a light on what we see as the best opportunities in the stock market right now, including:

5 Top Energy Plays for 2023 And Beyond: A grossly overlooked sector with an explosive underlying catalyst in 2023 that could rain down profits for years to come.

5 Value Plays You Can Buy Today: Our favourite beaten down stocks trading for prices that look silly cheap in today’s market.

5 Stocks to Generate Steady Income Now: A collection of passive income producing assets that can serve as an inflation hedge and help investors build wealth while they sleep..

This brand-new bundle of high-value reports (and 15 individual stock picks) is valued at $726, but it can be yours today for FREE with this special offer.

Now don’t forget, Iain is also including a brand-new Master Pass: Small Caps “Starter Stocks Report” — to help members like you get the most out of your experience…

And to make getting your feet wet with Master Pass: Small Caps as easy as possible.

Keep in mind, too, that access to the individual services you get upon becoming your own “Master” would normally run you $5,696 per year:

Discovery ($1199 per year)

Hidden Gems Canada ($499 per year)

Microcap Mission ($1999 per year)

Firecrackers ($1999 per year)

By joining today, you’ll save at least $696.

And that doesn’t even factor in the $726 in exclusive bonus reports you’ll also get access to — at no extra charge!

But I do need to let you in on a little bad news.

You see, since these Canadian and U.S. stocks are so tiny and the trading volume is incredibly low… and because so much of the research is delivered upfront, the moment you join…

Not to mention the lower-price deal we’re making available today…

We’ve decided that there will be absolutely no refunds for Master Pass: Small Caps.

I mean, just think if a group of short-term traders joined, bought all the stocks and raised the entry prices in the process, only to promptly cancel their membership.

That wouldn’t be fair to you or your fellow members, so we simply won’t allow it.

What’s more, by now, you can understand why I say this may be one of the SHEER best deals we’ve ever offered… a frankly astounding value…

And that’s before you even consider the bonus gifts worth $726.

All in all, you stand to receive nearly $6,500 worth of hard-hitting and potentially highly profitable research… plus ongoing recommendations as long as you’re a member…

For just $4,999.

So you’ll also understand why we’re making this deal available for just a short time only

In fact, if you want to take advantage, we’ll need to hear from you right now.

We’ve rarely offered anything quite like it before. And we may never again. But it’s been a hard few months. And with the small-cap and microcap potential uncovered by this market pullback, there’s probably never been a better time.

From where I stand, that gives you a whole lot to gain and very little to lose.

So with that all said, please click the button directly below to see your full Master Pass: Small Caps offer, including any credits already subtracted from the final price.

Before this offer expires!

To setting yourself up for a sweet 2023,

jg signature

Jared George
Motley Fool Canada


P.S. Remember, Fool: You may be entitled to an additional credit depending on your current membership! Scroll down now to view your special deal.

Returns as of 1/4/2023 unless otherwise noted. Fool contributor Andy Cross has positions in Booking, Netflix, and Walt Disney.. Fool contributor Iain Butler has positions in Walt Disney. Fool contributor Jim Gillies has positions in International Petroleum and Trisura Group. The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Trisura Group. The Motley Fool recommends International Petroleum, Netflix, ShockWave Medical, and Walt Disney. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

Master Pass: Small Caps includes U.S. and Canadian stocks. All billing is in CAD. You will be billed according to your choice below and then $4,999 for each year thereafter.

This product is non-refundable.

Having trouble ordering or have any questions for us? Just send them to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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