TSX Materials Sector

A list of stocks in Canada’s vast materials sector, including lumber, chemical, and mining companies.

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Materials is Canada’s largest market sector (based on the number of companies), thanks to the country’s wide array of natural resources. The Canadian materials sector includes mining companies, chemicals concerns, and construction and paper businesses.

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List of stocks in the Canadian (TSX) materials sector

5N Plus(TSX:VNP)
Acadian Timber(TSX:ADN)
Aclara Resources(TSX:ARA)
Agnico Eagle Mines(TSX:AEM)
AirBoss of America(TSX:BOD)
Alamos Gold(TSX:AGI)
Algoma Steel Group(TSX:ASTL)
Allied Gold(TSX:AAUC)
Almaden Minerals(TSX:AMM)
Almonty Industries(TSX:AII)
Alta Copper(TSX:ATCU)
Altius Minerals(TSX:ALS)
Americas Gold And Silver(TSX:USA)
Amerigo Resources(TSX:ARG)
Argonaut Gold(TSX:AR)
Aris Mining(TSX:ARIS)
Arizona Metals(TSX:AMC)
Arizona Sonoran pper(TSX:ASCU)
Ascendant Resources(TSX:ASND)
Ascot Resources(TSX:AOT)
Augusta Gold(TSX:G)
Aura Minerals(TSX:ORA)
Avalon Advanced Materials(TSX:AVL)
Avino Silver & Gold Mines(TSX:ASM)
Aya Gold & Silver(TSX:AYA)
Barrick Gold(TSX:ABX)
Belo Sun Mining(TSX:BSX)
Black Iron(TSX:BKI)
Calibre Mining(TSX:CXB)
Canagold Resources(TSX:CCM)
Canfor Pulp Products(TSX:CFX)
Capstone pper(TSX:CS)
Centamin PLC(TSX:CEE)
Centerra Gold(TSX:CG)
Champion Iron(TSX:CIA)
Chemtrade Logistics Inme Fund(TSX:CHE.UN)
China Gold International Resources(TSX:CGG)
Collective Mining(TSX:CNL)
Condor Gold PLC(TSX:G)
Conifex Timber(TSX:CFF)
Disvery Silver(TSX:DSV)
Dundee Precious Metals(TSX:DPM)
Dynar Group(TSX:DNG)
Eastern Platinum(TSX:ELR)
Era Resources PLC(TSX:ER)
Eldorado Gold(TSX:ELD)
Eloro Resources(TSX:ELO)
Endeavour Mining PLC(TSX:EDV)
Endeavour Silver(TSX:EDR)
Entree Resources(TSX:ETG)
Equinox Gold(TSX:EQX)
Erdene Resource Development(TSX:ERD)
Ero Copper(TSX:ERO)
Euro Sun Mining(TSX:ESM)
Excellon Resources(TSX:EXN)
Excelsior Mining(TSX:MIN)
Faraday Copper(TSX:FDY)
First Majestic Silver(TSX:FR)
First Mining Gold(TSX:FF)
First Quantum Minerals(TSX:FM)
Fora International SA(TSX:FAR)
Foran Mining(TSX:FOM)
Forsys Metals(TSX:FSY)
Fortuna Silver Mines(TSX:FVI)
Fortune Minerals(TSX:FT)
Freegold Ventures(TSX:FVL)
Fury Gold Mines(TSX:FURY)
G Mining Ventures(TSX:GMIN)
G2 Goldfields(TSX:GTWO)
Galiano Gold(TSX:GAU)
Gatos Silver(TSX:GATO)
Generation Mining(TSX:GENM)
Global Atomic(TSX:GLO)
Globex Mining Enterprises(TSX:GMX)
GoGold Resources(TSX:GGD)
Gold Mountain Mining(TSX:GMTN)
Gold Springs Resource(TSX:GRC)
Golden Minerals(TSX:AUMN)
GreenFirst Forest Products(TSX:GFP)
Horizonte Minerals PLC(TSX:HZM)
Hudbay Minerals(TSX:HBM)
i-80 Gold(TSX:IAU)
Imperial Metals(TSX:III)
International Tower Hill Mines(TSX:ITH)
