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The Motley Fool Hidden Gems

Your Hidden Gems Canada "Charter Member Lock-In Pricing" that could save you thousands on your membership expires in:

Grand Opening: Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada is now open to Charter Members for the first time in history!

The stunning factor behind 94% of Canada’s best-performing stocks since the start of the decade!

They all had this one little, yet all-important factor in common…

It also happens to be our No. 1 investing advantage over Bay Street and Wall Street because, quite simply, they CAN’T effectively use it!

In fact, it’s so powerful that Warren Buffett himself once guaranteed that he could make 50% returns per year, if only he were able to employ this factor in his investing decisions…

Best of all, you’re invited to:

“Test-drive” a BRAND-NEW investing solution from Motley Fool Canada that’s fully focused on this single, vital investment factor…

Claim a $200 Charter Member discount, as well as…

Lock in a one-time-only Charter Member bonus perk (full details ahead) that could legitimately save you THOUSANDS of dollars going forward!

But I’d urge you not to delay. We have just 2,000 total spots available for the Grand Opening of this exciting, ALL-NEW investing solution!

Dear fellow investor,

To say I was dumbstruck when I finally finished poring over the data would be the understatement of the century.

Not to mention that it would ultimately lead me to reevaluate everything I thought I knew about how to uncover those truly life-changing stocks we all dream of uncovering just once… maybe twice in lifetime.

As the General Manager of Motley Fool Canada… someone who’s fiercely proud of his personal success as an investor (though admittedly I’m no analyst)… and an employee at The Motley Fool for going on 10 years now, it was humbling to say the least.

Let me show you the data I’m talking about…

Instead of boring you with an Excel document, I had our designer whip up a simple graphic of the 100 highest returning stocks in Canada over the past decade...

Now look at how many of those initial 100 best-performing stocks DO NOT have one very particular trait associated with them...

Just six companies left. Out of 100!

Canadian Pacific Railway (TSX:CP)

Magna International (TSX:MG)


Methanex (TSX:MX)

Dollarama (TSX:DOL)

Alimentation Couche-Tard (TSX:ATD.B)

Instead of boring you with an Excel document, I had our designer Chris whip up a simple graphic of the 100 highest returning stocks in Canada over the past decade.

Now look at how many of that initial 100 best-performing stocks DO NOT have one very particular trait associated with them.

Just six companies left. Out of 100!

Meaning that a staggering 94 out of the 100 best-performing Canadian stocks since 2010 all shared precisely ONE trait in common…

The first thing you’ll notice when I reveal this investing factor to you is how remarkably easy it is to detect.

You, me, or any other everyday investor could identify it within seconds. And in retrospect, it really does seem like such an obvious connection to make.

Yet to my knowledge, this 94% correlation has never once been reported anywhere in Canada. Or anywhere outside of Canada, for that matter.

Because while every Bay Street genius wants to prattle on how about everything from a visionary founder… to an unparalleled competitive advantage… to fortunate timing… to a unique culture… to whatever is the key to finding the next .

The cold, hard data clearly shows that this one simple trait is actually the single greatest factor in being able to uncover the kind of stocks that are going to make your wildest dreams reality.

I’m talking about truly off-the-charts winners like:

BioSyent Inc. (TSXV:RX) -

Photon Control Inc. (TSXV:PHO) -

Savaria Corporation (TSX:SIS) -

Tucows Inc. (NasdaqCM:TCX) -

Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU) -

Boyd Group Income Fund (TSX:BYD.UN) -

Medicure Inc. (TSXV:MPH) -

Air Canada (TSX:AC) -

Macro Enterprises Inc. (TSXV:MCR) -

Western Forest Products Inc. (TSX:WEF) -

In case you were wondering, that’s a list of the top 10 best-performing Canadian stocks over the course of the decade so far… all 10 of which shared this one trait.

What kind of effect would identifying just one of those stocks have? Well…

Since 2010, consider that $10,000 invested into Western Forest Products (the lowest performing stock of the 10) would have grown to $148,900.

