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Karen Thomas, MSc, CFA

Karen is a stock market enthusiast focused on uncovering those stocks that she believes the market has mispriced. She does this through fundamental and quantitative analysis of companies and their industries, as well as a study of future opportunities and trends. She holds a Masters degree in Finance, the CFA designation, and has over 20 years of experience in the investment management industry. Having worked at a major pension fund, as well as two leading mutual fund firms as an analyst and portfolio manager, she has solid investing expertise which she aims to share with her readers.

Why SNC-Lavalin (SNC) Stock Price Lagged the TSX Index by 89% in March

The SNC-Lavalin (SNC) stock price continues to suffer from investor apathy as well as the effects of the coronavirus shutdowns and economic consequences. More »

Why the Fortis Stock Price Beat the TSX by 100% in March

The Fortis stock price benefits from its defensive utilities business that is essential for everyday living and invaluable in times of crisis. More »

Toronto-Dominion Bank’s (TSX:TD) Stock Price Beat the TSX by 29% in March

Toronto-Dominion Bank's stock price outperformed the TSX index as one of Canada's leading banks, providing long-term safety and dividend income. More »

Canopy Growth Stock Lagged the TSX by 5.7% in March

Canopy Growth stock price underperformed the TSX Index in March as investors have low risk tolerance and are looking for safety. More »

BlackBerry Stock Price Beat the TSX in March

Blackberry stock price continues to show potential through this crisis as Blackberry's diversified business continues to be free cash flow positive. More »

Why Dollarama’s (TSX:DOL) Stock Price Beat the TSX Index by 94% in March

Clear outperformance of Dollarama’s stock price in March was the result of the company's defensive, consumer staples business. More »

Why Air Canada Stock Price Lagged the TSX by 207% in March

The Air Canada stock price is in the midst of its biggest crisis ever, and as the company struggles to survive, a recovery remains... More »

Why Enbridge Stock Price Lagged the TSX by 1.7% in March

Enbridge stock underperforms on energy sector woes, but a generous dividend yield and defensive business make the stock very attractive today. More »

Why Loblaw’s (TSX:L) Stock Price Rose 9.1% in March

Loblaw’s stock price can be expected to continue to outperform, as this consumer staples business is as defensive as it gets. More »

Why the Home Capital Stock Price Fell 43.6% in March

The Home Capital stock price falls as the coronavirus shutdown sparks credit quality fears, increasing the likelihood of big losses coming. More »