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Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are paying The Motley Fool for “members-only” financial advice.

We decided to launch Stock Advisor Canada – and how we’re positioning the service to super-charge your portfolio… the strategy that has already yielded winners up 1,514%, 943%, and even 2,866%in just nine years time.

How, until MIDNIGHT, you can lock in one of the lowest prices we've ever offered that will save you 75% on Stock Advisor Canada and allow you to pay as little as 20 cents per day!

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This incredible 2023 Kickoff offer (complete with a 75% discount) will expire at MIDNIGHT!

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But First, Don't Forget Your Free Copy of “TITLE

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Dear fellow investor,

If you’re like most people, you’re probably ready to start investing so you can take control of your financial future.

You want your money to work for you, not the other way around.

You may even know that times like these are historically the best times to start investing.

And you would love to give yourself (and your family!) the gift of financial security and freedom.

Because it’s not just about money… it’s about improving your quality of life.

You know that investing in the stock market can generate massive profits over the long term. You know that building a powerful portfolio can help with your children’s education or set you up for early retirement.

But fulfilling those dreams simply is't possible without money.

And investing is the best way I know to create that kind of wealth.

I know you’re considering joining Stock Advisor Canada, because you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.

And yet you might be wondering why The Motley Fool is the best place to get investing advice, and why right now is the right time to join.

Well, consider this…

David and Tom Gardner, celebrated co-founders and stock pickers for The Motley Fool, have been able to deliver tremendous gains to members of their U.S. services for 29 years...

Check out some of their MASSIVE winners…

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Tesla, UP 9,059%


Netflix, UP 16,628%


Amazon, UP 12,824%


Just $1,000 USD invested in each of those stocks is worth over $388,110 USD today.

And loyal followers of David and Tom who invested more would have done even better – a $5,000 USD investment in each of those ideas would be well worth over $1.9 MILLION USD today.

The Motley Fool has amassed a track record that is practically unmatched. And the team inside of Stock Advisor Canada fully embraces the same investing philosophy, and that’s led to countless winners elsewhere.

Because we at Stock Advisor Canada believe we have an uncanny talent for recognizing historical patterns of success and then doing our own due diligence for the Canadian investor.

This approach has allowed us to make profitable recommendations of U.S. companies to Canadian members...

A couple of our U.S. winners…

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The Trade Desk, UP 943%


MercadoLibre, UP 1,514%


In addition, we know Canadian investors like you want to stay diversified – so we always make sure to include home-country stocks as well: A couple of our Canadian winners…

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Alimentation Couche-Tard, UP 236%


Shopify, UP 2,866%


It’s time to stop waiting.

There will never be a “perfect” moment to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make.

Why don’t you make today the day you take your first step towards your new life by joining Stock Advisor Canada?

Especially since you can get started with absolutely no obligation thanks to our 30-day membership fee money-back guarantee!

You DON’T need $100,000 to start investing with Stock Advisor Canada... More like $100!

Contrary to popular belief, investing isn’t just for the rich like Warren Buffett. If you’ve got $100, you’ve got enough to get started (assuming you’ve paid off any high-interest debt and you have an emergency savings fund).

In fact, if you’re able to invest even just $50 a month and you’ve got a few years to let your money compound, you have plenty to build up a very healthy portfolio.

And good investing can make anybody rich beyond their wildest dreams, including you – that is, if you believe in long-term investing like we do at The Motley Fool.

As Warren Buffett has taught us, the stock market is the great equalizer. It doesn’t care who you are, how much money you make, or how well connected you are.

Plumbers, doctors, and millionaires can all buy the same stocks at the same time and at the same price. It’s a level playing field once you know which stocks to buy – and that’s where we come in to help you along the way...

Just take a look at some of the feedback we’ve received from real members of Motley Fool Canada and our Lead Advisor, Iain Butler…


“Canadians need independent investment advice from a trusted source, and Motley Fool is just the channel.”

-Marc V.

“Thank you for the very helpful hints in your website in the past several weeks. I’ve made some stock purchases which so far have been very successful.”

-Alexis Y., Markham, ON

“I’ve been quite delighted with the advent of Fool Canada (espece d’idiots canadiens) and find the articles clear, concise, and useful.”

-W. Young, Ottawa, ON

Now it certainly seems like investors are enjoying Iain and the stock-focused articles and updates – but even more I think they’re just so excited to have The Motley Fool and a dedicated service for Canadians.

It also seems like what Iain and the team are doing is working, right?

If you’re looking for a magic formula or a quick fix, Motley Fool Canada’s stock newsletter services probably aren’t for you. We’re all about finding fantastic companies and holding them for the long haul.

Investing riches don’t magically appear overnight.

But if you’re serious about your financial future and want to commit to building your lasting wealth…

Then we’re willing to bet you’ll want to join Stock Advisor Canada today.

Normally, Stock Advisor Canada costs $299 per year.

And given the performance that I’ve shown you today, I’m sure you’d agree that this is a bargain in itself.

But Iain and the Canadian team want to make it even easier for you to join us today.

So they’ve given me the green light to offer you an even better deal as part of this 2023 Kickoff Sale… one that allows you to lock in one of the best prices we’ve ever offered.

So with this offer, you can join Stock Advisor Canada today for one full year and pay only $75.

That's 75% OFF and a total savings of $224... making this one of the lowest prices we've EVER offered!