Constellation Software (No. 5 on the list) would have turned $10,000 into $241,600.

And BioSyent – No. 1 on the list, and the kind of winner we all dream of – would have turned your initial $10,000 investment into a mind-blowing $1.6 MILLION.

Give me a few minutes, and not only will I reveal what this miraculous “fortune-making factor” is… I’ll also show you a quick, easy, and incredibly affordable way to begin harnessing it in your own portfolio starting TODAY!

I mean, just think about it. What would you do with even one big winner like that?

Buy that warm summer home in sunny Florida or that ski chalet in Whistler?

Jet-set around Europe in first class without a care in the world, or perhaps sail around the Caribbean in your very own personal yacht?

Put your children, and yes, even your grandchildren through university?

Or simply speed up your retirement by a decade so you can do whatever it is YOU prefer to do in your leisure time – even if that’s simply kicking back, relaxing, and for once in your life, doing absolutely nothing at all!

Isn’t being able to fundamentally change our lives like that precisely what all of us really want out of our investments?

And if we agree on that, wouldn’t you also agree that those are the exact kind of stocks we should be laser-focused on?

Because, to be quite blunt, if you AREN’T focusing on this specific factor in each and every investing decision that you make, the data clearly shows that you are far less likely to ever hit a home run with any stock you pick.

It’s almost statistically impossible!

And that’s exactly why investing in small-caps stocks is so darned important.

Of course, it’s not totally surprising that small-cap stocks can put up such incredible gains. After all, by definition they do have plenty of room to run.

Which is why when I saw that data, it actually spurred me to do a little research of my own, just to double-check this wasn’t simply a case of only cherry-picking the highest performers over the last decade.

Amazingly, what I ended up discovering blew me away even more…

You see, not only were 94 out of the 100 best-performing Canadian stocks of the decade small-cap stocks (including every single stock that made the list of top 10 highest returners)…

But Canadian small-cap stocks on the whole actually outperformed the TSX composite index by a whopping 26 percentage points from 2005 through 2015.

And to be clear, this incredible small-cap success isn’t limited to just Canada.

For proof, here’s a look at how $10,000 invested into global small-cap stocks performed versus their large-cap cousins, since the turn of the century.

As the chart clearly shows, not only would you have tripled your money in that timeframe simply by investing in Global Small Caps, you’d currently have twice as much than if you’d instead invested in Global Large Caps.

Zoom out to a longer timeframe, and the numbers become even more eye-popping.

From 1926 through 2016 in the U.S., a model created by University of Chicago professors Eugene Fama and Kenneth French found that small-cap stocks returned 13.1% per year, while large caps returned just 10.2% annually.

And while that 2.9 percentage point difference may not seem that significant at first blush, here’s how it looks over time:

$100 invested in small caps looks like almost $6.5M over 90 years! While if you look below, it takes 10x that much invested in large caps to get roughly $6.3M over the same amount of time.

$1,000 invested in small caps would be almost $65,000,000 over 90 years!

Unbelievably, the value of $100 invested in U.S. small caps back in 1926 would actually be a little bit MORE than $1,000 invested in large caps at the same time!

On that note, please allow me a proper introduction…

My name is Jordan DiPietro, and as I said earlier, I’m the General Manager of Motley Fool Canada.

And like you, I’m a hard-working investor who’s always on the lookout for ways to grow the money I’ve made into the wealth I want

Mostly just so that I can help set my family… my kids… and perhaps even my grandkids up for a lifetime of comfort and security.

But also, if I’m being completely honest, so that I can make a few of my own lifelong dreams finally come true (like owning my own gourmet butcher shop one day!).

Which is why shortly after getting my MBA, I jumped at the chance to come work at a company like The Motley Fool — where I could not only earn money, but also discover the very best ways to put that money to work for me.

After discovering first-hand the incredible fortune-building power of small-cap stocks – not to mention that it’s statically improbable to find true home-run winners if you aren’t investing in small caps – I’ve begun to completely rethink how I’m going to invest my money going forward.

My guess is after reading this, you may want to as well!

