Special Update: Our All-Hands Live Q&A Replay Now Available

In case you missed it, or wanted to circle back, a recording of last week’s all-hands discussion is now available.


Fellow Fools,

Our Canadian investing team took to Zoom (NASDAQ:ZM) last week and more than 500 Fools joined us in a rapid-fire question-and-answer session that lasted for about an hour or so. This was a first for us, and given the audience interest, definitely won’t be the last.

The thing about firsts is that there are lessons learned. The biggy for us was that the volume of questions far outmatched our ability to address in the allotted hour. We’d indicated on the broadcast that we’d corner the questions we couldn’t get to and provide written responses, however, when the broadcast ended, poof…..all of the unanswered questions disappeared along with it.

For those that we didn’t get to, our apologies. If it was a pressing issue, we certainly encourage you to head into the forums of our respective services and ask away. We’re always there. We feel badly however about providing an indication that we’d get to all questions and then having them unexpectedly evaporate.

Not to dwell. Plenty of insights surfaced and we appreciate the interest. Thanks to all that were able to join and we look forward to an improved experience next time around.

Enjoy the replay!

Foolishly yours,

Iain Butler, CFA
Chief Investment Adviser, Motley Fool Canada

Tom Gardner owns shares of Zoom Video Communications. The Motley Fool owns shares of Zoom Video Communications.