BlackBerry Ltd. (TSX:BB)(Nasdaq:BBRY) showed off its latest technology in New York City last Thursday at the second annual BlackBerry Security Summit. The event featured several speeches by top executives, as well as some product demos.

So what was the top takeaway from the conference? And what does this mean for the company’s share price? Below we take a look.

A renewed focus

We all know by now that BlackBerry has drastically shifted its focus from handsets to software. As put by BlackBerry Chief Security officer David Kleidermacher, “If we would have had this event five years ago, it would have been all about keyboard screens and CPU speed.”

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for BlackBerry to build a strong brand in this space. Customers often want to maintain their privacy, so BlackBerry’s sales wins often remain hidden. Contrast this with the handset business of a few years ago, when most users were advocating for the brand.

So investors shouldn’t expect too much too soon from BlackBerry. If you’re counting on quick results now, you should sell your shares.

Security: A matter of life and death

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a lot of promise, but also comes with some major security concerns. This is especially true in the healthcare space.

BlackBerry gave attendees a sobering reminder of this during one of its product demonstrations. The company showed how a hacker could potentially access a wirelessly-connected infusion pump inside a hospital and remotely administer a lethal amount of morphine.

This isn’t the only example. Outside of healthcare, we’ve seen that self-driving cars can also be hacked. Needless to say, the stakes are a lot higher than just protecting data, making security that much more important.

BlackBerry is the undisputed leader in security, meaning it could have a big role to play in IoT. Its QNX operating system has already made a lot of progress in this space (especially in the automotive industry), but still hasn’t come close to reaching its potential.

So what does this all mean for BlackBerry’s stock price?

I have argued for a month that BlackBerry should be sold, and this is a perfect example why. An acquirer such as Samsung wouldn’t be hampered by the damaged BlackBerry brand, and could make great use out of assets like QNX.

But BlackBerry has no plans to sell itself at all. So for that reason, only very long-term oriented shareholders should even think about owning this stock. And even then, this name is so risky that you shouldn’t allocate more than a small slice of your savings to the company.

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