The Motley Fool Canada Investing Team

Iain Butler (TMFOhCanada)
Chief Investment Advisor, Motley Fool Canada
Fool since 2012

Iain Butler, CFA, is the Chief Investment Advisor for Motley Fool Canada and the lead advisor on its flagship Stock Advisor Canada product. Before joining the Fool, Iain was a “buy-side” analyst, well-versed in the idiosyncratic ways of the Canadian market.

His investing interests are centred on scouring the market for interesting businesses that trade at reasonable prices and offer an appealing risk/reward relationship. Since joining the Fool in 2012, Iain dedicates each day to spreading Foolishness throughout this great country!

Jim Gillies (TMFCanuck)
Senior Analyst, Motley Fool Canada
Fool since 2005

Jim Gillies is a senior analyst for Motley Fool Canada, and the lead advisor of Hidden Gems Canada. A dyed-in-the-wool value investor and lover of small equities, Jim Gillies also supplements his prudent portfolio with opportunistic options strategies. He believes that if you can’t tell a story with numbers, it’s probably not worth telling.

When not playing with financial matters, he’s honing his amateur chef skills, mashing around the country on one of his bikes, or futilely anticipating the return to glory of the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Islanders (it’s been a long wait).

Nate Parmelee (TMFDoraemon)
Senior Analyst, Motley Fool Canada
Fool since 2004

A Fool since 2004, Nathan currently works as a co-advisor of Motley Fool Fintech Fortunes and as a senior analyst for Motley Fool Canada. He previously served as a co-advisor of Motley Fool Global Gains and as an advisor of Share Advisor and Pro for Motley Fool UK. Nate believes owning good businesses at good prices is what matters most, so he has a tough time sticking to the style, market-cap, and geographic boundaries so commonly used in investing.

When he’s not researching companies and crunching numbers, Nate enjoys spending time with his family, going to the gym, building furniture, and watching anything Boston sports related.


Nick Sciple (TMFProcess)
Analyst, Motley Fool Canada
Fool since 2018

Nick is a native of Mobile, Alabama. Before joining the Fool, he attended the University of Alabama for both undergrad and law school, where he built on his lifetime fandom for college sports.

In law school, a close friend suggested that he read Peter Lynch’s One Up on Wall Street. From there, he was hooked on investing, which combined the analytical skills he learned in law school with his lifelong love for probability-based games like poker and sports betting (with MUCH better odds). From there, he found the Motley Fool suite of podcasts and the rest is history. Before joining Fool Canada in June 2021, Nick spent 3 years as an editor and bureau chief for covering tech, energy, and industrial topics.

Buck Hartzell (TMFBuck)
Co-Advisor Fintech Fortunes, Motley Fool Canada
Fool since 1998

Having grown up in a family business, Buck developed an interest in compounding money early in life. He is forever indebted to his mother for introducing him to investing at the age of five. Buck earned a B.A. in Sociology from McDaniel College and an MBA from Wake Forest University. In 1998, he became a full-time Fool, initially working in the Fool’s technology department. He went on to develop and lead the Fool’s analyst development program for several years.

While he still enjoys teaching and learning from the Fool’s newest analysts, the bulk of his time is spent as an advisor on our Fintech Fortunes service and as a regular contributor to several Canadian premium services. His Motley core value is, “Be Learning, Always.”