Here’s How You Get Motley Fool Dividend Investor Canada Picks at a Discount!

Find out about our picks for the most promising income-producing stocks in the market — at a discount.

Since January 2017, the Motley Fool Dividend Investor Canada service has made it its mission to provide Canadian investors with what we believe to be the single best Canadian dividend-paying stock on the market each month. And the performance of the picks that Dividend Investor Canada’s Bryan White and his team of experts have found has given investors roughly a 7 percentage point advantage over investing in the S&P/TSX Composite index in a short period of time. Below, we’ll show you how you can get access to the winning picks that this service has made — while paying far less than you’d ever think possible.

What makes Dividend Investor Canada picks so special

Motley Fool Dividend Investor Canada focuses on delivering dividend-paying stock recommendations that Bryan and his team think are the absolute best ideas in Canada at that moment. Each pick will feature a solid management team and a business strategy that they think is sustainable over the long run.

Every month, subscribers receive one recommendation of a stock that meet the Dividend Investor Canada criteria that the team believes has the potential to produce high long-term returns. They also have ongoing access to the service’s list of Wild Card stocks, which come out once every quarter and can cover a “dangerous” dividend payer, a U.S.-listed dividend payer or an emerging dividend payer. This quarterly release helps round out the regular recommendations that Dividend Investor Canada members can use to guide their investing decisions.

The true value of Dividend Investor Canada picks

A look at the top picks from Motley Fool Dividend Investor Canada really brings home the value that the service provides. The service’s first dividend-paying recommendation was Summit Industrial Income REIT (TSX:SMU.UN), an owner of a collection of ‘light’ industrial property with a strategic focus on the Greater Toronto Area. Combined with its current yield above 7%, the stock has delivered investors a total return of over 20% in less than a year, and the potential for further growth still exists within its industry.

Finally, its exposure to a wide range of renewable energy projects has helped Brookfield Renewable Partners (TSX:BEP.UN) deliver a total return of over 15% since January 2017. Looking forward, the Dividend Investor Canada team is confident that, with the guidance of Brookfield Asset Management (TSX:BAM.A), Brookfield Renewable Partners (and its current yield near 6%) can deliver market-beating gains for years to come.

How to access your discounted Dividend Investor Canada subscription

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*As of 6/15/2017