13 Steps To Financial Freedom

Welcome to your ticket to financial freedom!  The kind of freedom where you are truly in control of your finances, free to enjoy your money and free from worrying about it.

Step 1: Change Your Life With One Calculation

If there were an eighth wonder of the world, we'd nominate the equation for compound interest.

Step 2: Trade Wisdom for Foolishness

When you're plying your trade in the investment world, calling yourself Foolish (note the capital "F") is normally inadvisable. As you've probably surmised, we think quite the opposite.

Step 3: Treat Every Dollar as an Investment

A Foolish take on the old adage "Pay Yourself First".

Step 4: Open and Fund Your Accounts

Any money you need in the next month, five months, or five years does not belong in the stock market.

Step 5: Avoid The Biggest Mistake Investors Make

Avoid a $10 billion investing mistake.

Step 6: Discover Great Businesses

Finding great stock ideas is as simple as opening your eyes.

Step 7: Buy Your First Stock

Hey, we're just as excited as you are that you're ready to be a stock owner. But before you go knocking on Mr. Market's door, bearing cash and gusto, let's keep some perspective.

Step 8: The Great Dividend Tax Advantage

A basic understanding of how the stocks you own will be taxed.

Step 9: Cover Your Assets

The Fool's four rules for asset allocation will help you slice up your portfolio.

Step 10: Invest Like The Masters

Growth, value, international. Which style is right for you? If you're a Fool, you happily blend together all three!

Step 11: Don't Sell Too Soon

When should I sell?

Step 12: Retire In Style

Can you afford the retirement of your dreams?

Step 13: Pay It Forward

Now you can help others do the same by passing on the important money lessons you've learned.