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Jason Hoang

Warren Buffett Will Try to Do This 1 Thing if the Sell-Off Continues

A market crash and sell-off carve out new opportunities for long-term investors. Buying BCE Inc. stock could be one such opportunity during the current... More »

2 Dividend Stocks to Buy Low Now and Sell High Later

Buy the dip on Fortis stock and Suncor Energy stock and sell these stocks at a higher price in the future. More »

If the Stock Market Crash Continues, Buy These 2 Cheap Stocks

Consider buying Chesswood Group or Plaza Retail REIT if the current market crash goes on for a couple of months. More »

Retirees: 3 Ways to Rebuild Your Pension after a Market Crash

You can rebuild your pension post-market crash by re-assessing your holdings, reducing your expenses, and investing in a Dividend Aristocrat like Toronto-Dominion stock. More »

2 High-Yield Dividend Stocks Dropped Under $10 During Massive Market Selloff

The current market turbulence shouldn’t suppress your appetite for investing. Superior Plus Corp and Magellan Aerospace Corporation are two high yield dividend stocks that... More »

Millennials: Why This Market Crash Is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

As the old adage goes, “buy low, sell high”; now is the perfect time for millennials like you to invest in the stock market... More »

OAS Clawback: 2 Ways to Avoid Getting Your OAS Taken Away

Early RRSP withdrawals, along with the smart use of TFSA with a growth stock, can protect you from the OAS clawback.  More »

Canada Revenue Agency Says To Avoid These 2 Big TFSA No-Nos

While it is essential to avoid over-contributing and overtrading in the TFSA, it is equally important to grow it by investing in something like... More »

Retirees: 2 Tax Deductions You Might Have Missed This Year

Make sure to leverage the maximum tax deductions before filing your returns and funnel the saved money into relatively safe investments like Canada National... More »

3 Bank Stocks to Buy if They Get Hammered Any Lower

Bank stocks on the TSX are constantly dipping, carving out an opportunity for long-term investors to capitalize on the situation by buying RY stock,... More »