TSX:ACD (Accord Financial Corp.)

About ACD

Accord Financial Corp. is a Canada-based commercial finance company serving clients throughout the United States and Canada. The Company operates six finance companies in North America, namely, Accord Financial Ltd. (AFL), Accord Financial Inc. (AFIC) and Accord Financial Canada Corp. (AFCC) in Canada, and Accord Financial, Inc. (AFIU), BondIt Media Capital (BondIt) and Accord Equipment Finance (AEF) in the United States. The Company¿s business principally involves asset-based lending by AFIC and AFIU, which entails financing or purchasing receivables on a recourse basis, as well as financing other tangible assets, such as inventory and equipment; equipment financing (leasing and equipment loans) by AEF and AFCC. AFCC also provides working capital financing to small businesses; film and media production financing by BondIt; and credit protection and receivables management services by AFL, which involves providing credit guarantees and collection services, generally without financing.
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