But even if you’d prefer not to take my word for all of this, I bet you’ll take the word of the greatest investor in the history of the world – a man I consider a personal investing hero of mine:

“I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that.”

-Warren Buffett

That’s legendary Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett guaranteeing how much money he could make per year if he were able to do nothing more than invest in small-cap stocks.

Not personal relationships with the founder, CEO, or anybody on the executive leadership team…

Not getting a glimpse at some magical insider financial document…

Not the ability to privately tour a company’s facilities and interact with their employees in person…

Nope, nothing more than, “If I could invest in small caps, I’d return 50% per year.”

That’s the playground I want to play in!

Unfortunately for Buffett, because he’s in charge of a $519 billion company, he simply has too much money to meaningfully invest in small cap stocks.

After all, small caps in Canada can be anywhere from roughly $50 million to below $2 billion.

Not only do a lot of these smaller companies have extremely limited trading volume, but even if Buffett were able to buy shares in a meaningfully way, the stock price would immediately balloon… causing him to miss out on all of the actual gains in the process!

Which brings me to…

Our No. 1 – and perhaps our only – investing advantage over Bay Street and Wall Street!

Because if small caps are too tiny for Buffett’s billions, imagine how much of a problem they pose for Bay Street and Wall Street’s trillions.

Despite the incredible amount of research showing that small-cap stocks have significantly outperformed other stocks over the years, it’s not even worthwhile for most institutional investors to play in small-cap pond.

No wonder that in addition to his earlier quote, Buffett also said, “It’s a huge structural advantage NOT to have a lot of money.”

Fortunately for you and me both, we don’t have that problem!

So not only can we reap the benefits of small-cap stocks as much as we’d like, we can do so knowing that these companies are largely underfollowed or even completely untouched by the investing industry at large.

It’s like our very own personal “small-cap investing playground,” that only everyday investors like us can be a part of.

Of course, just because the stocks inside the playground are small, that doesn’t mean the playground itself is.

In fact, last time I checked there are 3,032 small-cap stocks in Canada alone, across both the TSX and the TSX Venture Exchange. And the U.S. has a staggering 4,961 public small caps across its various exchanges.

Put the two together, and you’re looking at a total small-cap universe of 7,993 companies!

And keep in mind, a lot of those are companies that have remained small caps precisely because they have rubbish businesses…

Others are so volatile and unpredictable that they’re equally as likely to go bankrupt as they are to be a sound, long-term investment…

And still others are so tiny that it’s basically impossible to know much of anything about their business at all!

Point being, it’s not like you can simply scroll through a list of stocks and look for the ones that happen to be small caps, or you’re probably going to be tossing money into a pit.

You have to know how to find the RIGHT small caps, using the RIGHT strategy and the RIGHT philosophy.

Given not only that, but everything else we’ve talked about today, it really isn’t surprising that 4 in 5 Motley Fool Canada readers just like you told us they’d be sincerely interested in an exclusively small cap investing solution from us here at Motley Fool Canada…

Including guidance on precisely which small-cap stocks we think look like they could truly be the next addition to that “Top 10 Best-Performing Stocks of the Decade” list I shared above… and which ones you should steer away from.

Which is why it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the specific solution we’re opening today for the very first time EVER on your behalf – Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada!

To tell you the truth, after the months of planning and preparation and endless hours of intensive research, I thought this day may never arrive…

After all, considering that Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner first founded an incredibly successful U.S. version of Hidden Gems that pounded the S&P 500 Index for years… in the process uncovering borderline incomprehensibly large winners that allowed members to return:

17x their money on TransDigm since 2008turning every $3,000 invested into more than $51,000…

12x their money on since 2006turning every invested $3,000 into more than $36,000…

10x their money on Autoliv since 2009 turning every $3,000 invested into more than $30,000…

The kind of returns we now hope replicate and pass along to Motley Fool Canada members and readers like you, over the coming months… years… and decades.

As you already know if you’ve been following along with our Grand Opening Launch Festivities over the past week, Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada will be the first-ever service from Motley Fool Canada SOLELY focused on small-cap stock recommendations.

