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Not to Alarm You, But You Just Missed an Important Event!

Before discovering more about Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada and Iain Butler below, please take one moment to read your exclusive invitation. You’ll learn…

  • Why Stock Advisor Canada members are buzzing with excitement about Iain Butler’s "double down" alert and short list of Best Buys Now.
  • How you can lock in a bargain price for Stock Advisor Canada today to save 70% and pay less than 25 CENTS PER DAY!
  • Why hundreds of thousands of investors around the world are spending their money on advice from The Motley Fool.

Fellow Investors,

Stock Advisor Canada Lead Advisor, Iain Butler, just announced a "double down" stock recommendation and revealed his short list of Best Buys now.

And it's not too late to claim your front row seat!

See, when Iain goes on record with new stocks picks, it's a big deal and his loyal followers listen...

Because if you had invested $10,000 in each five of Iain’s top recommendations, you’d be sitting on profits of $20,690 today!

The truth is, you generally don’t rack up winners like Iain has by getting lucky.

And that’s exactly why people are so excited about Iain’s "double down" stock recommendation and list of Best Buys Now that were just announced.

So if you have any interest in Iain’s picks …

Please clear your office of all distractions and give this your full attention…

Seats are selling fast and you might not get a second chance

Now, if you're like most people, you're probably ready to start investing like a pro.

You want your money to start working for you.

You would love to give your family the gift of true financial security and freedom.

Because it's not about money... it's about improving the quality of life.

And whether you want to buy a holiday house, a new car, or simply pay school fees for your kids and grandkids...

It simply isn't possible without money.

And investing is the best way I know to create that kind of wealth.

I know you're considering joining Stock Advisor Canada, because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

But you might wonder why now is the right time to join.

Well, while timing isn't everything, the history of previous "double downs" shows it pays to listen.

This painstaking selection process has yielded past winners like...

  • Intuitive Surgical, which was first doubled down on September 21st, 2005. That recommendation is up 796%.
  • IPG Photonics, which was doubled down on March 19th, 2008. That recommendation is up 578%.
  • Or Baidu, which was doubled down on August 20th, 2007 and is up 483% since.

But there's no need  to cherry-pick returns here. It's as simple as this...

Iain’s 10 most recent Canadian and U.S. recommendations are crushing the market by 6.2 percentage points.

That recent track record is remarkable in a world where many professional managers actually lose to the market.

It's time to stop waiting.

There will never be a “perfect” moment to make the changes you've been wanting to make.

So why don't you make today the day you take your first step towards your new life by joining Stock Advisor Canada?

You DON’T need $100,000 to start investing with Stock Advisor Canada

Contrary to popular belief, investing isn't just for the rich.

In fact, if you're able to invest just $50 a month and you've got a few years to let your money compound, you have plenty of money to build up a very healthy portfolio.

And good investing can make anybody rich beyond their wildest dreams, including you.

The stock market is a great equaliser. It doesn't care who you are, how much money you make, or how well-connected you are.

Plumbers, doctors, and millionaire playboys can all buy the same stocks at the same price. It's a level playing field once you know which stocks to buy.

Just take a look at the feedback we’ve received from real members about Motley Fool Canada and Iain Butler…

“I’ve been quite delighted with the advent of Fool Canada (espece d’idiots canadiens) and find the articles clear, concise, and useful.”
– W. Young, Ottawa, ON

“Canadians need independent investment advice from a trusted source, and Motley Fool is just the channel.”
– Marc V., Canuck living abroad in Peru

“Thank you for the very helpful hints in your website in the past several weeks. I’ve made some stock purchases which so far have been very successful.”
– Alexis Y. chartered professional accountant, Markham, ON

“I actually prefer TSX investments in our portfolio, and I’m so glad that the Fool has a dedicated Canadian arm to bring me the latest and greatest in my preferred market. Investing in solid Canadian companies is win-win to me!”
– Leanne M.

