Motley Fool Canada Premium Services

Entry-Level Services

Get to know The Motley Fool through these foundational offerings


Stock Advisor is our flagship stock recommendation service.
  • 2 stock picks a month - One from Canada, one from US.
  • Best Buys Now - Our 5 timely buys chosen from over 150 stocks.
  • List of "Starter Stocks" - Foundational recs for new and experienced investors.
  • Members-only forums
  • Community and investing resources Access to educational materials and the world’s greatest community of investors.


Dividend Investor is tailored to those looking for high-yield opportunities.
  • 1 new, high-conviction Canadian pick - Released each month
  • Bonus "Wild Card" pick from the US - Released each quarter
  • Our dividend stock watch list
  • Members-only forums
  • Community and investing resources Access to educational materials and the world’s greatest community of investors.


Hidden Gems concentrates on smaller Canadian and US companies, typically valued under $5 billion CAD.
  • 2 high-conviction small-cap stock recommendations- Released each month, one from Canada, one from US.
  • Selection of "Best Buy Now" stocks - Released monthly
  • Annual list of "Starter Stocks"
  • Members-only forums
  • Community and investing resources Access to educational materials and the world’s greatest community of investors.


Rule Breakers focuses on uncovering great companies early in their high-growth stages.
  • 2 high-conviction growth stock recommendations- Released each month from the U.S.
  • 6 Canadian growth stock recommendations per year
  • Members-only forums
  • Community and investing resources Access to educational materials and the world’s greatest community of investors.


Access multiple Motley Fool services with one easy membership

Epic Bundle combines four foundational stock-investing services into one, Stock Advisor Canada, Dividend Investor Canada, Rule Breakers Canada and Everlasting Stocks:
  • You can only access Everlasting Stocks a portfolio of Motley Fool CEO's personal stock holdings, inside Epic Bundle.
  • Weekly stock recommendations (ranging from small to large-cap stocks)
  • On-going coverage of prior recommendations from all included services
  • Access to Motley Fool Live video stream weekdays from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET and 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. ET
BONUS: Apply any membership "credits" on your account against purchase price!


Master Pass: Small Caps grants you membership to the full breadth of small-cap research and microcap-focused services under one umbrella:
  • From our gateway service Hidden Gems Canada...
  • To our complete portfolio within Discovery Canada...
  • The smallest-of-the-small microcaps from Microcap Mission...
  • ... and the U.S.-focused picks of our Firecrackers service.
  • Access to Motley Fool Live video stream weekdays from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET and 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. ET
BONUS: Apply any membership "credits" on your account against purchase price!


Portfolio Services - Join Now!

Build your complete portfolio with the help of these model services, run by our expert analysts.

Get ready to invest in the small companies that we believe have the potential become the next generation of major winners. Each of the stocks in the Discovery Canada portfolio has been carefully vetted by our team of research analysts and has gone through a comprehensive approval process — and we can assure you that many companies failed to meet our rigorous standards. We’ll be investing The Motley Fool’s money alongside you. This portfolio contains stocks traded on the TSX as well as NYSE/Nasdaq.


Follow a bespoke Motley Fool investing strategy, specifically designed to hunt down some of the world’s most ambitious, determined, and visionary founder-leaders. It currently contains the research behind a 35+ high-potential founder led ‘buy’ recommendations. Each share has been selected in accordance with Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner’s rigorous ‘X-Factor’ investing system for evaluating founder CEOs. This portfolio contains stocks traded on the TSX as well as NYSE/Nasdaq.


Portfolio Services - Other

These services are currently active, but not open to new members at present. Stay tuned for future opportunities to join!

Learn the ropes of investing in promising companies... early in their growth cycle. In this service, Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner, along with his team of analysts, aim to find and invest in companies with the potential to grow their stocks 10 times in value — or “10-baggers,” in investing parlance.

The Motley Fool’s deep dive into “The Third Wave” of technology. Dive deep into our industry-expert analysts' coverage of companies that we believe will profit from the breakthroughs within the artificial intelligence space, as we build a portfolio for the next five years and beyond.

All The Motley Fool’s top augmented reality stocks in one solution! Designed to be your one-stop shop for all the biggest news and happenings in the augmented reality space, including regular updates on our recommended stocks, new recommendations as we uncover compelling investment ideas, and more!

Uncovering companies pushing forward the borders of life science. Biotech Breakthroughs is our service dedicated to the opportunities presented by investing in the exciting, world-changing biotech industry. We are constructing a portfolio that balances risk and reward in a way we expect to offer exceptional performance with acceptable risk.

Seek to maximize your returns to help your portfolio blast off to success. Access a collection of companies compiled by a team of our best growth-minded analysts that we think will provide you with maximum upside over the next 5-10 years.

Take advantage of the estimated $3.2 trillion potential market stemming from cloud computing. The Motley Fool’s ONLY service focused EXCLUSIVELY on maximizing this opportunity.

The Motley Fool's first-ever cryptocurrency-focused portfolio. In Digital Explorers, we’re aiming to find and invest in natively digital assets with 10x potential in six years. Join veteran Fool Bernd Schmid and our team of expert analysts as they venture into the world of crypto, to find long-term opportunities in this field. This portfolio contains solely digital asset recommendations, not stocks.

