About APTV

Aptiv Plc is a technology and mobility architecture company, which engages in the business of designing and manufacturing vehicle components; providing electrical, electronic, and active safety technology solutions to the global automotive and commercial vehicle markets; and creating the software and hardware foundation for vehicle features and functionality. It operates under the Signal and Power Solutions; and Advanced Safety and User Experience segments. The Signal and Power Solutions segment focuses on the design, manufacture, and assembly of the vehicle’s electrical architecture including engineered component products, connectors, wiring assemblies, harnesses, cable management, electrical centers, hybrid high voltage, and safety distribution systems. The Advanced Safety and User Experience segments is involved in critical technologies and services to enhance vehicle safety, security, comfort, and convenience including sensing and perception systems, electronic control units, multi-domain controllers, vehicle connectivity systems, cloud-native software platforms, application software, autonomous driving technologies, and end-to-end DevOps tools. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.
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