Which Motley Fool Canada Service Is Right for Me?

Our mission at The Motley Fool is to help the world invest — better. As a result, we offer a range of premium investing services to match the needs of a broad range of temperaments and timelines, interests and investing attitudes.

You might well ask, though, how do you decide which Motley Fool Canada service is right for you?

Here’s a chart that helps describe how our three premium services complement each other.

Investable assets

As a rule of thumb, we generally recommend that the price of our services is less than or equal to 2%-3% of your investable wealth. This is a reasonable way to help you decide which service is better for you between Stock Advisor Canada, Dividend Investor Canada, Hidden Gems Canada, and Pro Canada.

In addition, within Pro Canada, we will be utilizing options that involve lots of 100 shares per contract. As a result, you should take the potential for a capital call of this magnitude into consideration if you wish to follow along step-by-step with our Pro Canada options recommendations (which isn’t absolutely necessary).


One of the key differentiators between Pro Canada and our other two services (Stock Advisor Canada and Dividend Investor Canada) is that Pro Canada incorporates options strategies into the service. These options are used in our own Foolish way with the intent of enhancing your portfolio’s returns through a mix of strategies aimed to make money in any market, relying on our years of investing experience and options acumen.

Our strategies are largely geared toward income generation (written puts, covered calls). However, if we are actually assigned the shares, in all likelihood, we will be happy about that due to the type of underlying businesses we choose to invest in.

One thing is for certain, though – we are never speculators. We’re primarily implementing our strategies over longer periods. Most important, we use options based on principles of Foolish investing: know the underlying company inside and out; study its business, competitors, and product lines; and of course, analyse its valuation.

What you get

Stock Advisor Canada offers two recommendations each month on a fixed schedule (the second and fourth Wednesday), one of which is from the Canadian market, while the other is from a major U.S. index. You also get the team’s selection of “Best Buys Now,” a handful of “Stocks on Our Radar,” and tons of other great investing information.

Dividend Investor Canada is designed with the explicit goal of leading Canadian investors to what we believe to be the single best Canadian dividend-paying stock on the market each month. In addition to our monthly recommendations, members will also have access to a wide range of dividend-focused reports, studies, articles, and commentaries — and will be given guidance on everything from how to know which dividend stocks to buy… to how to spot “dangerous” dividend payers.

At Hidden Gems, we specialize in finding and recommending small-cap companies that we believe offer meaningful capital gains potential. As such, we focus on investing in small-cap stocks (market capitalization of less than $2 billion). We prefer to hold stocks for at least three years, and, like Warren Buffett, our ideal holding period is forever. We also believe the best way to deal with individual company risks and volatility inherent in small-caps is for members to own at least 20 Hidden Gems Canada stocks.

Pro Canada puts together a wider range of investment ideas (small caps, larger companies, international stocks, and options) into an actual portfolio, backed by The Motley Fool’s own cash. As well as individual buy and sell recommendations, you get guidance on both the sizing of individual positions and diversification into a wide range of different industries and regions. There is no fixed schedule for when recommendations are made – trade alerts come in real-time, so you can act as quickly as we have a great idea! And – it’s possible that some of the stocks in the Pro Canada portfolio may also be recommendations Stock Advisor Canada, Dividend Investor Canada or Hidden Gems Canada, since our analysts are always sharing their best ideas.

Note that all three membership services are online-only, and we do not send out printed copies of our recommendations. However, all the web pages can be printed out if you want to digest our analysis at a more leisurely pace.

Finally, don’t forget that every Motley Fool product comes with a subscription guarantee.

If you’re relatively new to investing and unsure of where to start, we’d suggest looking at Stock Advisor Canada or Dividend Investor Canada first.

And if you’re still not sure which is right for you, fear not! All of our services come with a 30-day subscription-fee guarantee as standard. So if you join and subsequently feel it’s not what you need, just cancel within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your subscription, in full, with no quibbling.

We want you to be a member of the investing service that’s right for you.

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Happy Investing!

Team Fool Canada

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