Highlighting companies at the forefront of the “EnergyTech” revolution. Energy Insider is our service dedicated to the burgeoning EnergyTech industry — we’re on the hunt for companies advancing beyond traditional oil and gas, making inroads in renewable energy, and developing transformative industry technology.

Take a peek into our portfolio that matches the public stock holdings Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner owns! Everlasting Portfolio is designed for investors laser-focused on the long-term horizon. Join Tom and his team of analysts as they go on the hunt for compelling companies to buy and hold. Access both the original Everlasting Portfolio AND the new Everlasting Portfolio 2021 all in once service.

A stock-picking service based on Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner's Everlasting investment philosophy. Using the strategies Tom employed to build his own portfolio (which is modeled in the complete Everlasting Portfolio), the Everlasting team of analysts offers 2 promising stock ideas per month, drawing on key themes such as founder-leaders, company culture, and pricing power.

Discover why Money 2.0 could transform our lives — and learn how you can get invested! These are the financial technology (fintech) companies we think are essential for the future of a cashless society.

A U.S. counterpart to Microcap Mission — chasing promising small-and microcap stocks primarily based in the U.S. Follow the U.S. team as they seek the opportunity to discover the best companies before Wall Street and other large institutional investors jump on the bandwagon!

Invest in the next key players in the entertainment industry. Get recommendations of our analysts' top stalwarts and up-and-coming media and entertainment companies, timely updates on the ever-evolving world of entertainment, regular monthly commentaries, and quarterly ranking updates.

Realize real income from your stock-market investments. The Income Investor team's goal is to help you construct a portfolio of dividend-paying companies that can deliver outsized total returns, while also paying you a steady, sizable income stream for the rest of your life.

The first Motley Fool service dedicated to building wealth through the initial public offering (IPO) market. The team plans to get in early on a small handful of winners that will drive the portfolio’s returns for years to come. The service is backed by US$1 million of Motley Fool LLC money over three years.

Our Foolish approach on investing in the booming cannabis industry. Our industry expert analysts provide recommendations and coverage for a basket of stocks curated from the emerging legal cannabis market. The Marijuana Masters team teaches how to seek exposure to everything from marijuana dispensaries to specific types of businesses that can indirectly profit immensely from the growing industry.

On the hunt for the most promising Canadian and U.S. microcaps — so we can catch growth stories early! Join our Canadian investing team as we dive deep for (majority-Canadian) microcap stocks that we believe have the potential to 10x… 50x… or even 100X! This portfolio contains stocks traded on the TSX as well as NYSE/Nasdaq.

Moneymakers is The Motley Fool’s only portfolio suite designed around what Warren Buffett has declared is his #1 investment factor: pricing power. Get access to four portfolios in one Motley Fool service, led by Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner and his proven investing team.

Our top stocks for the 5G supercycle, all in one place! Next-Gen Supercycle was built from the ground up to be a convenient and powerful resource for serious growth investors who want to receive The Motley Fool’s top 5G recommendations across all our newsletter services and research… in one central solution.

You can’t spell 'ownership' without 'owner.' Motley Fool CEO and co-founder Tom Gardner and his team of analysts are searching for stellar growth businesses run by leaders that treat their stakeholders like owners. The investing goal? Find stocks that they believe have the potential to deliver a 6x return over a decade.

Join the U.S. Millionacres team as they uncover key trends in the U.S. real estate market to help investors take full advantage of an estimated US$52 trillion opportunity in the wake of the early-2000s real estate craze. Access a portfolio of real estate plays within these major trends, along with special deep-dive research as it becomes available.

Aimed at building a market-beating portfolio with some of the market’s highest-upside U.S. small-cap and microcap stocks. The Rising Stars team is focusing on small companies they believe are capable of generating 6x returns over the next 10 years.

Finding hypergrowth stocks in this incredible tech niche. Learn how we’ve made 72-fold, 130-fold, even 304-fold gains by leveraging The Motley Fool’s proprietary “hypergrowth formula” to uncover cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service stocks!

FOUR portfolios, all competing to win the Showdown! Watch as Motley Fool CEO and co-founder Tom Gardner and three of his top-tier analysts build portfolios — using their own unique investing styles — each with the potential to triple in value over the next five years.

Don't want to focus on just one trend? Invest in a breadth of emerging opportunities. Join us as we hunt for companies on the vanguard of rising market trends today! While we won’t rule out any exceptional opportunities, a big focus for Trend-Spotter will be locating promising companies that are outside services such as Stock Advisor.

Value Hunters strives to identify high-quality U.S. businesses, estimate what they are worth, and then purchase shares at a discount to that value. These great businesses tend to grow stronger every day, and by focusing on their underlying business performance instead of short-term stock price gyrations, we allow the magic of compounding to work on our behalf.

The Metaverse is an opportunity unlike any we've seen in our lifetime. Join lead analyst Asit Sharma and team as they work to discover leading (and predominantly profitable) companies in the remote and hybrid space that are transforming the world. As we explore this revolution, our goal is to find companies with 2x potential over five years.