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The Motley Fool Canada



The “Dawn of the Marijuana Era” has officially arrived!

With the roadblock of legalization now fully out of the way, we’re poised for a marijuana “feeding frenzy” the likes of which we’ve never seen before. And that’s saying something, considering recent marijuana stock returns like 1,930%... 2,000%... and even 6,620%.

Which is why starting TODAY, for the first time in the history of any Motley Fool Global country around the world, Motley Fool Canada will be providing formal guidance on the marijuana industry, including…

Our top 10 marijuana "Buy" recommendations!

6 marijuana "Watch List" companies we're keeping a close eye on (and may promote to full "Buy" recommendations at any time)!

4 marijuana companies to avoid entirely (including one of the most well-known players in the industry)!

Much, much more!

Read on to discover all of that and more, before this invitation expires promptly at MIDNIGHT tomorrow!

Dear Fellow Investor,

In all my years as an analyst, I’ve never seen the kind of pandemonium around a single industry that marijuana in Canada is getting right now.

And that’s saying something, considering I spent four years investing directly alongside Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner, perhaps the world’s foremost growth investing expert… not to mention a true visionary when it comes to emerging industry trends.

Yet the excitement around marijuana right now dwarfs anything I’ve seen from my years of covering artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and driverless cars…

It’s light years beyond social media… big data… virtual reality… eSports… lithium… you name it.

Not even bitcoin and cryptos come close, and you’ve seen for yourself how hot those have been over the past year or two.

In fact, when I officially launched Motley Fool Canada’s first-ever small-cap service back in January, I’d bet that a good 75% of the questions we received during our live Q&A were related to cannabis.

Despite the fact that the service has basically nothing to do with marijuana companies!

But hey, it’s hard to blame people for their excitement, considering the tear pot stocks have been on over the past year.

Cronos Group: +436% over past year alone!

Canopy Growth: +418% over past year alone!

Aurora Cannabis: +327% over past year alone!

Emerald Health Group: +224% over past year alone!

The Hydropothecary: +199% over past year alone!

There’s no need to cherry-pick winners to start seeing incredible returns, either.

Here's the performance of just one cannabis index over the past year vs. the S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index.

The average marijuana company in the index is up a whopping 257% in the past year alone!

That’s more than a 3.5x return on your money, which turns every $1,000 invested into $3,570… every $5,000 invested into $17,850… and every $25,000 invested into $89,250.

In just one year.

Roll the calendar back three years, and you’ll find the returns go from merely “incredible” to “genuinely life-altering.”

Auxly Cannabis Group: +6,620% over the past three years!

Cronos Group: +2,000% over the past three years!

Canopy Growth: +1,930% over the past three years!

Aurora Cannabis: +1,913% over the past three years!

Aphria: +1,270% over the past three years!

If you’d plunked down $5,000 in each stock just three short years ago, you’d be sitting on $711,650 right now!

That’s a summer house in Palm Beach type money. Or ski chalet in Whistler type money. Take your choice.

Regardless of how you’d prefer to spend it, it sure looks like there’s a fortune to be made in the marijuana market for opportunistic investors.

It’s also clear that countless marijuana millionaires have already been created in just the past few years alone.

This isn’t just some hobbyist investing play anymore, either. Far from it.

Bloomberg actually reported that just last year…

“Bets on marijuana companies helped an Australian manager soar 145 percent last year to become the world’s best-performing hedge fund.”

And these aren't just hyped up stock gains, either. Marijuana companies are finally making real-deal revenue now.

Time reports…

“Pot Shops Make More Money Per Square Foot Than Whole Foods”

Yet the fact remains…

In the more than five years since Motley Fool Canada was originally founded, we have NEVER provided comprehensive guidance on the marijuana industry.

We have NEVER formally recommended a single pure-play marijuana stock before…

We have NEVER even officially recommended a company because we were excited about a part of their business that dabbled in marijuana.

It just hasn’t happened.

Instead, we’ve been patiently biding our time behind the scenes. And preparing.

Preparing for that perfect moment when picking marijuana stocks would go from an out-and-out crap shoot to the same basic game we’ve been playing – and winning – for more than half a decade now here at Motley Fool Canada.

