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By: Jordan DiPietro

The days of easy income from bonds, savings accounts, and CD’s have vanished.

And with talking heads on Bay Street barking at investors to buy any old stock that pays a dividend (whether it’s a good company or not!), many investors are unknowingly diving head first into some of the priciest and most obvious dividend stocks – in search of whatever profits they can ring out.

For retirement investors, whether it’s picking up flat dividend stocks, chasing after the hype of penny stocks, or going bust on high-flying tech stocks – simple mistakes could be cutting your retirement income off at the knees.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for the best dividend stocks out there.

In fact, everyone from John D. Rockefeller to Mark Cuban have proclaimed the importance of buying great stocks that own dividends.

And academic research has clearly illustrated that dividend payers have outperformed non-dividend payers.

Just take a look at this striking table

Consider this:

If you invested $10,000 and earned 7% annually on your money and never took any withdrawals, in 50 years you’d have roughly $4 million.

If you’d have earned a measly 2% more by investing in dividend paying stocks, in the same 50 year time frame, you’d have over $8 million.

That’s roughly double your wealth!

There’s a misconception amongst investors that dividend stocks have to be boring. The Motley Fool’s proved that’s not the case.

Fortunately, our new report makes it easy for investors to set themselves up with a portfolio of highly vetted dividend stocks – each of which the team has identified for their belief that these stocks have potential to skyrocket through 2016 and the years beyond, while maintaining a healthy flow of income for their investors.

The report carries a $49 value, but luckily is free to members. (Bonus, we’re currently offering discounted memberships to Stock Advisor Canada for $79 per yearabout 70% off the list price).

Not a bad price for the chance to take control of your financial future, especially when you consider it includes access to every single one of their exclusive stock picks– and all of those dividend stocks that can still crush the market.

Make 2016 the year you turn your portfolio into a retirement monster and grab these dividend gems before they may skyrocket.

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