Fool Canada Analyst Q&A: Your Top Questions, Answered!

Come have a watch-and-listen to the wide-ranging exchange that was.

The Canadian investing team took to Zoom (NASDAQ:ZM) on Sept. 25 to answer your most pressing questions!


The questions answered in the above video include:

  • What three Canadian stocks do you recommend buying that have the greatest upside potential over the next 12 months?
  • What differences do you see in the direction of the stock market and its recovery between an elected Biden administration vs Trump Administration?
  • A lot of Canadians’ tech stocks are hot right now, what is your short/medium and long-term positions on Lightspeed compared to others?
  • What is the mid-term (5yr) expectation for Canadian banks? I’ve been shrugging off the downside because of the dividends.
  • Why doesn’t The Motley Fool concentrate on providing 5 exceptional services as opposed to the 20 that it now offers? Seem to be constantly flogging new hooks.
  • How come after you buy a subscription in order to receive investor information you have to buy another subscription to get any information
  • Suncor’s investors has going through a big loss in last month, and now it is under investigation by a few law firms. What’s your recommendations to the investor
  • Many times, MF tell us to do our own research; where can i learn to do that? How to interpret Ebitda, P/E… Could be a nice addition to the MF “How-to & faq.”
  • Are marijuana stocks a good buy? Is aphria a good buy under $6/share? What about canopy and aurora? Will they go up and when? What is price target?
  • What are your latest 5G recommendations?

Transcript coming soon!