Here’s How You Get Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada Picks at a Discount!

Find out about our picks for the most promising stocks in the market — at a discount.

Since 2013, the Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada service has made it its mission to provide investors with a stream of stock recommendations each month that can help them build a robust portfolio for the long term, and the performance of the picks that Stock Advisor Canada’s Iain Butler and his team of experts have found has given investors roughly a 10 percentage point advantage over investing in the S&P/TSX Composite index. Below, we’ll show you how you can get access to the winning picks that this service has made — while paying far less than you’d ever think possible.

What makes Stock Advisor Canada picks so special

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada focuses on delivering both Canadian and U.S. stock recommendations that Iain and his team think are the absolute best ideas at that moment. Each pick will feature a solid management team and a business strategy that they think is sustainable over the long run.

Every month, subscribers receive two recommendations of stocks that meet the Stock Advisor Canada criteria and have the potential to produce high long-term returns. They also have ongoing access to the service’s list of Best Buy Now stocks, which are past recommendations that Iain and his team find to be of particular interest, due to a combination of business performance and attractive share valuation. This monthly list of the five most timely investing opportunities helps round out the regular  recommendations that Stock Advisor Canada members can use to guide their investing decisions.

The true value of Stock Advisor Canada picks

A look at the top picks from Motley Fool Stock Advisor Canada really brings home the value that the service provides. One of the service’s first U.S. recommendations was MercadoLibre  (NASDAQ:MELI), Latin America’s version of eBay(NASDAQ:EBAY). The stock has climbed almost 185% in a little more than three years, and the potential for further growth still exists in Latin America.

From its home turf of Canada, e-commerce upstart Shopify  (TSX:SHOP) has delivered for Stock Advisor Canada investors, climbing almost 280% in a year. While most investors were laser-focused on miners and the oil patch, Shopify has tapped into the surging opportunity that exists within the e-commerce industry.

Finally, the field of automating manufacturing facilities spawned the rise of Cognex  (NASDAQ:CGNX), whose machine vision systems have helped transform the factories and distribution centres of some of the world’s largest companies. With returns of almost 210% since January 2016, Cognex has successfully navigated ups and downs in its industry. Cognex’s dramatic share-price gains have persisted, and efforts to expand the scope of its offerings uses could produce even better gains in the future.

How to access your discounted Stock Advisor Canada subscription

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*Returns as of 6/15/2017

David Gardner owns shares of MercadoLibre. Tom Gardner owns shares of Shopify. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Cognex, eBay, MercadoLibre, and Shopify.