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Jonathan Chevreau

1 Essential Tip for Achieving Financial Freedom

Emergency situations are unexpected, and when they do crop up, you’ll need a liquid source of funds that aren’t subject to market fluctuations or... More »

2 Critical Steps Towards Financial Independence

We consider one other key concept and term that is a prerequisite to investing: saving. More »

Getting Out of Debt to Achieve Financial Independence

Financial independence won’t be achieved overnight, but getting out of debt is highly important. Follow these steps to begin getting out of debt today. More »

How Worried Should Investors Truly Be?

Jonathan discusses Howard Marks's ideas, such as striking a balance between aggressiveness and defensiveness in your portfolio. More »

If you like FANG stocks near their highs, you should love BAT stocks while China’s in a bear market

FANG famously stands for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google although some have added Apple to make it FAANG. More »

New Mutual Fund Advice Guidelines Underwhelm Advocates for Consumer Investors

Investors don’t need the CSA and the bank-dominated investment industry to defend their interests. More »

Tariffs, Trade Wars, NAFTA, and the Federal Budget: Not the Optimal Time to Overweight Canadian Stocks

What with a high-spending, fiscally lax federal budget and Trump-induced fears about tariffs and a global trade war, it’s little wonder Canadian investors are... More »

January Is TFSA Top-Up Time: How to Contribute the Maximum $5,500 Even if You Don’t Have “New” Money

Now in its 10th year, Canada’s TFSA program has rapidly become the most popular way to grow savings tax-free for short-term savings goals. More »

How Fools Can Play the Robo-Advisor Revolution Indirectly

Power Corporation of Canada (TSX:POW) is one way Foolish do-it-yourself investors can jump on the robo bandwagon without having to pay fees. More »

Lower Future Returns From Balanced Portfolios Means a Bull Market in Advice

If your financial advisor starts to warn you about lower returns from financial markets going forward, don’t be surprised. More »