(After all, our three stock-picking newsletter services and our one real-money portfolio service are all currently beating the market.)

The truth is for years now our Motley Fool Canada team has been awaiting a specific event to unfold, which would signify once and for all that we’d entered the real “Dawn of the Marijuana Era.”

That pivotal moment has just arrived…

And as you can probably guess, it has to do with the Senate’s vote to make Canada the first major economic power in the world to fully legalize marijuana, which occurred just a few weeks ago on June 7th.

As you probably saw, the House went on to ratify the Senate’s bill last Monday, June 18th.

And with legalization set to go into law on October 17 later this year, we’ve come to the decisive moment for these upstart marijuana companies that have been putting up such huge gains over the past few years.

See, instead of merely being able to coast along on the potential upside of what they’ll be able to grow… manufacture… produce… sell… what have you

Now that full legalization is certain, these companies will actually have to prove some of their hefty valuations by putting up some real revenue and profit figures.

“Walking the walk” instead of “talking the talk,” if you will.

The companies that can walk the walk could make themselves – not to mention countless early investors – billions.

The ones that can’t will crash and burn… almost certainly going to zero. And will lose countless early investors a fortune.

That’s not a prediction; it’s a fact.

And it’s precisely why I’m here talking about this with you today.

Not to mention the reason we dropped everything here at Motley Fool Canada to bring you our “Dawn of the Marijuana Era” presentation dedicated entirely to this truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Because look, many investors will treat the marijuana market like a roulette wheel… plunking down their hard-earned cash on random pot stocks they found on some penny trader marijuana website and just hoping to strike it rich.

With no clue that they’re actually in line to lose everything… or that there’s a far better way to play the game.

But a small handful of in-the-know investors WILL likely get filthy rich from truly being on the ground floor of the age of legalized marijuana.

They’ll be the ones who’re investing based on principles and strategy similar to what I’ll be revealing to you in just a few short minutes.

But let’s address one thing first.

Considering some of the amazing gains I showed you earlier…

Are you worried that the big money has already been scooped up over the past few years?

If so, you’ll want to think again.

Here are just a few things people are saying about the potential of the marijuana industry from this point forward, now that legalization is inevitable.

“There hasn’t been anything like this — and granted it wasn’t legislated — but you think of the dot-com flurry. It has that kind of feel to it.”

—Mark Whitmore, Vice Chair & Managing Partner of Deloitte

“By 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs. This is more than the expected jobs from manufacturing, utilities or even government jobs.”


“Canada is poised to become North America's new cannabis capital”

LA Times

“You will not find another multi-billion-dollar market growing at a 25% compound annual growth rate anywhere in the world. That's part of what makes the cannabis industry such a unique opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs.”

—Troy Dayton, CEO of Arcview Market Research

With praise like that, it's no wonder investment capital is pouring into the marijuana industry.

In fact, Deloitte released a study showing that legalized marijuana in Canada could spawn a $22.6 billion industry basically overnight…

For context, that's roughly 3x the annual sales of wine in Canada, and more than 4x the sales of beer!

If you zoom out to all of North America, Forbes reports that marijuana will grow from a $9.2 billion market in 2017 to a staggering $47.3 billion market in just 10 years.

Amazingly, those figures may actually be far too small

Just recently, investment firm Cowen released a note revising their initial forecast of a $50 billion market for marijuana by 2026 to a $75 billion market by just 2030.

From an analyst perspective, it’s clear: the opportunity here looks downright massive.

Frankly, that’s something we never really questioned here at Motley Fool Canada.

What we did question was this: “What’s the best way to take advantage of this opportunity on behalf of our investors?”

Look, honestly for years now here at Motley Fool Canada, we’ve been talking about launching a service based on the marijuana industry… or simply officially recommending marijuana stocks.

And the conversation has always kind of gone like ‘Well, the industry isn’t quite there yet…’ or ‘it’s still too early…’ or ‘I’m not sure we can add value here yet’… and even ‘Well, what if it doesn’t actually get legalized?’