Ivanhoe Electric(TSX:IE)
Ivanhoe Mines(TSX:IVN)
Jaguar Mining(TSX:JAG)
K92 Mining(TSX:KNT)
Karnalyte Resources(TSX:KRN)
Karora Resources(TSX:KRR)
Kinross Gold(TSX:K)
Labrador Iron Ore Royalty(TSX:LIF)
Liberty Gold(TSX:LGD)
Lithium Americas (Argentina)(TSX:LAAC)
Lithium Americas(TSX:LAC)
Lithium Royalty(TSX:LIRC)
Loncor Gold(TSX:LN)
Lucara Diamond(TSX:LUC)
Lundin Gold(TSX:LUG)
Lundin Mining(TSX:LUN)
Major Drilling Group International(TSX:MDI)
Mandalay Resources(TSX:MND)
Marimaca Copper(TSX:MARI)
McEwen Mining(TSX:MUX)
Meridian Mining UK Societas(TSX:MNO)
Mo Silver(TSX:MSV)
Mountain Prove Diamonds(TSX:MPVD)
Nano One Materials(TSX:NANO)
Neo Performance Materials(TSX:NEO)
Nevada Copper(TSX:NCU)
New Gold(TSX:NGD)
New Pacific Metals(TSX:NUAG)
NextSource Materials(TSX:NEXT)
NGEx Minerals(TSX:NGEX)
Nickel Creek Platinum(TSX:NCP)
Nio Developments(TSX:NB)
Northcliff Resources(TSX:NCF)
Northern Dynasty Minerals(TSX:NDM)
Novagold Resources(TSX:NG)
Novo Resources(TSX:NVO)
Orbit Garant Drilling(TSX:OGD)
Orea Mining(TSX:OREA)
Orezone Gold(TSX:ORE)
Orla Mining(TSX:OLA)
Orvana Minerals(TSX:ORV)
Osisko Gold Royalties(TSX:OR)
Osisko Mining(TSX:OSK)
Pan American Silver(TSX:PAAS)
Patriot Battery Metals(TSX:PMET)
Perpetua Resources(TSX:PPTA)
Perseus Mining(TSX:PRU)
Platinum Group Metals(TSX:PTM)
Prime Mining(TSX:PRYM)
Probe Gold(TSX:PRB)
Rupert Resources(TSX:RUP)
Sabre Gold Mines(TSX:SGLD)
Sandstorm Gold(TSX:SSL)
Scandium International Mining(TSX:SCY)
Seabridge Gold(TSX:SEA)
Serabi Gold(TSX:SBI)
Sherritt International(TSX:S)
Sierra Metals(TSX:SMT)
Signal Gold(TSX:SGNL)
Silver Bull Resources(TSX:SVB)
Silver Elephant Mining(TSX:ELEF)
Silver Metals(TSX:SVM)
SilverCrest Metals(TSX:SIL)
Skeena Resources(TSX:SKE)
Solaris Resources(TSX:SLS)
Solitario Resources(TSX:SLR)
St. Augustine Gold and pper(TSX:SAU)
Star Diamond(TSX:DIAM)
Starre International Mines(TSX:SAM)
Stelco Holdings(TSX:STLC)
Steppe Gold(TSX:STGO)
Sulliden Mining Capital(TSX:SMC)
Taiga Building Products(TSX:TBL)
Talisker Resources(TSX:TSK)
Talon Metals(TSX:TLO)
Taseko Mines(TSX:TKO)
Teck Resources(TSX:TECK.A)
Teck Resources(TSX:TECK.B)
Titan Mining(TSX:TI)
Torex Gold Resources(TSX:TGX)
Treasury Metals(TSX:TML)
Tree Island Steel(TSX:TSL)
Trilogy Metals(TSX:TMQ)
Triple Flag Precious Metals(TSX:TFPM)
Triple Flag Precious Metals(TSX:TFPM.U)
Troilus Gold(TSX:TLG)
Verde AgriTech(TSX:NPK)
Victoria Gold(TSX:VGCX)
Vista Gold(TSX:VGZ)
Vox Royalty(TSX:VOXR)
Wallbridge Mining(TSX:WM)
Wesdome Gold Mines(TSX:WDO)
West Fraser Timber(TSX:WFG)
Western Copper & Gold(TSX:WRN)
Western Forest Products(TSX:WEF)
Western Resources(TSX:WRX)
Wheaton Precious Metals(TSX:WPM)
Xanadu Mines(TSX:XAM)
Xtra-Gold Resources(TSX:XTG)
Yorbeau Resources(TSX:YRB)

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