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New $13,000 CERB Extensions: No Canadian Left Behind

The Justin Trudeau government left no Canadian behind in its new CERB extensions EI and CRB. The new benefits can give you up to... More »

CERB Extension: All You Need to Know About the $2,000 EI

The Justin Trudeau government has made the EI more accessible and generous with a minimum benefit of $2,000 a month for 6.5 months. Wait!... More »

Justin Trudeau’s CERB Extension Took the Form of CRB/EI

The most anticipated CERB extensions are here. However, this time it is not an extension of eight weeks or four weeks but a full... More »

CERB Extension: All You Need to Know About the $2,000 CRB

The CRA has surprised Canadians by bringing a 26-week CERB extension in the form of CRB. Here is your complete guide to the $2,000... More »

CERB Extension: Here’s How You Should Choose the Right CRA COVID-19 Benefit

The CRA has extended the CERB beyond the unemployment benefit. It is also giving sickness and caregiving benefits. Choose your CRA COVID-19 benefits wisely.  More »

CRA: CERB Extension Just Averted Another Stock Market Crash

After the March sell-off, the stock market rallied as much as 30% on the back of liquidity the CERB provided. The CERB extensions CRB... More »

How to Transition From CERB to EI

The Justin Trudeau government has brought back EI and matched its benefits with CERB. Before you transition to EI, make sure to compare the... More »

Stock Market Investing: It Takes $100 a Week to Make $1 Million

Investing in the stock market is all about diversifying your risk, buying future growth, and selling future losses. If you understand this trick, you... More »

Hooray! Justin Trudeau Government Increases CRB/EI to $500 a Week

The Justin Trudeau government has passed the legislation for the new recovery benefits. The legislation will match the EI/CRB payments with the CERB at... More »

Air Canada (TSX:AC) Stock: How to Make Money From the Dip

Air Canada (TSX:AC) stock fell 19% last week to $15.8. Should you buy the stock at the dip? It depends on your risk appetite. More »