But something you probably do not know is that for the next few days only, no more than 2,000 extremely lucky Motley Fool Canada members will be able to join us as prestigious Charter Members of Hidden Gems Canada – at which time we will immediately shut down the service until further notice.

So unfortunately, there is a very, very real element of urgency in joining today, as seats could be snapped up quite quickly.

After all, we are sending this one-time-only Charter Member invitation to a grand total of 203,941 Motley Fool Canada readers just like you...

But the good news is that as usual here at The Motley Fool, we are offering our ironclad 30-day, “Full-Membership-Fee-Back Guarantee,” which makes it possible starting TODAY for you to:

Guarantee yourself one of the only 2,000 total Charter Member seats we have (before we will immediately close Hidden Gems Canada to new members for the foreseeable future)…

Grab a $200 discount on our most advantageous membership term, while simultaneously taking advantage of our one-time-only “Charter Member Lock-In Pricing” (something we rarely, rarely offer – and almost always offer only for brand-new services)…

Spend an entire month as a full-fledged member of Hidden Gems Canada in order to make sure it’s the right fit for you…

…then, if for ANY reason you aren’t totally convinced by everything you see inside the gates of Motley Fool Canada’s first-ever small-cap-exclusive investing solution?

Simply contact us by Day 30 of your membership, and we’ll happily refund your membership fee in full. No cable company run-around. No hard feelings. No risk to your membership fee whatsoever.

You’ll even be among the few Motley Fool Canada readers with the opportunity to pull up a front-row seat as we officially announce our Final Four “Top Small-Cap Stocks to Kick Off 2018”

If you’ve been following along with our Grand Opening festivities, you already know that…

We started with four “Emerging Investment Trends for 2018” we think will dominate 2018 – two in Canada and two in the U.S. – including “Sci-Fi Technology”… “Rule Breakers”… “Baby Boomer Beneficiaries”… and “Behind-the-Scenes Innovators.”

Each trend included our four favourite small-cap stocks for 2018 that best represent that trend’s enormous investing potential going forward, for a total of 16 small-cap contenders.

And that over the course of the last week, we’ve already whittled those initial 16 stocks down to eight – with one final elimination to come!

Here’s how the bracket looks at the moment…

For now, Photon Control, Tricon Capital, Covalon Technologies, GMP Capital,, Redfin,, and Editas are still in the running.

But as you know, only four companies will make it through to our Final Four, and those four high-conviction stocks will actually make up our first four official “Starter Stock” recommendations inside Hidden Gems Canada – available only to Charter Members who join us.

That said, you won’t even have to wait a SINGLE day to begin investing the Hidden Gems Canada way.

Because here’s something you don’t know…

Not only are those first four formal recommendations already awaiting you on our private Hidden Gems Canada site… but all four are accompanied by a comprehensive, deep-dive stock write-up straight from our analyst team, including…

An exploration of the company’s business model, and how that business model could change as the company continues to grow…

A thorough, yet “plain English” financial breakdown…

An examination of the company’s overall market opportunity, including why we love their potential upside as a small-cap company…

A full list of risk factors and threats to keep an eye on in the years and decades ahead…

…and much, much more.

Remember, you’ll be able to access all four of these “Starter Stock” write-ups the instant you claim one of our only 2,000 available Hidden Gems Canada Charter Member seats.

Meaning that with our 30-day “Membership-Fee-Back Guarantee,” you can of course simply join today, read through each one, and then cancel your membership and end up with a full refund to your membership-fee!

If you’re ready to get started right away to make sure you don’t lose your spot, just click the button below to get started!

Or if you’re the kind of investor who prefers to do a fair amount of due-diligence before you plunk your hard-earned money down – personally, I’m right there with you – please feel free to read on and learn a little bit more about Hidden Gems Canada

Here’s what the average month will look like as a Hidden Gems Canada member!

While it’s true that our Hidden Gems Canada team has indeed already peeled back the curtain on their first four official small-cap recommendations (which are currently waiting for you as we speak), it’s not like they’re going to be slowing down any time soon.

