TSX Financials Sector

A list of all the TSX stocks in the financials sector, including banks, mortgage companies, insurers, payment networks, and financial services businesses.

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Financial stocks play a big role in the Canadian market. Financials is one category of the 11 Canadian stock market sectors, and it includes banks, mortgage companies, insurers, payment networks, and financial services businesses. Here’s a list of all the companies in the TSX financials sector.

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List of stocks in the Canadian (TSX) financials sector

(TSX:AAB)Aberdeen International
(TSX:FAP)abrdn Asia-Pacific Income Fund VCC
(TSX:ACD)Accord Financial
(TSX:AGF.B)AGF Management
(TSX:AGRI.U)Agrinam Acquisition
(TSX:AD.UN)Alaris Equity Partners Income Trust
(TSX:AI)Atrium Mortgage Investment
(TSX:AXIS)Axis Auto Finance
(TSX:BMO)Bank of Montreal
(TSX:BNS)Bank of Nova Scotia
(TSX:BNK.PRA)Big Banc Split
(TSX:PRM.PRA)Big Pharma Split
(TSX:RBN.UN)Blue Ribbon Income Fund
(TSX:ESP)Brompton Energy Split
(TSX:LCS)Brompton Lifeco Split
(TSX:SBC)Brompton Split Banc
(TSX:BAM)Brookfield Asset Management
(TSX:BBU.UN)Brookfield Business Partners
(TSX:BGI.UN)Brookfield Global Infrastructure Securities Income Fund
(TSX:BNRE)Brookfield Reinsurance
(TSX:CF)Canaccord Genuity Group
(TSX:BK)Canadian Banc
(TSX:CGI)Canadian General Investments
(TSX:CIQ.UN)Canadian High Income Equity Fund
(TSX:CM)Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
(TSX:LFE)Canadian Life Companies Split
(TSX:CWB)Canadian Western Bank
(TSX:EIT.UN)Canoe EIT Income Fund
(TSX:CHW)Chesswood Group
(TSX:CIX)CI Financial
(TSX:CVG)Clairvest Group
(TSX:YCM)Commerce Split
(TSX:CRWN)Crown Capital Partners
(TSX:CXI)Currency Exchange International
(TSX:DFY)Definity Financial
(TSX:DFN)Dividend 15 Split Corp
(TSX:DF)Dividend 15 Split Corp II
(TSX:DGS)Dividend Growth Split Corp
(TSX:DS)Dividend Select 15
(TSX:DLTC)Dominion Lending Centres
(TSX:ENS)E Split Corp
(TSX:ELF)E-L Financial
(TSX:ECN)ECN Capital
(TSX:ENI.UN)Energy Income Fund
(TSX:FFH)Fairfax Financial Holdings
(TSX:FIH.U)Fairfax India Holdings
(TSX:FGAA.U)FG Acquisition
(TSX:FSZ)Fiera Capital
(TSX:FTN)Financial 15 Split Corp
(TSX:FC)Firm Capital Mortgage Investment
(TSX:FN)First National Financial
(TSX:GLXY)Galaxy Digital Holdings
(TSX:GDV)Global Dividend Growth Split Corp
(TSX:GWO)Great-West Lifeco
(TSX:GCG)Guardian Capital Group
(TSX:MDS.UN)Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund
(TSX:HFPC.U)Helios Fairfax Partners
(TSX:HUT)Hut 8
(TSX:IAG)iA Financial
(TSX:IGM)IGM Financial
(TSX:INC.UN)Income Financial Trust
(TSX:IFC)Intact Financial
(TSX:LB)Laurentian Bank of Canada
(TSX:LBS)Life & Banc Split Corp
(TSX:XMF.A)M Split Corp
(TSX:MKZ.UN)Mackenzie Master LP
(TSX:MFC)Manulife Financial
(TSX:MKP)MCAN Financial Group
(TSX:MID.UN)MINT Income Fund
(TSX:NA)National Bank of Canada
(TSX:FFN)North American Financial 15 Split Corp
(TSX:OLY)Olympia Financial Group
(TSX:PTI.UN)PIMCO Tactical Income Fund
(TSX:PNP)Pinetree Capital
(TSX:POW)Power Corporation of Canada
(TSX:MMP.UN)Precious Metals and Mining Trust
(TSX:PIC.A)Premium Income
(TSX:PVD)Prime Dividend
(TSX:PRL)Propel Holdings
(TSX:QRC)Queen’s Road Capital Investment
(TSX:RS)Real Estate Split Corp
(TSX:RCG)RF Capital Group
(TSX:RY)Royal Bank of Canada
(TSX:SBN)S Split Corp
(TSX:SFT)Sagicor Financial
(TSX:SEC)Senvest Capital
(TSX:CEF)Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust
(TSX:PHYS)Sprott Physical Gold Trust
(TSX:SPPP)Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust
(TSX:PSLV)Sprott Physical Silver Trust
(TSX:STCK)Stack Capital Group
(TSX:SLF)Sun Life Financial
(TSX:PWI)Sustainable Power & Infrastructure Split Corp
(TSX:MSRE.UN)Sustainable Real Estate Dividend Fund
(TSX:XTD)TDb Split Corp
(TSX:TD)The Toronto-Dominion Bank
(TSX:TF)Timbercreek Financial
(TSX:X)TMX Group
(TSX:TXT.UN)Top 10 Split Trust
(TSX:TSU)Trisura Group
(TSX:UNC)United Corporations
(TSX:FTU)US Financial 15 Split Corp
(TSX:WCM.A)Wilmington Capital Management

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