But now with the question of legalization officially decided, we know we can’t wait any longer.

This is just too massive of an opportunity to pass up, and we know Canadian investors are going to be buying marijuana stocks regardless – which can be incredibly, incredibly dangerous if you don’t have the right advice.

That’s why, starting today for the first time ever, Motley Fool Canada will be officially launching an entire service 100% dedicated to the marijuana industry.

Believe me, this was a huge internal discussion at our company, and I do not take this decision lightly.

It’s an unprecedented step for The Motley Fool at large, and, quite frankly, there were a lot of barriers that we had to overcome to make it happen.

Just consider, in the six countries across the globe that we’re currently recommending stocks in, we have never given formal guidance on the marijuana industry.

We’ve never picked a single pure-play marijuana stock.

We’ve never even picked a stock due to some marijuana-based part of its business.

But today, that officially comes to an end.

And unlike a lot of people out there, we aren’t simply going to direct you to a basket of marijuana ETFs and call it a day.

Anybody can do that. And if we did, you’d effectively be paying us for no work done whatsoever.

Our strategy is radically different. I’ll reveal it to you in just a second.

But first, allow me to introduce myself…

My name is David Kretzmann.

I spent the past four years working directly alongside Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner in his Motley Fool U.S. services Supernova and Rule Breakers.

I’ve worked closely with David to uncover what we consider to be the most promising, disruptive, and innovative companies of our time.

David’s contrarian approach to investing can be difficult to digest at first, but when you finally grasp exactly what’s going on in his head, it's like a light bulb turning on.

Having worked on both Rule Breakers and Supernova, I was thrilled at the opportunity to join the Motley Fool Canada team as an analyst and bring David’s approach to Canadian Fools.

There’s no question he’s the most successful investor in Motley Fool history.

After all, his winningest picks include AOL back in 1994 at the rise of the internet… Amazon in 1997 when e-commerce was first taking over… and Netflix in 2004 with the rise of streaming video.

Point being, David Gardner knows how to pick winning stocks. Perhaps better than anybody on the face of the earth.

Some of his stock recommendations are truly the things of legend.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that he approaches investing with a “venture capitalist” mindset.

Meaning he likes to place a lot of little bets across smaller, fast-emerging industries… knowing full-well that many of them could flop.

… But more important, that the ones that go up will skyrocket and more than make up for the losers.

(After all, a stock can only go down to zero. But it can go up forever.)

Even better, when you have a bunch of small… little-known… hard-to-differentiate companies all climbing over each other to become the king of an incredibly fast-moving industry…

You can then add to your winners as they ultimately prove themselves worthy and start to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how this all ties to marijuana…

Recently, I attended the O’Cannabiz conference in Toronto, which is basically the biggest marijuana conference in all of Canada.

Imagine a trade show floor with more than 200 vendors. It was a madhouse, but all of the prominent players in the industry were there.

And, for an analyst like me, that's an absolute gold mine of behind-the-scenes industry knowledge… not to mention the chance to network with some of the biggest players in the field.

Because when you have a reputation like The Motley Fool does in the investment world, you find that even the heaviest hitters in the field are begging to talk to you about their company.

Meaning that in the past few weeks, I’ve been talking to some of the biggest insiders in all of the cannabis industry, in order to get a feel for whether they’re truly worthy of investment.

Like Bruce Linton, the CEO of Canopy Growth – the single largest marijuana company in the world at the moment.

Here’s a picture of us sharing a taxi on the way to the airport.

When you have the kind of name recognition The Motley Fool does, getting interviews with even the heaviest of hitters in the industry is easy. Like Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth, the largest marijuana company in the world.

Think any insightful conversations came out of that half-hour car ride? You bet they did. Not to mention my conversations with...

Brad Rogers, President of CannTrust

Vahan Ajamian, Managing Director at MedMen

Deepak Anand, VP of Cannabis Compliance

Greg Engel, CEO of Organigram

Post-interview with Deepak Anand, VP of Cannabis Compliance, at O'Cannabiz.

Me with Vahan Ajamian, Managing Director at MedMen, at O'Cannabiz.

