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Adam Levy

Google’s Coming for Your Checking Account

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Google’s Fitbit Acquisition Is All About Apple

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Facebook’s Slack Competitor Is Small, but Growing Quickly

Workplace by Facebook grew paid users 50% in eight months. More »

An Apple Services Bundle Could Be as Powerful as Amazon Prime

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Twitch Could Become Amazon’s YouTube

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Why Instagram’s New Snapchat Clone Is a Big Deal for Snap and Not a Big Deal for Facebook

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Amazon’s Alexa Is a Multibillion-Dollar Business

And the profit margin is fantastic. More »

Snap Wants to Compete With Facebook as a Source for News

Snap is in talks with media companies to create a dedicated news tab in Snapchat. More »

3 Reasons Apple TV+’s Price Is So Low

U.S. subscribers will pay just $4.99 per month for its big-budget productions. More »

New iPhone Pricing Is the Biggest News From Apple’s Event

The $50 price cut on the iPhone 11 is a huge strategic move by Apple. Here's why. More »