Special Investigation: The Dawn of the T288 Era

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In the video above, Motley Fool Money host Chris Hill details why Project T288 could become technology’s next “Holy Grail”…

A never-before-seen device our experts consider so powerful and forward-looking in its design that its impact could surpass that of history’s most revolutionary technologies – like the Internet or the iPhone.

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3 important things to know about this event…

We’ve called this Special Investigation event for a simple reason: to help investors like you get our full research and position your portfolio BEFORE the release of a device that could be technology’s biggest event in a generation.

We know your time is valuable, so here’s a taste of what you’ll hear about during this exclusive one-time event…

Senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker leads an information-packed presentation on what Project T288 is, and why the technology is so revolutionary.

For the FIRST time, Eric outlines the exact breakthroughs he believes could lead to a “once in a generation” moment… And why investors could have just months before this revolutionary technology is complete.

And Eric will reveal the details behind The Motley Fool Canada’s full game plan for investors who want to position their portfolios and invest in companies our experts think are primed for a “golden age” of technology.

But please note: “Special Investigation: The Dawn of the T288 Era” is a timely event built to take advantage of buying opportunities before this rare moment and will be available for one day only.

You must tune in before 11:59 p.m. tonight to get the full details on what could be 2019’s biggest story. Once the clock strikes midnight tonight, we will be closing access to this timely event.

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Disclosure: This event was filmed in front of a paid audience. The Motley Fool, LLC recommends shares of Apple, Cognex, Universal Display, and NVIDIA. David Gardner owns shares of Apple. Eric Bleeker owns shares of Apple, Cognex, NVIDIA, and Universal Display. Jason Moser owns shares of Apple. Motley Fool Canada owns shares of NVIDIA. Motley Fool Canada recommends shares of Cognex and NVIDIA.

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*Data as of 06/12/2019.