These guys aren’t just industry leaders. They’re industry shapers.

And the one thing that kept coming back to me – that I thought just had to be a part of any marijuana service that Motley Fool Canada launched – was how important, even necessary this “venture capitalist” mindset would be for the marijuana space.

So without further ado…


The Motley Fool’s first-ever comprehensive solution for investing in the marijuana industry!

The Marijuana Mavericks team and I have designed this jam-packed service to be your one-shop-stop for everything you need to know about the marijuana industry.

Because while “growing weed” may seem simple on the face of it, there’s an incredible amount of complexity involved with this industry.

The fact that it was only recently voted to be legalized… and that legalization hasn’t even gone into effect yet.

Some of the highest compliance regulations you’ll see in any industry.

Wacky “biological accounting” practices that even some grizzled financial veterans may throw their arms up in despair trying to figure out (don’t worry, I’ll address this later).

And of course, how difficult it is for non-analysts… or even actual analysts without any industry contacts… to be able to pick stocks based on looking at a bunch of companies that at first blush look remarkably similar.

That’s why you need somebody like me, who’s attended the conferences and hobnobbed with the biggest industry insiders already.

I can fire off an interview request and have a response from most of the top players in the industry within a day.

Without insider access like that, it’s really, really hard to know what’s truly going on in this industry.

And from my point of view, borderline impossible to pick winning stocks.

The industry is just too opaque… too convoluted… and too young.

Fortunately for Motley Fool Canada members like you, I do have those industry insider connections

And using the same David Gardner “venture capitalist” approach I described earlier, I believe I can pick winning stocks in the marijuana industry.

Which is why the first thing you’ll get as a Charter Member of Marijuana Mavericks is our top seven marijuana “pure play” stocks.

(When I say “pure play,” I mean that the company’s primary or entire business model is built around profiting off of the marijuana industry directly.)

I’ve personally spent weeks combing through basically every marijuana ticker currently out there… talking directly to some of the biggest players in the industry both in person and over the phone… and feel confident that these are the top seven marijuana “pure plays” out there right now.

I’m talking about companies like…

Marijuana Maverick Pure Play Stock #1 – “The of Marijuana”

Just like, this company aims to be “your everything cannabis store” – the one-stop shop for all products cannabis.

Missioned accomplished, so far.

With a whopping 32 different e-commerce sites operating across 20 countries, and 1.5 million users in its database, they’re already one of the most popular cannabis brands out there.

And that doesn’t even take into account their telemedicine app, which ranks fifth in the Medical category across the entire App Store and allows individuals to receive online video consultations with licensed health care professionals and obtain a medical marijuana prescription.

No surprise that their stock shot up 653% in the past year alone.

But by far the most exciting part of the “ of Marijuana” is they’re on the brink of becoming the first company with governmental approval to sell cannabis via an online marketplace.

If they do, they’ll cement their status as a “first mover” in the e-cannabis industry, with a fortress-like moat to match.

For reference, is up roughly 88,000% since going public. That turns every $1 invested into $881.

Every $1,000 invested would have become an $8,810,000 fortune.

Of course, I’m not expecting that kind of upside from “The of Marijuana.” It’s just a much more niche industry.

But even if you could get a mere 1/100 of those returns going forward, you’d still be looking at 9x your money.

Would you bet against that happening for the company that’s already put up a seven-bagger over the past year alone, and is currently poised to control online Canadian cannabis sales in the years ahead?

Or how about…

Marijuana Maverick Pure Play Stock #2 – “The Marijuana Venture Capitalist Company”

Like most VCs, “The Marijuana Venture Capitalist Company” operates mostly in California.

That’s great for us here at Motley Fool Canada, as it gives us exposure to the massive opportunity in the Golden State.

In fact, California’s marijuana market is projected to be TWICE that of Canada’s by 2021.

Meaning we should be fully prepared to take advantage of U.S. federal legalization here in Marijuana Mavericks, should that happen in the next few years.

Also like any good VC, the company spreads its bets on up-and-coming companies between every piece of the industry, from manufacturing… to marketing… to technology… to R&D… to branding… to distribution.

