TSX Industrial Sector

A list of industrial companies that trade on the TSX, Canada’s main stock market.

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Companies in the TSX market sector for industrials include airlines and machinery and construction businesses.

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List of stocks in the Canadian (TSX) industrial sector

(TSX:ARE)Aecon Group
(TSX:AFN)Ag Growth International
(TSX:AC)Air Canada
(TSX:ALC)Algoma Central
(TSX:AND)Andlauer Healthcare Group
(TSX:BDGI)Badger Infrastructure Solutions
(TSX:BLDP)Ballard Power Systems
(TSX:BDT)Bird Construction
(TSX:BDI)Black Diamond Group
(TSX:BBU.UN)Brookfield Business Partners LP
(TSX:BUI)Buhler Industries
(TSX:CWL)Caldwell Partners International
(TSX:CGY)Calian Group
(TSX:CNR)Canadian National Railway
(TSX:CP)Canadian Pacific Kansas City
(TSX:CHR)Chorus Aviation
(TSX:DCM)DATA Communications Management
(TSX:DXT)Dexterra Group
(TSX:DRT)Dirtt Environmental Solutions
(TSX:DIV)Diversified Royalty
(TSX:DBM)Doman Building Materials Group
(TSX:EFN)Element Fleet Management
(TSX:EIF)Exchange Income
(TSX:EXRO)Exro Technologies
(TSX:FTT)Finning International
(TSX:FTG)Firan Technology Group
(TSX:GDI)GDI Integrated Facility Services
(TSX:GFL)GFL Environmental
(TSX:GRN)Greenlane Renewables
(TSX:HMM.A)Hammond Manufacturing
(TSX:HPS.A)Hammond Power Solutions
(TSX:ISV)Information Services
(TSX:KBL)K-Bro Linen
(TSX:KLS)Kelso Technologies
(TSX:LPEN)Loop Energy
(TSX:MAL)Magellan Aerospace
(TSX:MTL)Mullen Group
(TSX:PYR)PyroGenesis Canada
(TSX:RBA)RB Global
(TSX:RUS)Russel Metals
(TSX:SES)Secure Energy Services
(TSX:ATRL)SNC-Lavalin Group
(TSX:GRID)Tantalus Systems Holding
(TSX:TFII)TFI International
(TSX:LEV)Lion Electric
(TSX:TRI)Thomson Reuters
(TSX:TTNM)Titanium Transportation Group
(TSX:TIH)Toromont Industries
(TSX:WCN)Waste Connections
(TSX:WTE)Westshore Terminals Investment

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