NYSE:NPWR (Net Power)

About NPWR

NET Power Inc. is a clean energy technology company. The Company invents, develops, and licenses clean power generation technology. Its technology provides natural gas power with life cycle emissions that are 90% below combined cycle natural gas systems and in line with renewables coupled with batteries. Its technology captures over 97% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power generation. The Company works by combusting natural gas with pure oxygen in a combustor, producing CO2 and water. It mixes this with recirculated CO2 and uses it to spin a turboexpander, producing power. When the turboexpander exhaust cools, water and byproducts are removed. Its projects include First Utility- Scale Project and La Porte Test Facility. The First Utility- Scale Project is in the Permian West Texas, which captures approximately 860000 tons of CO2 per year.
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