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Evan Niu, CFA

Apple Will Continue Licensing Acquired Intel Patents

While committing to licensing essential patents, the Mac maker takes some not-so-subtle shots at Qualcomm. More »

Apple Could Help Goldman Sachs Grab a Piece of This $18.5 Billion Market

iPhone customers will soon be able to finance their purchases through Apple Card. More »

Strategy Analytics: Apple Shipped 10.1 Million iPads in Q3

Amazon also saw tablet sales surge thanks to Prime Day. More »

Google Has Made an Offer to Buy Fitbit

It's time to kill off Wear OS. More »

Amazon Continues to Grow Search Ad Market Share

Consumers increasingly head straight to Amazon when looking to buy something instead of Googling it. More »

Apple’s Augmented Reality Headset May Be Closer Than You Think

A respected analyst thinks the product could launch in the first half of 2020. More »

Apple’s Shazam Users Jumped in 2018

Meanwhile, the Mac maker's music streaming service is starting to grow faster. Coincidence? More »

Goldman Sachs: Apple’s 5G iPhone Might Underwhelm

The average consumer might not be able to tell the difference. More »

Apple’s Bundling Ambitions Hit a Roadblock

The Mac maker needs to get record labels on board to bundle Apple Music with other services. More »

Facebook Wants to Sell Portals to the Enterprise

The social networking company is integrating Workplace into its video-calling devices. More »