“The Motley Fool services are amazing. I will never have to use an Advisor in my life!”
— Dave D.

Now it seems clear what Iain is doing works, right?

If you're looking for a magic formula or a quick fix, The Motley Fool investing newsletter services are not for you. We're all about finding fantastic companies and holding them for the long haul.

Investing riches don't magically appear overnight.

But if you're serious about your financial future and want to commit to building your lasting wealth

Then we're willing to bet you’ll want to join Stock Advisor Canada today. So uncover…

Why hundreds of thousands of investors around the world are spending their money on guidance from The Motley Fool

We're guessing you have questions about joining Stock Advisor Canada.

Which is why we wanted to take a moment and answer some of the most common questions we've received, so you can decide for yourself if Stock Advisor Canada is worth checking out.

I know you're busy, so let's jump right in with answers to two typical questions we’ve heard from Motley Fool members.

Q: What do I actually GET as a member of Stock Advisor Canada?

A: First and foremost, you get access to our resident stock expert, Iain Butler, and all his best investment thinking. Specifically, with Stock Advisor Canada, that means you get one new Canadian and one new U.S. stock recommendation each month emailed straight to your inbox.

Each recommendation walks you through the buying case for a stock, spelling out exactly why a company might be a good addition to your portfolio, as well as the potential risks.

Q: I want to invest, but I don't want to lose money.

A: We absolutely understand your fear. And you're absolutely not alone.

You're investing your hard-earned dollars to make your dreams come true, not to see it drip out of your brokerage account like change through a hole in your pocket.

The truth is that loss happens. Even the world's best investors pick the occasional dud.

But they don't panic.

They understand that if you buy and hold for the long-term, it's possible one of your investments could decline. But you can gain many, many times more than you could ever lose. And they play it smart.

With a portfolio made up of a dozen great stocks or more, your winners should squash the ones that didn't play out the way you expected.

That strategy has helped thousands of investors build lasting wealth. Without fear.

Get FREE investing guides worth $133 and save $419 today with this special invitation

Normally, Stock Advisor Canada costs $598 for two years.

And given the kind of performance we've shown you today, I'm sure you'll agree that's a bargain in itself.

But, Iain wants to make it easier for you to join Stock Advisor Canada today.

So he's given the green light to offer you a better deal that allows you to lock in a bargain price.

With this offer, you can join Stock Advisor Canada today for two years and pay only $179. That’s less than many members have gladly paid for only a one-year subscription to Stock Advisor Canada.

...And don't forget about $133 worth of FREE investing guides you heard about before.

Just how big a bargain is a 2-year membership? Have a look for yourself...

Regular list price for 2 years of Stock Advisor Canada  $598 Total

$179 Total
Saves You $419 Save 70%


Here’s another way to look at it...

For LESS THAN 25 CENTS PER DAY, you get instant access to all of the stock picks, premium reports, and valuable investment tools that Stock Advisor Canada offers.

Honestly, this is the best deal in the finance industry that we've ever heard of... a true "no-brainer."

So just fill out the secure order form below and discover if our services are right for you.

Before you submit your order

Lots of people sit on their hands, collecting information, skimming the investing news, and procrastinating. But you can do that your whole life and never actually get anywhere!

I don’t want you to be a part of that endless cycle.

So unless you’re ready to step up and change your life by making more confident investment decisions, I’d encourage you to pass on this opportunity so it can be claimed by someone who’s ready to transform his or her life as a result of the investing advice The Motley Fool offers.

And because we want to be sure you’re getting into a service that’s right for you, we’re offering a no-questions-asked 30-day subscription refund if you don’t love Stock Advisor Canada.

We look forward to having you join us, so you can work towards building lasting wealth.

Fool on!

The Motley Fool Canada Team

*The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Baidu, Intuitive Surgical, and IPG Photonics. Returns as of April 12th, 2016. 

You will be billed according to your choice below and then $199 for each year thereafter.

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