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5 Stocks for Building Wealth After 50

Thanks for taking the time to access my special investor’s report. My name’s Iain Butler and I’m the Lead Advisor of a service called Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada.

Here at Motley Fool Canada, we believe it’s never too late to start building your fortune in the stock market. Here are five stocks we’re recommending today (no matter how old you are!):

Canadian National Railway, TSX: CNR
An industrial sector stalwart, this railroad is as blue as blue chips come in the Canadian market. It is an ideal holding for all long-term-focused investors. With a best-in-class rail network that connects three coasts in North America and utilizes more than 20,000 route miles of track, Canadian National Railway is the owner of an irreplaceable asset in an industry with difficult barriers to entry. We see loads of opportunities ahead, which should ensure that double-digit returns on capital continue for years to come.

Nutrien, TSX: NTR
This company’s integrated model gives it a significant advantage over its peers while taking advantage of a theme that will never disappear: Humans need to eat. With an under-appreciated, growing network of retail outlets and free cash set to increase substantially, Nutrien’s business model offers a degree of stability, as well as a competitive edge not available amongst its peers.

Bank of Nova Scotia, TSX: BNS
One of the Big Five Canadian banks, Scotia also offers international exposure primarily through its presence in Latin America. It’s a wonderful business at a very fair price. Consider this a stock you can feel good about putting more than 5% of your portfolio into and not give it another thought for the next decade.

Constellation Software, TSX: CSU
Constellation engages in the development, installation, and customization of software to various markets around the world. What’s more, its CEO, Mark Leonard, is one of the top 10 CEOs in the world that you’ve never heard of. He’s proven to be a superior acquirer of businesses, an exceptional manager, and treats his passive shareholders as true partners in this venture. Constellation acquires about 40 smaller businesses each year and lets them operate in an unusually decentralized manner. As it turns out, we at the Fool have something in common with Mr. Leonard. He prefers to buy whole companies with formidable moats run by passionate founders, and so do we. That’s why we strongly recommend adding shares of Constellation Software to your portfolio.

Brookfield Infrastructure, TSX: BIP.UN
Brookfield Infrastructure is one of the largest owners and operators of infrastructure assets in the world, meaning they own behind-the-scenes (yet highly valuable) assets like transmission towers, toll roads, railroads, ports, and pipelines that are virtually essential to day-to-day life. The privatization of global infrastructure of the sort that Brookfield owns provides a healthy flow of opportunity, and the financial backing provided by the Brookfield family is second to none. The company has a current portfolio that’s well suited to generate strong, inflation-protected cash flows, but it’s the acquisitions and developments they have on the horizon that has us positively giddy. This is a stock that warrants a place in nearly any investor’s portfolio.

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Disclosure: Returns are updated during market hours. David Gardner owns shares of MercadoLibre. Iain Butler owns shares of Nutrien Ltd. and Shopify. Tom Gardner owns shares of Shopify and The Trade Desk. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends MercadoLibre, Shopify, The Trade Desk, and Veeva Systems. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.