In fact, they’re already preparing for February as we speak. So have a look at what your average month in the life will look like, should you choose to join us as a Hidden Gems Canada Charter Member.

1st Friday of Every Month: Official Canadian Small-Cap Recommendation
After weeks of poring over hundreds of potential stock picks, our team will release a formal BUY notification of their No. 1 Canadian small-cap stock for new money now, along with a comprehensive write-up accompanying it on our private Hidden Gems Canada members-only website. And of course, you’ll be sent an urgent email alert the second the recommendation is live!

2nd Friday of Every Month: “Watch List” Stocks Update
These are where we put the companies our team has done a massive amount of research on and has a high confidence in, but for various reasons they aren’t quite ready to formally recommend to Hidden Gems Canada members quite yet. The valuation may be a bit too high. There could be rumours we’re waiting to sort out. A key executive may have just exited the company and our team wants to see who the replacement is.

3rd Friday of Every Month: Official U.S. Small-Cap Recommendation
You’ll receive the exact same quality and depth of coverage when our team officially reveals this month’s No. 1 Hidden Gem from the U.S.

4th Friday of Every Month: Bonus & Multimedia Content
This 4th Friday will serve as an exciting piece of bonus or multimedia content such as crucial updates on our current recommendations, video interviews with key C-level executives, podcasts with the entire analyst team, interactive live chats, and more!

And here’s how that will look month in and month out on your calendar.

In Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada, you’ll never spend the entire month sitting around and waiting for new recommendations. We have regularly scheduled programming coming out every week, and will have loads of other great content dropping daily!

In Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada, you’ll never spend the entire month sitting around and waiting for new recommendations. We have regularly scheduled programming coming out every week, and will have loads of other great content dropping daily!

But here’s the neatest thing in all of this.

Because we’re already so late into the month, with our 30-day “Full-Membership-Fee-Back Guarantee” you’ll actually be able to join today and be among a maximum of 2,000 Charter Members who’ll have a front-row seat in February for…

Our first-ever official Canadian small-cap recommendation!

Our first-ever “Watch List” stock release!

Our first-ever official U.S. small-cap recommendation!

Our first-ever official bonus content release!

…and even after getting all of this content, plus multiple stock recommendations, you’ll still be able to receive a full refund of your membership fee!

By now you may be wondering, “This all sounds great, but who’s going to actually lead me on this small-cap journey?”

Which is why right now is a perfect time for you to…

Meet our all-star Hidden Gems Canada analyst team!

Of course, there’s no doubt that perhaps more than any other investing style, small-cap investing relies on an analyst team with an intricate and nuanced understanding of the specific investing landscape of each country they’re looking at.

And because Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada will indeed target both Canadian and U.S. small caps, we thought it only right to have both Canadian and American analysts!

Starting with a few gentlemen you’re likely well acquainted with already here at Motley Fool Canada…

Iain Butler – Lead Advisor

Iain Butler is Chief Investment Advisor for the Motley Fool Canada and is the Lead Advisor on its flagship Stock Advisor Canada product, and now the Lead Advisor for Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada.

Before joining the Fool, Iain was a “buy-side” analyst and through this experience is well-versed in the idiosyncratic ways of the Canadian market.

His investing interests are centred on scouring the market for interesting businesses that trade at reasonable prices and offer an appealing risk/reward relationship, which he’s looking forward to doing on Motley Fool Canada’s first-ever small-cap focused investing solution.

Taylor Muckerman – Analyst

Taylor is the Associate GM for Motley Fool Canada and is also an analyst on premium investing services Stock Advisor Canada, Dividend Investor Canada, and Pro Canada.

He came to the Fool in 2012 to analyze and cover Energy & Materials companies after earning his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

You may have heard Taylor talking stocks each month on Boston’s WRKO radio, or perhaps seen him being interviewed by the financial media on the likes Fox Business, CNBC Asia, or even Canada’s own BNN.