Which gives us exposure to all of those industries as well.

No wonder the company is already up 244% since going public back in September, turning every $5,000 invested into $17,200 in less than a year!

And while a lot of investors only think about the direct producers or sellers of marijuana, they often overlook how big the ancillary business will be.

That’s a big mistake, and one we won’t make here in Marijuana Mavericks.

So let me introduce you to Marijuana Maverick Pure Play No. 3, “The Ultimate Cannabis Industry Supplier”…

Marijuana Maverick Pure Play Stock #3 – “The Ultimate Cannabis Industry Supplier”

For every retail industry, there’s a B2B supplier quietly lurking behind in the shadows, providing the necessary packaging up and down the supply chain.

In fact, they already have a whopping 5,000 accounts!

So it’s not surprise that since last fall, “The Ultimate Cannabis Industry Supplier” has increased their total packaging and accessories sold from 100,000 million units to a staggering one billion units.

Again, that’s a 10x increase in units sold in just three quarters of a year. And that’s before legalization was even approved.

Imagine how much they’ll be able to increase sales once legalization is fully implemented!

What’s more, the company has a unique advantage in the U.S. Because it never actually touches the marijuana plant (or anything with THC) in its day-to-day business.

Meaning the company can take advantage of the massive U.S. marijuana economy at scale, unlike growers that can’t export product outside of their respective states.

And they have, to the tune of a 142% gain in the past year alone!

I’ve personally vetted each company within an inch of its life, and you’ll get a full write-up on all three “pure plays” the second you join Marijuana Mavericks today.

As well as write-ups on our other four pure plays, including:

Marijuana Mavericks Pure Play #4 – “The Pfizer of Marijuana”

Marijuana Mavericks Pure Play #5 – “The Founding Fathers Pot Company”

Marijuana Mavericks Pure Play #6 – “The Quebec Cannabis Overlord”

Marijuana Mavericks Pure Play #7 – “The Data-Driven Grower”

But that’s only the beginning of everything you’ll get when you join Marijuana Mavericks.

Because if you’ve ever heard stories of the California “Gold Rush” back in 1848, you know that thousands of miners headed out West in search of striking it rich…

Of course, some got lucky and did. Most lost everything.

But what you may not know is that the smart money was not made by all the speculators looking for gold directly.

In fact, it was made by enterprising individuals with the simple, yet brilliant idea of capitalizing on the “Gold Rush” by selling these starry-eyed miners equipment to do their digging with.

It didn’t matter whether anybody actually found gold or not. All that mattered was that once they arrived in California, they were willing to pay top dollar for whatever mining tools they could get their hands on.

Specifically, picks and shovels.

And that’s precisely where the term “picks and shovels” comes from in the investing world. Companies that take advantage of a booming market indirectly, by providing the tools to facilitate whatever the current rush is.

Fast forward more than a century and a half to today, and the “Green Rush” of 2018 is no different.

Which is why as part of Marijuana Mavericks, we’ve also included three official “picks and shovels” recommendations for the burgeoning marijuana industry.

Such as…

Marijuana Maverick Picks and Shovels Stock #1 – “The Dehydration Disruptor”

Did you know marijuana has typically been dried by letting it sit in a low-humidity room for four to six days?

Well, this incredible “picks and shovels” company’s proprietary microwave dehydration technology – which they license out to companies one machine at a time, for a royalty fee – can dry cannabis in one to two hours.

Do the math, and at the top end of that projection you’re making the time it would take to perform a vital step in the marijuana production process 144x faster!

You better believe that marijuana companies who’re producing hundreds of thousands of kilos of marijuana each year would be willing to pay top dollar to speed up that painful part of the process.

Even better, this tiny company is still a total ground-floor opportunity. After all, sales over the past four quarters are at just $17 million… jumping from a minuscule $1.2 million back in 2014.

You’ll receive a full write-up on that fast-growing company the second you join Marijuana Mavericks, as well as write-ups on both:

Marijuana Maverick Picks and Shovels Stock #2 – “The Ontario Marijuana Monopolizer”

Marijuana Maverick Picks and Shovels Stock #3 – “The Brand Behemoth”

Between those three “picks and shovels” and all seven “pure plays” from earlier, you’re looking at our initial basket of 10 Marijuana Maverick official BUY recommendations.