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Fool Exclusives

We dedicated all of this hard-hitting analysis towards shining a light on what we see as must have knowledge and some of best opportunities in the stock market right now, including:

The Passive Income Portfolio – valued at $116

The Final Piece of the Puzzle: The Canadian Investor's Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Revolution – valued at $29.

Wealth for a Lifetime: 11 Lessons We Learned from Warren Buffett – valued at $99.

5 TSX Stocks to Soar in 2023 and Beyond – valued at $99

This Foolish bundle of incredible reports is valued at $343, but it can be yours today for FREE. And that’s on top of the access to Stock Advisor Canada!

Just how big of a bargain is your membership? Have a look for yourself…

For just 20 cents a day, you get instant access to all the market-crushing stock picks, digital copies of our best Canadian-focused investing reports, and all the valuable tools that Stock Advisor Canada offers.

Think of it as a way to get started today – gaining control of your financial future – instead of depending on other people to make decisions for you. I guarantee it’ll be worth it – and the great news is… you can always get your membership fee back if for any reason you’re not satisfied!

Honestly, this is the best deal in the financial industry… at least that I’ve heard of… truly a “no-brainer”.

By joining today, you’ll receive instant access to:

MORE THAN $500 WORTH OF FREE INVESTING GUIDES – Including 5 TSX Stocks to Soar in 2023 and Beyond – valued at $99, The Passive Income Portfolio – valued at $116, Wealth for a Lifetime: 11 Lessons We Learned from Warren Buffett – valued at $99, and The Final Piece of the Puzzle: The Canadian Investor's Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Revolution – valued at $29.

MONTHLY STOCK PICKS AND INSTANT ACCESS – Get access to our resident stock expert, Iain Butler, and all his best investment thinking. That means you get one new Canadian and one new U.S. stock recommendation every single month – emailed to you and available on our “members-only” website. Each recommendation gives detailed analysis, all the facts, and explains to members – in plain-English – why they should buy, and what the opportunities and what the risks are.

IAIN'S BEST BUYS NOW – Receive a monthly email alert that signals the stocks that Iain believes will give investors the BEST buying opportunity.

GUIDE TO INVESTING BASICS – This is where we answer questions like “Where do I start, how do I know when to buy and sell, how many stocks should I hold, and what is the smallest amount I should invest in a single stock?"

24/7 UNLIMITED ACCESS – Get full access to our “members-only” Stock Advisor Canada website, the entire investment community where you can connect with Iain Butler, other analysts, and other members. All to ensure you’re making the best decisions for you and your family, and so you always feel connected to The Motley Fool family!

30-DAY MEMBERSHIP-FEE-BACK GUARANTEE – Try Stock Advisor Canada, see all our recommendations, the expert analysis, the “best buys now”, and more… and if you’re not satisfied – you have a full 30 days to get ALL your money back.

Give us 30 days to prove Stock Advisor Canada is worth every penny… or less than 20 cents a day!

Iain and the rest of the investing team are excited to have you join the Foolish family – and that’s exactly why they’re ready to let you gain access (for 30 days!) to ALL their investing analysis, their past recommendations, gains/losses, and more – in a totally transparent way.

I don’t know about you – but I haven’t heard of too many financial advisors giving free advice for 30 days and a history of every recommendation they’ve made – which is why this is such a unique offer!

Again, if after seeing the team’s recommendations, you aren’t satisfied, for any reason, you can simply cancel your subscription and get all your membership fee back, no questions asked!

And no matter what, you keep a copy of all of the investing guides we’ve talked about today – consider it a gift from all of us here at Motley Fool Canada.

That’s right.

You can review, even buy, every recent stock pick, see every stock EVER recommended, join the world’s greatest community of investors, interact with our advisors and analysts on our “members-only” website, download every special report, and still receive a full refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

But please – don’t delay your decision here. Because like I’ve been saying – this is truly a special offer. Every moment you wait is another moment that you’re putting the most important thing – your financial security – on the back-burner.

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30-Day Membership Fee-Back Guarantee

If you're still undecided, here's what I recommend:

  1.  Join right now to lock-in this special deal and to get yourself a copy of the special investing guides we talked about today.
  2.  Then, after looking at Stock Advisor Canada yourself, feel free to get your prompt refund if it isn't a good fit for you.
  3.  It's as easy as emailing our friendly and eager-to-help customer support team at [email protected].

There’s only one small catch…

Namely, that this special 2023 Kickoff offer expires at MIDNIGHT…

And once it’s gone, I have no idea when I’ll again be able to offer full access to Stock Advisor Canada at such a low price.

For just 20 cents a day? It doesn’t get any better than that. Depending on when you’re reading this message, time could already be fast running out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this today and I look forward to seeing you inside Stock Advisor Canada.

lc signature

Liz Cherry
Director of Membership
Motley Fool Canada


John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Iain Butler owns shares of Shopify. David Gardner owns shares of Shopify, Netflix, Priceline Group, and Walt Disney. Tom Gardner owns shares of Shopify and Netflix. The Motley Fool owns shares of Amazon, MercadoLibre, Netflix, Shopify, Veeva Systems, and Walt Disney. Returns updated daily.

You will be billed according to your choice below and then $199 for each year thereafter.

Having trouble ordering or have any questions for us? Just send them to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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