He has a passion for all things outdoors and brings his penchant for exploration directly to his work at Motley Fool Canada. This curiosity has led him to interview over a dozen CEOs, executives, and thought leaders around North America with the hope of passing their experiences and knowledge onto Fools like you!

And while you’re probably pretty well acquainted with both Iain and Taylor, there’s another member of our team that I’m extremely excited to introduce you to…

When we decided to officially launch Hidden Gems Canada, we wanted to make sure we added a brand-new analyst to the team, to ensure that none of our other analysts were being stretched too thin.

What’s more, because Hidden Gems Canada is intended to be not just a small-cap service… but a small-cap GROWTH service, we knew only one man would be fit for the job…

Introducing “Secret Weapon X” – a personal protégé of David Gardner, perhaps the greatest growth investor currently alive today!

When he arrived at The Motley Fool, he was an investment prodigy the rest of the Motley Fool analyst team referred to as “The Boy Buffett.”

Many of our U.S. members would call him a personal protégé of legendary growth investor and Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner.

Here at Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada, we call him our “Secret Weapon.”

But should you decide to lock up on our only 2,000 Charter Member slots over the next few days, you can just call him David Kretzmann.

David Kretzmann – Analyst

Born and raised in Ananda Village, a meditation and yoga community in California, David was introduced to the Fool through his father. David started investing his savings (all $700 of it) in stocks at the ripe old age of 12, and it wasn’t long before he was using his dad’s account to post on the Fool’s discussion boards.

Through high school and college, he contributed to the boards and to In 2014, he joined our Analyst Development Program, soon becoming a top analyst on David Gardner’s Rule Breakers team identifying fresh ideas and outsized opportunities.

He’s since gone on to work directly alongside David Gardner on both Supernova and Explorer, two other growth-heavy “next big thing” services.

Here’s David K. in his own words to explain why he thinks the “Rule Breaking” background he cultivated under David Gardner fits so perfectly with the investing philosophy we’re creating here at Hidden Gems Canada – and why it was too much of an opportunity to pass up joining the team!

Since joining David Gardner’s teams in Supernova and Rule Breakers four years ago, I’ve worked closely with David and his teams to uncover what we consider to be the most promising, disruptive, and innovative companies of our time.

David’s contrarian approach to investing can be difficult to digest at first – particularly recommending stocks that have already gone up and are very likely considered “overvalued” by the financial media – but working with David has helped me invaluably to become a better investor and analyst.

Having worked on Rule Breakers and Supernova, I was thrilled at the opportunity to help launch Hidden Gems Canada. Not only will we be looking at a wide variety of small caps (both in Canada and the U.S.), but we’ll also lean toward recommending companies that we believe are capable of maintaining above-average growth rates for many years (and, hopefully, decades).

There is no question David Gardner is the most successful investor in Motley Fool history – after all, his winningest picks include Amazon in 1997 and Netflix in 2004 – and I can’t wait to bring what I’ve learned from David to Hidden Gems Canada and share it with you directly.

As you can see, this may very well be the single most talented cast of investors we’ve ever assembled on one Motley Fool Canada service. An all-star team indeed!

But in our estimation that’s simply what a tricky, yet often incredibly lucrative focus on small-cap investing requires.

And make no mistake about it, our team’s goal is nothing short of finding largely unheard-of stocks that will change your life forever over the next five… 10… and yes, even 25 years.

Which leaves us with just one final topic to discuss…

How much do think it’s worth to join Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada today?

If you’ve ever done any research on premium small-cap investment products before, you may already be expecting Hidden Gems Canada to run you upwards of a thousand dollars per year, if not more

And that may very well be worth it, considering the kind of life-changing impact that uncovering just ONE major winner can have on your wealth, like Hidden Gems U.S. members did with:

17x their money on TransDigm since 2008turning every $3,000 invested into more than $51,000…

12x their money on since 2006turning every invested $3,000 into more than $36,000…

10x their money on Autoliv since 2009turning every $3,000 invested into more than $30,000…

But don’t worry, you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars… or even a thousand dollars to become a charter member of Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada today.