Remember, we’ve never recommended either a marijuana pure play or a picks and shovels play based on the marijuana industry anywhere across Motley Fool Global.

Not Australia… not Singapore… not Germany… not the UK… not even in the U.S. Nor have we ever done it in Canada before.

Meaning this is your one and only chance to be among the limited number of investors who’ll receive access to the first-ever 10 official Motley Fool marijuana BUY recommendations.

Just how much confidence do I have in these 10 companies?

Well, all you really need to know is this…

Once we close Marijuana Mavericks to Charter Members and our trading restrictions are officially lifted (remember, we like to let you “front-run” our recommendations here at The Motley Fool)…

I’ll be personally buying shares of every single one of our 10 initial Marijuana Maverick BUY recommendations!

Not with The Motley Fool’s money; with my money.

After all, I’m trying to get wealthy off this industry just like you are.

So is my boss, Motley Fool Canada General Manager Jordan DiPietro. He’ll also be buying shares of all all 10 stocks as soon as he possibly can.

See, that’s the problem with so many of these fly-by-night stock-pickers out there.

They’re quick to recommend whatever penny stocks sound exciting to readers...

And they’ll promise returns so sky-high they’ll make your head spin.

But when it comes to putting their money where their mouths are and investing their own hard-earned dollars, these guys are conspicuously absent!

So when I tell you that as an analyst I’m putting my own savings behind these 10 companies, you can imagine me giving you a mental “high five” if one of these 10 stocks goes to the moon.

And if one of them drops, you know I’m feeling the pain just like you are.

Think I’d put myself in that position if I didn't think these companies have pretty rosy outlooks going forward?

Which actually brings me to another crucial part of our Marijuana Mavericks service.

Avoid these four overrated marijuana stocks at all cost!

On the opposite end of the spectrum of the 10 companies we’re recommending you BUY inside Marijuana Mavericks, we’ve also identified four companies that you should definitively steer away from.

With an industry as volatile as cannabis, you know there are going to be some true stinkers.

Often times, avoiding the wrong companies can be as important – if not more important – than picking the right ones.

In the weeks I spent chained to my desk researching this industry, I came across four specific companies that I thought were so fundamentally flawed they stood out to me as “anti-recommendations.”

Personally, I wouldn’t touch these companies with a 10-foot pole.

They may be growing too quickly through unsustainable acquisition growth… or have a totally scattered or unfocused strategy.

Their financials may not be as strong as competitors, or the company could be diluting its share price so much that it’ll be borderline impossible for shareholders to reap the rewards in the long run.

Heck, they may simply have a crazy high valuation… even by cannabis stock standards!

In fact, without giving too much away, it may stun you to learn…

One of them is actually one of the biggest players in the entire industry… and if you’ve followed the industry even casually, you’ve definitely heard its name (and may even already own shares!).

I also found six marijuana companies that I’ll be keeping an eye on over the coming months, which will make up my designated “Watch List” stock category.

I like all six of these stocks and think each one has a good deal of potential, but for various reasons I’m not quite ready to officially designate them as BUY recommendations within Marijuana Mavericks.

You may be surprised to find that perhaps the most famous player in the entire marijuana industry resides in this category… as does one of the best-performing marijuana stocks over the past few years.

Should something happen with any of the companies to make me change my mind, though, I’ll be sure to let you know ASAP so you can take action.

Add everything up so far, and you’re looking at 20 recommendations the second you join Marijuana Mavericks!

That’s 10 BUY recommendations… (seven “pure plays” and three “picks and shovels” companies)

Four AVOID or OVERRATED companies…

And six WATCH LIST stocks that I’m keeping my eye on… and could promote to a BUY at any moment.

All 20 are waiting on our private, members-only website as we speak.

But while a boatload of stock recommendations all delivered on Day 1 is great and I’m thrilled that we’re doing it, they don’t necessarily provide much of a foundation in understanding the marijuana industry itself.

