TSX Energy Sector

A list of all the TSX stocks in the energy sector.

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Energy stocks loom extra-large in the Canadian market, though they account for just one of the 11 Canadian stock market sectors. The energy sector includes oil, gas, and equipment companies. (Renewable energy companies are part of the utilities sector.)

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List of stocks in the Canadian (TSX) energy sector

(TSX:AAV)Advantage Energy
(TSX:AOI)Africa Oil
(TSX:AKT.B)Akita Drilling
(TSX:ARX)ARC Resources
(TSX:ATH)Athabasca Oil
(TSX:BTE)Baytex Energy
(TSX:BNG)Bengal Energy
(TSX:BIR)Birchcliff Energy
(TSX:BNE)Bonterra Energy
(TSX:CFW)Calfrac Well Services
(TSX:CNE)Canacol Energy
(TSX:CNQ)Canadian Natural Resources
(TSX:CJ)Cardinal Energy
(TSX:CET)Cathedral Energy Services
(TSX:CVE)Cenovus Energy
(TSX:CEU)CES Energy Solutions
(TSX:CDR)Condor Energies
(TSX:CGP)Crescent Point Energy
(TSX:CR)Crew Energy
(TSX:DML)Denison Mines
(TSX:EFR)Energy Fuels
(TSX:ESI)Ensign Energy Services
(TSX:E)Enterprise Group
(TSX:FCU)Fission Uranium
(TSX:FRU)Freehold Royalties
(TSX:FEC)Frontera Energy
(TSX:GXE)Gear Energy
(TSX:GEI)Gibson Energy
(TSX:GTE)Gran Tierra Energy
(TSX:HWX)Headwater Exploration
(TSX:HWO)High Arctic Energy Services
(TSX:ITE)i3 Energy
(TSX:IMO)Imperial Oil
(TSX:IPO)InPlay Oil
(TSX:IPOC)International Petroleum
(TSX:JOY)Journey Energy
(TSX:KEL)Kelt Exploration
(TSX:KEC)Kiwetinohk Energy
(TSX:KEI)Kolibri Global Energy
(TSX:LAM)Laramide Resources
(TSX:MCB)McCoy Global
(TSX:MGA)Mega Uranium
(TSX:NXE)NexGen Energy
(TSX:NOA)North American Construction Group
(TSX:NVA)NuVista Energy
(TSX:SFD)NXT Energy Solutions
(TSX:OBE)Obsidian Energy
(TSX:POU)Paramount Resources
(TSX:PXT)Parex Resources
(TSX:PSI)Pason Systems
(TSX:PPL)Pembina Pipeline
(TSX:PMT)Perpetual Energy
(TSX:PRQ)Petrus Resources
(TSX:PEY)Peyto Exploration & Development
(TSX:PHX)PHX Energy Services
(TSX:PEA)Pieridae Energy
(TSX:PNE)Pine Cliff Energy
(TSX:PPR)Prairie Provident Resources
(TSX:PSK)PrairieSky Royalty
(TSX:PD)Precision Drilling
(TSX:PSD)Pulse Seismic
(TSX:QEC)Questerre Energy
(TSX:RBY)Rubellite Energy
(TSX:SOIL)Saturn Oil & Gas
(TSX:SHLE)Source Energy Services
(TSX:SDE)Spartan Delta
(TSX:U.UN)Sprott Physical Uranium Trust
(TSX:STEP)STEP Energy Services
(TSX:SCR)Strathcona Resources
(TSX:SU)Suncor Energy
(TSX:SGY)Surge Energy
(TSX:TVE)Tamarack Valley Energy
(TSX:TRP)TC Energy
(TSX:TNZ)Tenaz Energy
(TSX:TVK)TerraVest Industries
(TSX:TWM)Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure
(TSX:TPZ)Topaz Energy
(TSX:TOT)Total Energy Services
(TSX:TXP)Touchstone Exploration
(TSX:TOU)Tourmaline Oil
(TSX:TCW)Trican Well Service
(TSX:URC)Uranium Royalty
(TSX:VLE)Valeura Energy
(TSX:VET)Vermilion Energy
(TSX:WRG)Western Energy Services
(TSX:WCP)Whitecap Resources
(TSX:YGR)Yangarra Resources

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