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STOP PRESS: We’ve doubled our exposure to a company that the market has virtually given up on, even though in our eyes, the future’s as bright as it ever was.

By: Iain Butler

I’ll be quick here because I don’t want you to risk missing out.

Stock Advisor Canada, a stock-picking service that I head up, just doubled its exposure to a high growth, U.S. company.

What do we mean “doubled its exposure”?

Stock Advisor Canada Lead Advisor, Iain Butler

It’s when our team finds a company that’s so unique and remarkable that we pound the table and recommend our members buy it for a second time.

Such occurrences are rare in the history of Stock Advisor Canada… after all, we’re a rather picky bunch! The last one occurred back in December, and we’ve only ever done it on a handful of occasions during our two and a half years in operation.

See, when The Motley Fool doubles its exposure to a recommendation inside Stock Advisor Canada it pays to take notice… Because the last time we did it, back in December, the company has gone on to trounce the market, booking a return of 36.7% vs. 7.2% for the S&P/TSX Composite. Take that!

Had you invested just $5,000 the last time we made a call like this, you’d already be sitting on $6,835, a cool $1,835 richer….in less than 6-months!

Gains like that could literally pay for a lifetime membership to Stock Advisor Canada given the nominal annual subscription fee that we charge.

But please note: as of right now, you could miss out because you don’t have access to Stock Advisor Canada and this most recent recommendation.

You see, we only release these stock picks to members of the Stock Advisor Canada advisory service.

Lucky for you, it’s not too late to join to get the full story on this remarkable company.

Yet, I must reiterate that opportunities of this magnitude are rare.

So join today and hear about not just this, but ALL of the recommendations we’ve made thus far.