In fact, you won’t have to pay half that…

That’s because we’ve set the list price of Hidden Gems Canada at just $499 for one year of membership.

But remember, that’s before you knock $200 right off the top with our special “Charter Member discount!”

Once we take that off your already low price, you’re looking at just $299 for one year of membership in Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada.

When you break it down, that comes out to just $24.92 per month… $6.23 per week… and a measly $.82 per day for everything you get from as a Charter Member of Motley Fool Hidden Gems, including…

A small sample of everything you get from Charter Membership in Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada!

Our 4 “Starter Stocks” the Final Four stocks from our “2018 Hidden Gems Canada Launch Bracket,” currently awaiting you RIGHT NOW on our members-only launch page accompanied by a comprehensive write-up.

2 Monthly Recommendations One official Canadian and one U.S. small-cap recommendation each month, like clockwork.

Multimedia CentreWhere you’ll be able to peruse the wide assortment of video interviews and other multimedia content that Hidden Gems Canada will be placing a greater emphasis on than any other Motley Fool Canada service.

Private, Members-Only Message Boards Where you can discuss your favourite small-cap stocks… general investing… or even day-to-day life with your fellow Charter Members, as well as our entire Hidden Gems Canada team.

Regular Updates So you can always be the first to know about important developments affecting the companies our team has recommended.

"Watch List" and Best Buys Now Full access to both Hidden Gems Canada’s official “Watch List” and “Best Buys Now” list (once it’s available), so you’ll always be clued into which small-cap stocks the team is considering recommending next and which of their current recommendations they are most excited about right now!

Additional Commentary and Guidance Team commentary and general guidance on the topics that affect you most, including everything from macro-economic concerns to proper diversification to the nuances of small-cap investing.

Not to mention a slew of special reports that you’ll have access to the second you join Hidden Gems Canada, such as...

CES 2018: 6 Must-Read Interviews on the Biggest Tech Trends
(a $99 value, yours FREE!)

Motley Fool Hidden Gems Canada analysts Taylor Muckerman and David Kretzmann journeyed 2,400 miles across the U.S. to Las Vegas for CES – the most prestigious technology and gadget conference in North America – in search of not only the hottest new trends emerging throughout the continent, but the individual stocks they thought were poised to take advantage.

Throughout their week in Sin City, Taylor and David held six exclusive interviews with some true power players regarding topics like:

Blockchain, the technology that bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies are built on.

Media 2.0, including the rise of eSports.

Unfair advantages, and how companies can work to create them over their competitors.

“Big Idea” investing, and how having the right kind of entrepreneur at the top of your company is paramount.

Net Neutrality, and why it may not be as damaging as you’ve been led to believe.

Video games, and the surprising positive psychological impact they can have on your mental health.

All six of these private, behind-the-scenes interviews have been transcribed and aggregated into a single designed report for easy reading (yours FREE when you join Hidden Gems Canada!).

The Hidden Gems Blueprint: Investing in Small-Cap Stocks
(Yours FREE!)

We’ve talked a lot about small-cap stocks, but what does it mean to actually invest in them?

What size companies are we looking at?

How many are there?

How do they break out in the Canadian market when it comes to different industries?

What’s the difference between the Canadian and U.S. small-cap market?

Which small caps do I need to be leery of?

We’ll address all that and much, much more in The Hidden Gems Blueprint: Investing in Small-Cap Stocks (yours FREE when you join Hidden Gems Canada!).

Why Small Caps? (Yours FREE!)

How do you find 100-baggers?

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How to Use a Limit Order (Yours FREE!)

When you’re dealing with small caps, the rules of the road for actually purchasing shares of stock can change quickly. For instance, when you’re ready to actually buy shares in a company, you don’t want to just go in guns blazing with your standard “Market Order.” For small-cap stocks, that could quickly lead to painfully missing out on some massive gains. The solution? Master the art of the “Limit Order” – your key to harnessing the power of the small cap, without it biting you in the rear (Yours FREE when you join Hidden Gems Canada!).

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Motley Fool Canada


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