And if you are going to join me in investing in such a complex, volatile, and, yes, potentially risky market like cannabis, you need to be armed with a certain baseline of knowledge.

Which is why in addition to those 20 recommendations (and accompanying write-ups) that I just mentioned, you’ll also receive an arsenal of exclusive, never-before-read special reports commissioned specifically for Charter Members of Marijuana Mavericks.

Smoke Out! 6 Massive Marijuana Growth Opportunities That Have Nothing to Do with Smoking

If your impression of the legalized marijuana industry is nothing more than recreational smoking, this report will have you thinking twice.

Inside, you’ll discover half a dozen additional growth drivers to the marijuana industry, such as…

Growth Opportunity No. 1 The surprising “kick start” that marijuana companies will actually get a year after legalization occurs. With 28% of Canadians using this form of marijuana illegally at present, it could basically be like its own industry entirely!

Growth Opportunity No. 2 Couch potatoes will love this one. So will investors, provided they know which companies to look at.

Growth Opportunity No. 3A surprising niche industry for hobbyists that could spark some serious upside.

Growth Opportunity No. 4 What’s looking like a truly massive side industry dedicated to the safety and security of the cannabis industry, which many investors aren’t currently accounting for.

Growth Opportunity No. 5 Will be fueled from growth by millennials and other tech lovers.

Growth Opportunity No. 6 Likely the largest opportunity of all six that you’ll find here, related to an increased usage of marijuana as a wellness treatment.

World of Weed: Why the Global Marijuana Market is Poised to Explode

While legalization is obviously an exciting mile marker, the weed world isn’t all about Canada.

And in order for some of the companies you’ve seen me talk about today to fulfill some of their lofty expectations, they’ll need to have success globally.

In this international-focused report, you’ll uncover…

Why estimates show that both the North American and global markets for cannabis expect to skyrocket by 400% within the next decade alone.

Why that growth figure is so difficult to project for the marijuana industry, and why it may mean that the industry is actually far bigger than anybody knows.

The surprising reason Germany’s recently legalized medical marijuana hasn’t taken off like it was expected to (and why that actually looks like a good thing for investors like us!).

The spiteful squeeze the U.S. has put on Uruguayan banks in order to hold their fully legalized marijuana industry down.

And because of that, why all roads to international growth lead back to the U.S. eventually legalizing marijuana.

The downright shocking chart that shows why we could see U.S. legalization far sooner than anybody expects.

Reefer Rules: Everything You Must Know About the Crazy World of Marijuana Accounting

Think you have a solid grasp of accounting?

Talk to me again after reading this report, which walks you through the complexities (some may say insanities) of Canadian marijuana accounting.

Like how companies can actually report higher profits than revenue.

Why “biological accounting” can lead to having to take a “leap of faith” when assessing a marijuana company’s finances (especially when they’re in hyper growth mode!).

How “growing capacity” is linked to “profits” in the strangest way you can possibly imagine.

What “fair value” accounting is… and why it could have YOU valuing marijuana companies DEAD WRONG!

Why to avoid “net income” at all costs… and which metric to focus on instead.

The reason these specific accounting practices essentially make comparing Canadian and U.S. marijuana companies an apples-to-oranges situation.

Head Shop: Who Will Win the Race to Become the First Marijuana Conglomerate?

Marijuana megacompanies? It may be hard to imagine right now, but just like any industry, consolidation is inevitable.

And as companies inevitably gobble each other up, we’ll likely see some true behemoths out there sooner rather than later.

Why growing licenses project to more than double from 84 to more than 200 once legalization day comes and goes, bringing a bunch of small fish into the pond.

The three big Canadian pure play marijuana companies that will likely be leading the feeding frenzy to gobble those fish up.

Why alcohol companies have a major interest in acquiring marijuana companies going forward.

The massive beer and wine conglomerate that has already taken a piece in the top marijuana company in the world… and may just end up devouring them whole.

How tobacco and big pharma companies will be looking to protect their territory in this “new world order.”

Precisely which “big fish” companies to target in this inevitable consolidation world.

The specific traits you need to look for when identifying potential cannabis takeover candidates.


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